Klar: Black supremacy in Vermont — Using racism as a sword

By John Klar

Vermont leads the nation in maple syrup, transgenderism and black supremacy. By this is not meant some Malcolm X militancy or reverse-Nazi primacy. In fact, Vermont’s progressives are demonstrating that black supremacy does not require black people at all, for in the new lexicon of identity politics, victimhood is a collective card to be played by one victim-wielding partisan phalanx — the Democrats — against anyone white, traditional, hetero or male. Gays invoke racism as part of their clarion cry. Black Lives Matter speaks out for gays, transgenders and women, including abortion

In Vermont, progressive white strategists have scrounged up a handful of black citizens (mostly recent urban imports) to wield as battering rams against the native population. Politicians — especially Attorney General TJ Donovan — have labeled Vermont’s culture racist. A Commission very visibly stacked with progressive and “social justice” ideologues has crafted policy without any representation by native Vermonters, which will re-write Vermont’s textbooks to incorporate “historical contributions” of “ethnic groups” but also “intersex, asexual or nonbinary” individuals. Vermont’s schools (despite a paucity of “students of color”) have been politicized with displays of the Black Lives Matter flag. And now the governor has appointed non-Vermonter Xusana Davis as the latest import to straighten out Vermont.

Gov. Phil Scott signaled his zeal for this issue after the Charlottesville protests, quickly creating a video broadcasting his personal miscomprehension of basic free speech law. His complaint was that President Donald Trump had dared to state that “there were good people on both sides,” which in our governor’s very strident invective was intolerable because it “equated” both sides. Yet, the right-wing protesters at Charlottesville possessed a court-ordered right to protest, and Nazis and KKK members have a Constitutional right to free speech, affirmed directly by the U.S. Supreme Court in Skokie and also Brandenburg v Ohio. Gov. Scott says such people should not be permitted to speak, and implies that they are not good people, demonizing them for exercising their constitutional freedoms.

The sage Scott chimed in again recently in the national furor over Trump’s tweets, proclaiming that “hate speech and racism are unacceptable.” Free speech and stare decisis must yield to the unilateral, subjective demands of the mind-controlling moral elite.

Oddly, these ideas converge with those of the Satanic Temple, which advocates for abortion and “self-actualization,” asserting that “the struggle for justice … should prevail over laws and institutions.”  This fill-in-the-blank cry of anarchy is woven into Phil Scott’s proclamations against Donald Trump, in his defiance of immigration law, and now in his attack on Vermont culture as racist. Justice must be done in Vermont for black people, even if there are almost no black people there, and even if there is no clear evidence that anything unjust is being done.

Defenseless natives are accused of being too white in demographic composition, requiring diversity to cure them of their white privilege. To object is to be labeled racist, and guilty of exhibiting one’s white fragility. The AG’s Commission determined that Vermont is a “White Supremacy culture”:

In Vermont, the second whitest state in the United States, it is fair to say that all of the power structures in the state are in the hands of White people. Many of the comments from stakeholders were focused on the need to have better representation of POC in prominent positions within systems of government, on boards and commissions, in businesses and in schools as well as the need for White people to understand implicit/unconscious bias, White Privilege, White Fragility and how these contribute to maintenance of the all-White systems we currently have.

“Stakeholders” have decided that a white state — being too white — is therefore white privileged and must be darkened. How can a backwoods Vermonter who hardly ever met a “person of color” defend themself against such confusion?

Of course, they are not supposed to be able to defend themselves — that is the mighty allure of the race-card as sword. This distorted assault is visible to Vermont’s police, who are commissioned to combat a drug war wherein fentanyl and heroin are being distributed up the East Coast and into Vermont’s verdant hills. The police have been sharply criticized by Vermont progressives as racists for arresting “people of color” at higher rates than whites. Attorney General Donovan has also criticized the courts and attorneys for disproportionate incarceration rates for blacks over whites. But if blacks are transporting drugs at higher rates than whites, the police should be arresting and incarcerating more blacks than whites.

