Bob Orleck: Democrats will gladly impeach a President Joe Biden

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Bob Orleck, a retired pharmacist and former Vermont assistant attorney general under Vermont Attorney General Jerome Diamond. He was a delegate to the Republican National Convention and is the current Republican town chair for Randolph.

There are news accounts out there that Republicans may lose the Senate and that it is likely that the Democrats will hold onto the House. If the perfect storm blows and those stories prove to be prophetic and Joe Biden also wins the presidency, something bizarre will happen. If he does not resign before, President Joe Biden, very soon after his election, will be impeached by his own Democrat Party in the House, convicted by a Democrat-controlled Senate, and removed from office, leading to the ascendancy of radical liberal Vice President Kamala Harris to the highest office in the land. What has long been the goal of the leftists to destroy Donald Trump and to gain political control over the once free United States of America will be complete.

If Biden is elected and the Senate stays in the hands of the Republicans, an even more bizarre set of circumstances may arise. After the Democrat controlled House impeaches their Democrat President, the Republican-held Senate will be in a weird posture of possibly opposing Biden’s removal for fear of the one waiting in the wings to replace him and what that would mean for America. It is more likely that the Democrats will be forcing the hand of the Republicans to do their dirty work, to convict and remove Biden from office.

If you have been perplexed about why all Democrats across the spectrum, including the likes of socialist Bernie Sanders, have circled the wagons in support of Biden and seem determined to continue their defense until election day, consider this. Until now, they may have been content with the thoughts that some chaos and wait accompanying a cognitively impaired President Biden, whom they could eventually remove under the 25th Amendment, would be acceptable considering the victory they will eventually have. Now, with the revelation of the contents of the hard drive that was copied from a computer belonging to Joe Biden’s son Hunter — that was left at a repair shop, who made it available to Rudy Giuliani, personal attorney for President Trump and to the FBI — the truth of it all will eventually come out, and the Democrats know this.

Before you start thinking that this is horrible news for the Democrats and they will look terrible backing Biden through his election, stop and think about it all: Twitter blocked The New York Post’s story suggesting it came from hacked material. Major networks, other than Fox News, in apparent denial, are not covering the story. Even with only two weeks until election, local media is staying clear of the story. All this puts in doubt the legitimacy of it all, right? Such media complicity in the cover-up will give the Democrats the cover they will need to defend their actions. They will shout how fair they are, unlike the Republicans, to even hold one of their own accountable who has done wrong. Are you getting ill to your stomach yet? After the election they can claim they were misled by Biden, confused by the media, and who could blame them, being that the bearer of the message was Rudy Giuliani, who has been accused of being used to disseminate Russian disinformation in the past. They will crow that what is important is that when they learned the truth, they took corrective action to protect the nation.

The left has no love for Biden. He is an old, privileged white guy, in their minds. They know they cannot trust him to deliver on their lust for total control, court packing and enthusiastic support of the “Green New Deal.” The bombshell Hunter Biden revelations are a gift to the far left members of the Democratic Party who are rubbing their hands in glee that they will now easily be able to get their person in office to complete the transformation of America into a socialist state.

The left, with great difficulty removing the grin from their faces, will claim they would have no choice but to impeach. There is no way that Biden will be able to remain as president considering the massive illegal activity involved and the national security implications of it all. This was made obvious to me on Maria Bartiromo’s “Sunday Morning Futures” program (10-19-2020) in her interview with Senator Devin Nunes. She asked the senator, considering what the media has ignored on this, what he believes is still out there that could come out next week.

Nunes responded: “Yeah, the way I look at this Maria, if the shoe were on the other foot, for example, If Ivanka Trump had gotten a $3.5 million dollar payment from a Russian Oligarch, there would be a massive investigation. If there turned up that Donald Trump’s laptop with all sorts of emails tying that money to a pay-for-play scheme, essentially what we have been investigating the Trump campaign for and President Trump for the past four years the question right now by the fake news media and the social media companies would be this; When is Trump resigning, if not is he going to be impeached before the election and when is Pence taking over? As a matter of fact, that would happen for any governor, any U.S. Congressman, any senator. … That would happen to every American except Joe Biden.”

