Black Lives Matter blocked streets, train tracks, stadium entrance at Super Bowl

By Joe Simonson

Dozens of protesters in Minneapolis, including members of the Black Lives Matter movement, tried sabotaging the Super Bowl Sunday afternoon by stopping fans from entering the stadium.

At three separate sites, hundreds of protesters tried blocking streets, train tracks, and the stadium entrance before law enforcement forcibly removed them from the various sites.

While the protesters ultimately failed in stopping the 5:30 PM kick off, a number of people faced extended train delays. Police cited 17 individuals for unlawful interference with transit.

Right before the game began, a group of around 200 kneeled in front one of the security checkpoint at the stadium’s entrance, leading to fans pushing and shoving their way past. Police eventually dispersed the group.

Black Lives Matter received support from dozens of other groups, which included local unions, the Anti-War Committee, and Women Against Military Madness. Topics of protests were standard and includes slogans and chants against racism, big corporations, President Donald Trump, and police violence.

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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/sarahmirk/CC BY-SA 4.0

2 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter blocked streets, train tracks, stadium entrance at Super Bowl

  1. Looks like white kids there. Too bad they have no clue that BLM is a racist, terrorist, soros organization.
    Obviously all lives matter, but don’t you dare tell them that. No, the plan is to create a divided, ungovernable, chaotic society, and replace our government with the a technocratic, one-world-government, tyrannical regime, and rob everybody blind.
    Soros has done this hundreds of times around the world, with these themed, color revolution schemes. They are trendy and attractive to youth, and seem like righteous causes, bucking the establishment.
    This is how communism is done. They would never guess that communism is not an uprising by the people to seek justice, but tyranny, paid for by oligarchs (billionaires and trillionaires) just as one of Adam Schiff’s ancestors and others did to start the murder of 66 million Russians, and a century of misery. They started the Federal Reserve too. (See The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin)
    Yes we could just get along, but that is not allowed.
    If you tell them that all lives matter, they will attack. It is not rational.

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