Amanda Garces, who “spearheaded” the re-education bill, said the legislation would help students get an education that better reflected their history and heritage: “We are creating a world where people don’t say ‘I don’t see color,’ but rather say ‘I embrace all of who you are.’” But how can police “embrace all of a person” without seeing their skin color?

It is easily recognized, this iconic “we must not be colorblind” business — painted on the side of a Vermont barn, in swine scrawl: “All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.” (George Orwell, Animal Farm)

Socialism has arrived in Vermont’s revolutionary “Animal Farm,” where anything traditional must be cast off in the zealous struggle to craft a new Shangri-La. Laws and institutions must be torn down, especially constitutional laws that grant rights to anyone this self-empowered mob targets — or, more accurately, those laws don’t apply for “bad people.” This is not Mammas and the Poppas 1960s counter-culturalism: this is contra-culturalism, bent on “dismantling the master’s house.”

 These people care nothing about suffering border children, except that suffering border children provide them with power. They don’t care about transgender people — they just crave the adrenaline rush when they get to vent their hatred against those they unilaterally declare transphobic. And they don’t care whether black people are actually being victimized in Vermont, or even whether latino gangs are bringing narcotics up to kill Vermont’s children, so long as they are vaunted as the rescuing new elite.

The parallels to socialism are indeed apparent, but as Professor Ryszard Legutko (the speaker recently prevented from speaking at Vermont’s Middlebury College) explains in his masterful work “The Demon in Democracy,” this pseudo-utopian “liberal democracy” is a much greater threat. Most soviet citizens didn’t actually embrace soviet rhetoric, Legutko argues — but post-modern secularists have gluttonously gulped down the Kool-aid of their self-righteous fury:

[It is not] true that the so-called politics of emancipation, recognition, and empowerment of groups is permeated by the spirit of ‘dialogue,’ ‘debate,’ and ‘mutual respect.’ … Today’s ‘dialogue’ politics are a pure form of the right-is-might politics, cleverly concealed by the ostentatiously vacuous rhetoric of all-inclusiveness. … Everywhere there are women, homosexuals, Muslims, gypsies, blacks and representatives of other groups whom liberal democracy gave the status of political quasi-parties and upon whom it thrust the duty of settling scores with the alleged oppressors. … Literature, art, education, family, liturgy, the Bible, traditions, ideas, entertainment, children’s toys — all can be deemed conducive to cooperation or strengthening intolerance, discrimination, and domination. (at pp. 98-99)

Just as the Russian communists tore down churches, so did Orwell’s Big Brother rewrite history, remove statues and rename streets in “1984.” Vermont is changing a mural in Burlington to incorporate historic black contributions (despite the absence at the time of almost any blacks in Vermont), and has changed the name of a high school football team.  Gov. Scott also eliminated “Columbus Day” for Vermonters, replacing it with the “counter-celebration” “Indigenous People’s Day.”

Legutko, like Orwell, warned that the demonic socialist chaos which grips sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome is not a passing fad, but a plague-like contagion that rabidly hunts to dismantle and avenge. Vermont’s novel school curriculum, and its denial that fentanyl is transported disproportionately by non-whites, are just two examples of the anarchic destruction wrought by progressives who inflame prejudices to blindly gain power.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/The All-Nite Images

33 thoughts on “Klar: Black supremacy in Vermont — Using racism as a sword

  1. In 2012 I enthusiastically supported a outstandingly well qualified black Vermonter for Governor – but the Left was solidly behind a white male pro-union single payer anti-nuclear climate change enthusiast..Too bad my guy didn’t win.