On the last point, Senator Nunes is wrong. It will happen even to Biden, and that is the point, and it will be Kamala Harris who is taking over.

Joe Biden will never be able to survive such overwhelming damning facts if he is elected. This should compel us all to work harder to elect President Trump. Will the pre-election polls be as wrong this time as they were in 2016? We must hope so and that the tragedy that is Joe Biden will slip from our collective memories as do the names of many others who have unsuccessfully run in the past.

Truth is stranger than fiction, it has been said, and this is no exception. When the end of 2021 rolls around, you can be assured that Joe Biden will not be president in this story. We must pray that it is Donald Trump and not Kamala Harris so that God can once again bless and “Make America Great Again.”

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39 thoughts on “Bob Orleck: Democrats will gladly impeach a President Joe Biden

  1. Bob,
    Your commentaries in the past, especially about marijuana, have provided needed insight. This one however, at least for me, seems a little far fetched. If Biden is elected he will likely, as you indicate, chart a more centrist path than the left wing of the Democratic party would like. However, that far left wing portion of the party, as shown both in current elected officials, and in the results of their primary is a vocal minority.
    Also, as you pointed out Rudi Guiliani who has been pedaling this story has had problems with the company he keeps. Two of his Ukrainian sources Andrill Derkech and Andrill Telizahenko have been identified as Russian agents and two more Lev Panas and Igor Furman were arrested last year for massive illegal campaign contributions. The other big player in this story is the recently arrested Steve Bannon, who is accused of defrauded people of hundreds of thousands of dollars for his own use in the We Build the Wall scam. The involvement of these two should at least cause a tiny bit of skepticism regarding the veracity of the story and may explain the reluctance of the mainstream media to jump on board.
    Finally, it should be noted that while Hunter Biden did shamelessly trade on his father’s name for his own gain, Hunter Biden is not running for President. While there are lots of charges flying around, there is no evidence that Joe Biden took any action on Hunter’s behalf or that Joe Biden ever took action that was not the stated policy of the government at that time. Joe Biden’s tax returns and finances, are by the way, all part public record unlike the person he is running against.
    There are good reasons for those who want to vote for Trump to do so. For example those who feel all abortions should be illegal, Trump definitely is their candidate. However, there are also good reason to be a bit skeptical about some of theories and evidence currently being bandied about.

    • None So Blind Than Those Who Refuse To See much Mr Freitag. “Ever learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth” comes to mind.

      What part of “the jig is up” are are you failing to see…its in tens of thousands of texts messages and videos – some of them too sordid for prime time provided by none other than Biden Jr. himself. And how much evidence would you need if Trump were the object of an investigation – we know as it’s already happened. Short answer: not much. And failed miserabley lol.

      Adding to the dumpster fire is Biden’s business partner who flipped handing over his password to Peter Shweizer for access to another trove of emails:
      — Exclusive — Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden’s Flipped Business Partner Provided 26,000 Emails

      “That “underbelly” of how the Biden family—Schweizer calls them the “Biden Five,” whereas President Donald Trump calls them the “Biden Crime Family”—operates is further exposed in these emails from Hunter Biden’s flipped former partner Bevan Cooney”

      • Why is no one talking about the biggest fact here – none of this is being denied by the Bidens – however Biden Sr snapped at at least one reporter and circuitously remarked to another – and was asked what flavor of ice cream he chose at recent cone shop visit.

        But is “putting a lid” for five days on campaign in the most crucial portion of campaign season. Won’t come out of basement enclave until the debate? No wonder he squints so much and wears really dark aviators – blinded by the light.

