Biological male trans cyclist wins bike race against female competition by nearly five minutes

By Jack Applewhite

Transgender cyclist Austin Killips won the women’s title in a North Carolina bike race Saturday, finishing more than four minutes ahead of the second-place female challenger.

Killips, who identifies as a woman but is a biological man, competed in the Third Annual Belgian Waffle Ride in North Carolina which spanned 131 miles through the Blue Ridge Mountains, Cycling News reported. Killips briefly trailed competitors before overtaking them and crossing the finish line nearly five minutes ahead of second-place finisher Paige Onweller, according to the New York Post.

When asked about the race results, Killips said “I… kind of asserted myself and was able to get a gap early,” according to footage posted on Twitter.

Onweller, who finished in second place, said in an interview after the race that “the power is just not comparable,” referring to her biological male competitor who beat her by four minutes and twenty-five seconds, according to a Twitter video of the interview.

Flavia Oliveira Parks was the third-place finisher in the race who crossed the finish line seven minutes and thirty seconds after Killips did, Cycling News reported.

There have been several other examples of biological men dominating women’s sporting competitions. Riley Gaines, an advocate for fairness in women’s sports who famously finished behind transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, recently criticized the Biden administration’s proposed Title IX rules which would force schools to allow trans men to compete in women’s sports.

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8 thoughts on “Biological male trans cyclist wins bike race against female competition by nearly five minutes

  1. Mike Tyson reimagines her gender – Takes women’s boxing championships in all weight classes.

  2. How many athletes have transitioned from female to male are winning sporting events competing with males?

  3. Women being played by mentally ill freaks. Where’s the women’s rights groups? The feminists? The political hacks who supported abortion on demand sure don’t mind them being played by these male freaks of nature..

  4. Legitimate gender dysphoria or confusion is perhaps understandable in the spectrum of human behaviors and physical characteristics, but a desire to use that supposed status as a competitive advantage in sex-segregated sports shows a serious lack of character.

  5. And the feminists came to support the “real” women riders and said? Oh wait, they didn’t show up and they have said NOTHING!
    I hate to say this but I think any women’s sport where a transtesticle participates needs to be boycotted. No competitors, no win, no glory, no nothing.

  6. Pathetic. Simply pathetic. A man can’t beat another man, but feels victory for beating women.
    Trans people should have their own sport’s categories just like the disabled do.

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