  2. The left has no policies the people want so they revert to class warfare, victimization, and lies which are their standbys. The black LIES matter agenda happens to fit right in all 3 categories so it’s no wonder they push it here in AstroTurfVillmont…. BLM was born out of the support of thugs who got their just rewards at the hands of the Popo who they hate and want immunity from. If they were so concerned with Black Lives they’d be in Chicago where dozens are killed every week, or Baltimore where they only showed up at riot time….. The only black issue
    Don Quixote Donovan has to go on is the lies told by the black flatlander carpet bagger trouble maker kia morris which have been proven false. VT needs Ira and Ethan back to clean house on the flatlanders who’ve turned this once great state into a leftist petri dish

  3. There is significant fear that an unintended consequence of the progressive “ethnic” curriculum will tell straight, white and more often than not male, students that they are “bad.” In a state that needs to maintain and grow its population, scaring people away by telling them they are bad doesn’t appear to be a wise move. Bullet, meet toe.

    • There are thousands of African migrants sitting in limbo south of the border.They would love to relocate to Vermont in a heart beat.Vermont has a birth rate problem for replacement population.Africans are very prolific when is comes to breeding and population expansion.I can’t imagine what they bring to the table skill set wise.I did however see them dancing in a protest against Mexican police that are keeping them contained.They were very good dancers,all moving in unison.Perhaps Vermont could become the dancing state?

  4. There have NEVER been a lot of blacks in Vermont. I grew up in Montpelier, and only 1 or 2 blacks lived there. Vermont was also one of the very first colonies to ban slavery ( I believe when it was an independent nation). There were many strong abolitionists there before and during the Civil War, and I’m sure numerous white Vermonters died fighting the Civil War to free the slaves. . Racism has lost all its real meaning and has become nationally a very disturbing political sword to intimidate and confuse and propagandize for ultimate power for the few and the left in America today. One other detail that is important that blacks in Vermont should remember and remember clearly. Every time a black is elected to a local or statewide position in Vermont, it is absolutely true that a lot of white folks voted for them. So where is the racism in Vermont? Nowhere!!!

  5. The point of this is to give the politicians a way to say they are doing something positive for the state. They have nothing, so they created this non-problem. Once the non-problem is no longer a problem, they will take great credit for fixing that which was not broken. The bottom line, is that those using this issue are indeed using people whose main distinction, according to these folks, is they happen to have darker skin. Like as if skin color has anything to do with anything. But they are in deep need of a success story.

  6. John Klar’s article “Black Supremacy in Vermont – Using Racism as a Sword” is very well written, timely, and addresses a difficult topic carefully. He highlights the role of Executive cheerleader and chief enabler filled by Gov. Scott in bringing this Progressive insanity towards fruition in Vermont; supported by the State’s long enforcement arm attached to T.J.Donovan. Its notable that his Commission, crafted to change Vermont’s “White Supremacist” culture, effected a “turning the curve” technique together with a minute sample of Vermonters, attendees at 3 meetings within the State, and Progressive mentors, to draw up the elements this August body used and fashion their manifesto cum indoctrination manual, beginning with State controlled institutions: schools, state offices, law enforcement. Their method includes, of course, affirmative action in recruiting, hiring, and job retention using Vermonter and federal money.
    Read the Vermont AG & Human Rights Commission December 2017 report on Act 54 – racial disparities in state systems Report & Recommendations.

    Glaringly absent from the commission’s report, Gov Scott’s motives, and Progressive ideology is the real and “True North” moral compass given to people to cut through prejudice, greed, power, and jealousy – G-Ds way.

    What does Torah (the Bible) say about race? Nothing.

    G-D, who created all peoples, with all of their particulars does not speak to race as a characteristic. Where He addresses the attribute of height, as in the “giants” (nephillim), when used to unfair advantage, He brought them down.
    Torah speaks often of unfair advantage, the powerful (large, strong, beautiful, brilliant, wealthy, etc) who abuse their advantage, as all attributes and success comes from G-D, are not blessed as are those who recognize their gifts as G-D given and use them with righteousness.

    Black lives matter, White supremacy? White fragility? Affirmative action?