        • Fox news just confirmed with the FBI that they have Hunter Biden’s laptop and the emails therein are authentic. So much for the Russian narrative put out by the Dems, never Trumpers and our consummate Joe Biden defender John, above. John has still not answered how it would be possible to load up a fake laptop with made up picture of Hunter, thousands of emails and documents and then have it dropped off at a computer repair shop in Delaware and then forge Hunter Biden’s signature. And after all that, why would Mr. Biden’s lawyer call the shop to get it back after almost a year?

    • You are not an independent, just admit it please. Voting for you would be no different than voting for a dem/prog. I am hoping you lose your election bid. I would rather vote for a person who stands by their conviction than someone who sits on the fence trying to convince everyone how virtuous they are. For this Hunter computer to be fake the conspiracy would have to input thousands of fake emails, pictures and documents detailing thousands of scenarios over a period of 4 or more years. Perhaps you could explain how this could be done?

      • Mr Frietag is yet to answer the $64 million dollar question – how he can run w/o having filed? So not much to worry about Dano tho stranger things have happened lol.

        • It’s fairly obvious that Mr. Freitag will be voting for Joe thereby proving his defense to be BS. He answers our questions with more virtue signaling. This is more deflection, a typical liberal tactic.

          • My goodness, a bit of a harsh reaction to suggesting that, given the parties involved and their known history, we might be “a bit skeptical” l about some of the claims being made.
            One of the strong points conservatives have made in recent years has been about attempts by liberals, especially in educational institutes to shut down other views that go against their own. Certainly I do not expect many people in True North to necessarily agree with all I post, but as those whose conservative views are somewhat marginalized in Vermont these days, I would hope that might be a bit more tolerance of other thought and less villainization of one expressing a different opinion.

          • Pls explain how you can run for office when you’ve failed to file? Inquiring minds would like to know. The crickets are chirping loudly Mr Freitag – may I suggest you stop the victimization when you slam conservatives and display the typical deep Democrat dishonesty but carry on like a child when asked to explain your positions. Mr Eshelman and Ken Lizotte have two questions each pending.

          • What a tangled web we weave much Freitag. In the short time you’ve been commenting here have managed to create bad blood with a number of reliable conservative commenters – this is the legacy of Democrats and why there is trouble wherever they appear and why I personally steer clear – it’s a character flaw which shows a lack of integrity.

            And no – you know I’m a female but was the easiest way to hurl your petty insult – and show hatred for me as a person for daring to call you on your silly scheming – but shows who and what you are as a person. The Democrat party is the party of sexism and racism so call me unsurprised.

            Disagreements are not necessarily policy differences – tho must admit personally have nothing in common with the likes of you Freitag. But your deep level of dishonesty a commonality shared by most Dems and why you’re all so despised.

      • It goes back at least to 2011 – Biden Crime Family ushered in a decade of diabolical deception and selling of our country to the Chinese Communist Party…as we built all of their infrastructure as ours was left to rot…up to $500 billion per year in trade deficits made them what they are today…along with the Clinton Crime Family we’ve been shuffled and dealt like a deck of cards.

        • Mr. Stardust,
          Since I cannot send you an email, please go to VTDigger and scroll through the commentaries till you find the one that explains how due to mail in my part of Vermont going to Nashua New Hampshir and Covid-19 and the Secretary of State’s office officials all working remotely and return receipt mail not being available led to my filing getting lost. I am running at this point as a write-in and have sent a whole series of position posts to the listserves in my District’s towns. Would write more but need to do a shift at the Listers Office in Strafford at 3.
          bests, John
          P.S. Are you concerned at all with Mitch McConnel’s wife Elaine Chow and her families many close business ties including serving on multiple boards in companies in Communist China?

          • Hot under the collar much Mr Freitag…continuing to insultingly address me as Mr quite telling as to your level of anger management sir – that would be Ms. Stardust if you must attach a prefix but just stardust as everyone else addresses me is fine.

