Biden’s push for electric hits huge roadblock — A new anti-slave labor law aimed at China

By Reagan Reese

A new law prevents supplies from China for electric vehicles and other green energy products from entering the United States, halting a Biden administration priority, the New York Times reported.

The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act requires proof that any products coming from Xinjiang, one of the main sources of products crucial in making batteries, were free of forced labor, the NYT reported. The law goes into effect on Tuesday.

President Biden is pushing to make at least 50% of vehicles emission-free by 2030 as part of his push for green energy, The White House stated in a press release.

Xinjiang is reportedly expanding to different areas of China where Uyghurs reside, according to the NYT. The expansion has allowed Xinjiang to acquire new deposits as the company is involved in providing many companies with electric products.

The Biden administration has faced obstacles in its EV initiative, including cratering revenues among auto manufacturers. Ford saw a 5% decline in revenue and a $5.4 billion loss in the first quarter after investing in the production of electric vehicles. A number of states, including New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Montana criticized Biden’s plan for electric vehicle charging stations.

“If you were to look at any electric vehicle battery, there would be some involvement from China,” Daisy Jennings-Gray, a senior analyst at Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, told the NYT.

The Department of Energy did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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Image courtesy of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources

One thought on “Biden’s push for electric hits huge roadblock — A new anti-slave labor law aimed at China

  1. It’s always “Follow The Money”.. and in today’s world, thanks to Globalism.. the money that is destroying our own lives here in America- is not even American Money all to often!!

    Why do you think that China has been buying up all these rare earth materials that are needed to make batteries?
    What do you think the Chinese are doing over in Africa (!!)
    There are people that have been watching this go on for years now..
    We are here because we are no longer a nation intelligent enough to know what the heck is really going on to then vote accordingly.
    People were obsessed with Johnny Depp and look at what is going on..
    Sheesh, wake up people!

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