    This past week’s Torah portion, Shoftim, spoke of justice, courts of justice, judges, and righteousness. Judges must be particularly careful to act with uprightness on the bench, refusing to take a bribe and respecting no litigant.
    Corruption of a judge leads to the breakdown of civil society. What Torah means by not respecting a litigant means that a judge must not respect a wealthy or powerful person more than a poor person. G-D protects and wants us to protect those who can not protect or defend themselves. The classic example given is the widow and orphan. Even in the case where a judge would have to rule against the most powerful person in his territory (even at risk to himself) or against his own family, he must judge fairly according to Torah law. After all, G-D is the ultimate arbiter of fairness and righteousness. This is what is meant by we are created in G-Ds image. G-D wants us to be righteous as He is righteous.

    Torah does not mention race. It notes country of origin and countries which are known for certain attributes, some for good and also the opposite. Race, per se, is not specified. Jews can be of all colors and national origins. Righteousness and G-dliness are not defined by race, but by actions and intents.

    We can not control what attributes we are born with, skin color, tall, short, gifted or average. We do have control over our deeds. Our job is to learn what G-D wants of us as individuals and as citizens of our communities and the world, and then to work every day on improving its implementation. It is not about misplaced compassion, ignoring boundaries, or a lack of consequences for ones actions.

    The great sage Rabbi Akiva explained that all the laws and precepts of Torah can be rendered by “love each other as yourself”. It’s all about love and trust in G-D.

  7. If your neighbor insisted that the world was flat, what would you do?

    Would you argue with him on this point every day? What would be the interactions? Would you perhaps find common ground and enjoy each others company on those terms? Say you both enjoy model air planes, snowmobiling or tai chi.

    Might you have a kind heart toward him, knowing full well he’s wrong but embracing each other on the common ground you both share. There is nary a person to which someone can’t find some common ground we only need to love and care enough to find it. Yes some will perhaps try the patience of Job himself.

    It costs nothing to be nice. It does make the entire experience more enjoyable.

    • The problem that I see with your comment is that you can’t be nice to people who think you’re a (fill in the blank). It’s difficult to love thy neighbor when that neighbor is doing everything in his/her power to destroy your thoughts, customs, traditions and freedom. You can only truly love when it is reciprocal. I’m not seeing a whole lot of love coming from progressives. Until I do, I think it might be a good idea to treat them righteously and do unto others as they do to you. The article explicitly points out what they are doing to the state and the people and there is no love involved in their motives, only power.

      • Dano

        There is much truth to your comment,most of the Left are a nasty intolerant bunch as I’ve ever come across.

        • I couldn’t agree more with your comment about the nastiness of the progressive left.
          It’s not even enjoyable anymore to call them out on their hypocrisy because they’re incapable of intelligent discourse.

        • Isn’t this what is really behind the intolerance and nastiness? Civil honest discourse seems to be entirely lacking. Little hope remains for our way of life without a return to it.

  8. I’m tired of hearing that I’m a bad guy because of the color of my skin. I will never vote for a liberal again.

  9. The fruit is Love, Joy and Peace.

    When we fight we fall victim, we fall into the trap, we lose, they win. Their goal is to create disruption, infighting, name calling, false idols, sophistry of the highest order they even state it in the chants. No Peace!

    Love thy neighbor has no qualifications, yet other teachings are infiltrating my beloved Methodist church too! There is no way out according to the new teachings, ther is no forgiveness, their was no discussion of God or Jesus.

    how can you follow Jesus, his teachings and ever be considered racist? Yet some hoe the sophists are crafting their words and winning their too.

    Education is key, love,thy neighbor.

    • Right on as usual. The link I posted above to Peterson’s lecture series has potential to open a lot of eyes. Each one is lengthy but well worth the time. Even a crankyoldgeezer learned a few things.