            This is the same type of deep dishonesty I for one have come to expect from Democrats. Given your Hidin-Biden act and obvious refusal to answer multiple queries must say I do not believe your longwinded eyebrow-raising madcap adventure and multiple excuses-laden dog-ate-homework missive. Oh my – didn’t post your widely distributed op-ed on TNR lol.

            Suspected this would be the case when you slammed Ken Lizotte for making a comment you did not agree with by mockingly suggesting he run for office. When asked then claimed you were running for office – which I never believed. Following another longwinded squirm on TNR about your civic duties and age bluh bluh was rather certain and asked close to the election if you were on the ballot. You said yes. After checking discovered claim was false – dog would have eaten homework at that point.

            When you claimed to be running a day or two ago decided to call BS on it all. When you are untruthful and create these dobosh-torte layered schemes pls don’t wonder why your word is frequently challenged. and Dems are widely distrusted.

          • When you went off on Ken Lizotte – I stated that under our constitutionally protected freedom of speech we do not have to qualify by being in or running for political office or anything really. Following long winded splainer in which I was accused of mischaracterizing your comment – caught a whiff of complete unadulterated horse**** – it’s quite easy to detect as smell is distinct.

            TNR is not a good place to hone ones BS-artist skills.

          • Excuse me for being extremely naive, but I would like someone to give me a definition of the word “listserves”. My 2200 page Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary doesn’t haver it.

    • As expected, Freitag is coming to the defense of the Democrats while trashing any and all who demonstrate conservative alignments. Further proof that what I and others have said about “moderate Republicans.” Freitag, you are a Democrat and it’s time you admitted that fact. Very few are buying your obfuscations and gaslighting. And associating yourself with Edmund Burke, George Aiken, and others casts disgrace upon their good names. George Aiken was a staunch conservative right up to the mid-1960s, when he remarried…contrary to the revisionist compositions now distributed by known leftist authors. And so were the majority of others you mentioned in another post. You will never reach the level of deserving the company of such people, especially given your lack of devotion to the Constitutions and integrity.

      • This morning I picked up some scrap wood for use in my sugarhouse from a friend who has a little operation building sheds for people. While in his late 70’s he is still one of the hardest workers I know. He came over and gave me a hand loading my truck and we talked about people he knew in town as a kid, work horses of which he knows a great deal and basketball teams he coached. We also talked a little about politics. He said he voted for Trump in the last election but was currently disappointed with the tone of this election and wished there were no such thing as political parties.

        I think one of the differences between living in this small Vermont town for going on 50 years and pretty much knowing everybody, compared with discussing issues over the internet is that even if you do not see eye to eye, you still respect the other person. There is no need to question or challenge another’s integrity as more often than not you have worked with that person or interacted in one way or another over the years and know the stuff they are made of. Doesn’t mean there aren’t real disagreements at times, but there still something there that can make things work.

        I have certainly not intended to offend anyone with my posts in True North ( I do apologize Stardust for not realizing you were a lady). I do believe in occasionally adding something to the discussion even if it is a slightly different point of view from the majority of comments. Hope that is still allowed on this site as comments are not currently allowed on more liberal media like VTDigger, Seven Days and VPR these days. Happy to answer questions about myself when there is time, but would rather listen and read more about the issues facing our state and country and at my two cents every now and then.

        • Democrat party is the party of sexism and racism – you have proven this yourself. Facts are stubborn things sir – as such you have a right to own opinion but not own facts. You add nothing to any discussion bc you refuse to answer questions about your slanted positions pulling your Hidin-Biden act when asked to explain.
          Haughty selfrighteousness is nauseating but clearly baked in.

          Routinely insult conservatives by mischaracteizing vast array of Democrat crimes as “conspiracy theories” which is a subtle slam to conservative views and refusal of accountability. You and all the rest of your ilk are walking conspiracies waiting for a place to happen – no theories required -you’ve made self a textbook example of Dem dishonesty – not much of an accomplishment imo.