  10. Just read through the AG’s report that was referenced in this article. It seemed to me more propaganda then anything else. Some of which made me laugh out loud and some which infuriated me. Governor Scotts fill-in -the-blank cry, as John Klar so aptly called it, “Justice must be done in Vermont for black people, even if there are almost no black people there, and even if there is no clear evidence that anything unjust is being done”, is the exact note the propagandist AG’s report ended on! Page 19 states, ” Vermont state government will devote sufficient resources to reducing identified racial disparities across all systems of state government. Addressing such a long-standing and complicated problem is incredibly challenging but doing nothing is not an option. We have done that for far too long with predictable results. The new approach needs to be at both a micro and macro level. ” Long standing racial disparities in Vermont?!!! And ducks have lips,…what a joke. The problem is, and they stated it through out the report, “recruiting” People of Color to come here to live! If they wanted to be here they would. My guess is the POC’s are smarter then us implicit white supremacists , as they like to call us. Maybe there are so few living here cause they just don’t want to be in the “Land of Bernie Sanders”, where they kill babies for no reason, the cost of living is ridiculous, they tax the heck out of people , there’s not a ton of work up here and the winters are long and cloudy.

    • Ughh! It was late when I wrote my comment!!! When I stated “killing babies for no reason”, I should have just said ,”kill babies”, referencing Vermont’s barbaric abortion laws, as there is never a “reason” to kill a baby. But I think the readers got my sentiment.

      • What about the VOV (voters of Vermont) who have failed the people by giving super majorities to the government (including the governor) to alter the state and mold it into a nanny state and petri dish for all things progressive. Not to mention the total social engineering of our institutions and values? If you are depending on a higher order to rescue Vermont, that higher order has to be the voter.

  11. “The sage Scott chimed in again recently in the national furor over Trump’s tweets, proclaiming that “hate speech and racism are unacceptable.” Free speech and stare decisis must yield to the unilateral, subjective demands of the mind-controlling moral elite.”

    However the RINO sage is wrong from a Constitutional stand point as he is on many things. Be that speech “hate speech and and unacceptable.” are still protected speech,even though the warped leftist mind classifies it hateful.

    • Protected speech is functionally losing its protection progressively as the left exerts ever more power over America. I read yesterday that the David Horowitz Freedom Center lost its ability to accept credit card donations charged to MasterCard and Discover. Reportedly, far left pressure groups SPLC and the Color of Change branded the Freedom Center a “hate group”. This reportedly influenced Wordpay, the pay processor for MasterCard and Discover to refuse to transact their business, cutting off their lifeblood. Ironically, Color of Change publishes the website bloodmoney.org.

      Such economic sabotage targeting conservative groups operating in the previously protected speech environment, is reprehensible, morally corrupt and probably illegal as a restraint of trade. the practice should be shunned by Americans of all political affiliations as unacceptable and off limits. I’d like to see severe legal consequences accrue to SPLC and Color of Change and any other organization which effect the blackballing of individuals or groups due only to ideological differences accomplished by false or unsubstantiated allegations of hate, racism or violence.
      This is suppression of speech by terroristic tactics, a fascistic means to the left’s G-D less end.

      Thanks to Breitbart for investigating!


      And thanks to Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, Newsmax, OAN, The Daily Caller and others who helped get the story out.

  12. Biden’s “Truth over facts” succinctly and accurately describes the Progressive position. The Progressives/Socialists are a hierarchic dogmatic religion whose sacred “truth” is axiomatic, defies reason and, as Biden says, ignores facts. And is obviously not binding upon the carney barker Holy of Holy Elite who preach poverty upon the masses whilst enriching themselves – without producing one damn marketable, useful or beneficial artifact. How many of the Al Gore Renewable Energy church acolytes would you bet have backup generators at their mansions?

  13. Black supremacy in Vermont — Using racism as a sword, that would be any Liberal,
    if you say anything they don’t like, they’ll throw an ” Ism ” at you, and Racism is there
    number one pick !!!………………….. Idiots.

    Making something out of nothing………………….

    • The racism card –the Dems have a deck loaded with them– will be played at every opportunity leading up to 2020. It’s all they have.

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