          If you do not wish to irk others kindly avoid displaying the behavior of an accomplished liar sir. The more sh** you shovel the more innocuous and plain-folksy you attempt to portray self showing deception takes many forms.

          Couldn’t care less about your opinions on integrity sir – you’ve proven to have none and fair game to point this out. Political discussions are based on facts not neighborly interactions. If you can write long-winded splainers surely you can answer questions from other commenters.

        • Your integrity wasn’t challenged, Freitag. It was spotlighted as nonexistent. I certainly hope the people in your community see through your facade, just as everyone here does, and you are denied a position in government for the remainder of your days.

          • Furthermore, you have indicated that you’re mature and have been around for as likely as long as I have. So if you claimed to be a Republican in the late 1990s, then you were part of the cabal (which included Bernie Rome, Bill Meub, and others) that back-stabbed Ruth Dwyer and went to war against the people who cast the ballots for her in the primary. Therefore, I regard you and your kind as the enemy and you will get no respect from me. Ever.

          • Perhaps people who know me, might have different ideas. I am not really concerned whether or not I get elected to the House and in fact preferred not to run. I do find it sad that there were no other candidates willing to run against the Democratic incumbents and felt that they needed to be challenged especially on the Global Climate bill which I feel is the worst piece of legislation I have seen. No question I could have done it better, but I did and continue to do what I can.

            In regards to my service locally, I am currently for the town of Strafford serving a Lister and Manager of the Town Recreation Areas. I am also the Secretary of the Strafford Lions Club and served as the volunteer manager of the Strafford Lions Club Pond this past summer. Finally , I am the Treasurer of the Universalist Society of Strafford, a church started in our community in 1798.

            In the past I served three terms on the Selectboard including a stint as Chair. I served two other terms as Lister besides the one I am currently in. I served 10 years as a Justice of the Peace. 14 years as President of the Strafford Historical Society, 27 years as Chair of the Town Recreation Board, 10 years as President of the Strafford Athletic Association, and 3 years as President of the PTA. I was a founding member 35 years ago of the Strafford Lions Club and served a number of terms as President. I also served a number of terms as Library Trustee. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Like all of you I love Vermont and try to find ways to serve. Not too worried about being denied any position as much of my time is spent looking for people to take on some of the duties I now fill before I join my many friends now at eternal rest.

            Glad to share my work and political history if you like and would even be glad to share come commentaries for True North, but think they might be a bit moderate for some of the readers. I will say that when I ran a more determined House race as an Independent in 2018 against Democratic and Progressives I did receive a nice note and small campaign contribution from John McClaughry who shared my concern about and appreciated my willingness as an Independent to challenge the lock-step Democratic party politics that seem to have overtaken the Vermont House of Representative.

          • You are not ‘moderate’ but in fact a dyed-in-wool Democrat masquerading as a moderate. Continually listing volunteer work is just the bonnet hiding the wolf-in-sheeps-clothing you show self to be sir.

            It’s easier to run as Indy as there are is no primary to win – just file and get on ballot – which you failed to do despite claims to the contrary. Aand never submitted your ‘cautionary tale’ to TNR as ya knew you’d be sniffed out like a skunk – and you were.


      The Ukrainian connection is likely the key to the entire Biden enterprise. Was Joe Biden using his son to funnel money into various concerns where it’d be laundered and then part of it would end up with Joe? To finance his passion for real estate? Maybe. Maybe not. But the American people deserve to know if Hunter Biden was serving as his father’s agent in all of these millions that Hunter received in dealings with Ukraine, China, and Russia.

      Giuliani may be keeping questionable company, or it may be that this company is smeared precisely because Giuliani is spot on and knows all the details of the Ukrainian connection. After all, Trump was smeared for colluding with Ukraine’s president against his political rival, but this turned out to be a nothing burger.

      How is it possible that Joe Biden had Prosecutor Shokin fired for not being aggressive enough on corruption when Shokin was in fact going after Mykola Zlochevsky, widely known (even to the NYTimes!) as being a major corrupt oligarch of the old regime prior to the 2014 Ukrainian revolution? Zlochevsky was in exile at the time to avoid being arrested. Who is Zlochevsky? The owner of Burisma energy company. What’s so special about Burisma? At the time that Biden had Zlochevsky fired, Hunter Biden was being paid at least $50,000/month as a board member of Burisma (yet Hunter had zero experience and had been kicked out of the Navy months earlier for cocaine use.) Just coincidence, I’m sure, just as it’s just coincidence that Joe had no idea that Zlochevsky was a widely suspected criminal and that Shokin had him in his sights.

      Either there’s nothing to see here, or else it stinks to high heaven.

      The American people do not deserve to have this swept under the rug. The American people need to see everything: where all those millions went that Hunter Biden received, and how much Joe knew and when did he know it. If this is a nothing burger, then let’s see it. If this is the big whopper, then we need to see that, too.

      If your son is reaping millions off of your public office, does that negate the Emoluments clause? Because the father will NEVER be compromised/corrupted by his desire to protect his son or, alternatively, to advance his son’s foreign entanglements? Many of us believe it goes much deeper than this: Joe was not innocent.

  2. Bob, I’ve thought the same. The 25th amendment work by Pelosi is the “insurance policy”, now.

    • Yes, Wendy, there is no way he will be president by the end of 2021. If they can’t get him to resign, or they can’t make the 25th Amendment do it, they will impeach him for the Hunter Biden stuff. He cannot be president and that is almost undeniable. This is a national security nightmare. He could never function. The Dems don’t want such an over-the-hill white guy who has cognitive problems to actually be their leader. They have had plans all along to get a radical leftist in there and this now is the best chance they have. The only thing standing in their way now is the election of Donald Trump and we should all hope, pray and work hard that he is elected. Right now, politically, President Trump is our last chance for survival as a nation. Nations come and go and we are about the experience that if we don’t do the right thing.

  3. Hold your horses. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has vouched for the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop, contradicting and chastising Adam Schiff.

    My guess is that none of this is accidental (including the timing of the laptop revelation) and that we’ll see more bombshell revelations before the election which will leave no doubt that Joe cannot be president and that the corruption reaches everywhere into the party that everyone on the left trusted.

    What we’re seeing, I believe, is the culmination of an massive intelligence operation whose sole purpose has been to expose and root out the pervasive corruption in the US government, and it’ll be dependent on the good guys like Ratcliffe who’ll step up to the plate at the appropriate time. It’s being orchestrated. It has to be done now; Biden cannot get in. They know that.

    So stay tuned.

    • America better PRAY TRUMP WINS or our Constitution will be destroyed and America will sway between SOCIALISM & COMMUNISM. These people are not just corrupt and full of hate they are pure EVIL.. and what they are hiding is even worse!

  4. Presupposing a Trump loss is as much of a Debbie-Downer buzzkill in 2020 as it was in 2016 when all we heard seemingly forever was “there is no path to 270” for Trump when in fact it was 306 lol. The rest is history which will repeat itself imho.

    Hand has been tipped – Kamala is already on record discussing what to expect from a Harris administration and Joe also echoed the comment. When he exits Bernie could be veep.

    Always believed he was placeholder but expected Michelle Hussein the one to rise from the ashes.

  5. Joe Braindead is but the trojan horse the DemoCommies will use to install Kami the Commie Harris in office, this entire election is about steeling the presidency one way or the other.

    If they can’t win it by legal means,then mail in ballots and election fraud that accompanies it will have to suffice,to force their will by any and all means necessary .

  6. ‘Truth is stranger than fiction’,…………….the everyday cartoon.

    This scenario wouldn’t surprise me. Of course, strange as it may seem, what happens to the rest of us when Trump loses is left to the imagination. Consider higher taxes. And, oh, did I forget to mention, higher taxes.

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