Biden promises to get rid of oil industry, grant citizenship path to 11 million illegals within 100 days

By Thomas Catenacci and Andrew Trunsky

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden promised Thursday that if elected he would both “transition from the oil industry” and not ban fracking.

The former vice president said his administration would phase out the oil industry, but denied saying he ever opposed fracking during the second and final 2020 presidential debate.

“I do rule out banning fracking,” Biden said.

President Donald Trump responded saying that in the past Biden had supported a fracking ban “on tape.”

“The fact of the matter is, he is flat lying,” Biden said. “I have never said I oppose fracking.”

Biden promised “no new fracking” during a CNN Democratic debate in March. His climate plan calls for an “emissions-free power sector” by 2035.

The topic of fracking led to the candidates’ views on the oil industry more broadly during Thursday’s debate.

“Would you close down the oil industry?” Trump asked Biden.

Biden responded: “I would transition from the oil industry, yes.”

“Because the oil industry pollutes,” Biden added after debate moderator Kristen Welker pushed him on the topic.

Trump called Biden’s comments on the oil industry a “big statement” later noting that it would not help the former vice president’s election prospects in Pennsylvania, Texas or Ohio.

Biden promises a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants

Biden also said he would grant a pathway to citizenship for the millions of illegal immigrants living in the United States.

“Within 100 days, I’m going to send the United States Congress a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people,” Biden said in response to debate moderator Kristen Welker.

“All of those so-called dreamers, those DACA kids,” — referring to the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals policy — “they’re going to be immediately certified again to stay in this country and put on a path to citizenship,” Biden said.

Biden and President Donald Trump went back and forth their respective immigration policies Thursday, sparring over family separation policies, deportations and more.

“The idea that they are being sent home by [Trump means] that they’re being sent to a country they’ve never seen before,” Biden said.

Trump responded, criticizing Biden’s tenure as President Barack Obama’s vice president and failure to pass immigration reform.

“He had eight years to do what he said he was going to do,” Trump responded. “We got rid of catch of release, we got rid of a lot of horrible things that they put in and that they lived with. But for eight years he was vice president; he did nothing.”

“Wrong,” Biden said in response. Biden criticized Trump’s administration for forcing undocumented migrants to seek asylum while residing outside of the U.S.

Thursday was the final scheduled debate between Trump and Biden before the election on Nov. 3.

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9 thoughts on “Biden promises to get rid of oil industry, grant citizenship path to 11 million illegals within 100 days

  1. Biden and many of his so-called energy advisors do not have a clue how long it takes to “WEAN THE WORLD OFF FOSSIL FUEL”, “TRANSITION AWAY FROM FOSSIL FUELS”, etc.

    It took TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS to reduce fossil by ONE PERCENT, by means of wind, solar, hydro, bio, after spending at least $5 TRILLION WORLDWIDE OVER THE PAST 30 YEARS; Kyoto was in 1990.

    World energy use, all sources, was about 550 quads, in 2018
    US energy use is about 100 quads of energy per year; it has been nearly constant for 20 years.

    World coal, oil, and gas consumption was 88% of total energy consumption in 1993
    World coal (29%), oil (34%) and gas (24%) consumption was 87% in 2018, TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS LATER
    Why is that?
    China, India, and other developing Asian countries, and Africa, and Middle and South America are more or less EXEMPT FROM THE PARIS AGREEMENTS
    See page 10 of URL

    It is beyond ludicrous for New England to have any carbon taxes, and wind turbines, and solar panels, because they produce expensive electricity, which would act as a brake on NE economic growth.

    Wind and solar produce EXPENSIVE, GRID-DISTURBING electricity.
    They benefit mostly CHINA (solar panels) and EUROPEAN COMPANIES (wind turbines).

    That would greatly decrease costs and CO2 of households and businesses, and make the NEW ENGLAND ECONOMY MORE COMPETITIVE.

    In 2018, world hydro, plus wind/solar, plus other renewables, plus biomass (mostly wood) was about 30 quads in 2018
    World wind/solar was about 10 quads in 2018, less than 2%.
    It would take many decades, for those energy sources to attain 30% or 50%

  2. So Biden want to get rid of the oil and gas industry, and have more wind and solar, as part of the GREEN NEW DEAL?


    This article, written by Dutch scientists, describes the influence of wind energy on the CO₂ output of the fossil-fired generation of electricity in Ireland.

    Whereas most available publications on this subject are based on models, the present study makes use of real-time production data.
    It is shown, in absence of hydro energy, the CO₂ production of the conventional generators increases with wind energy penetration.

    The data show that the reduction of CO₂ emissions of the entire electrical system of Ireland is, at most, a few percent, if gas fired generation is used for balancing a 30% share of wind energy.

    That means WIND IS NOT A CO2 REDUCTION SOLUTION, if gas fired power plants do the peaking, filling-in and balancing, as is the case in Ireland and New England.

    So why are Massachusetts and Maine wanting to build SUPER-EXPENSIVE OFFSHORE WIND SYSTEMS, after it has been shown ONLY A FEW PERCENT OF CO2 IS REDUCED, SYSTEM-WIDE

    Regarding electricity, the wind lovers say, it is “one to one”, one kWh of wind displaces one kWh of traditional, which is true.

    But regarding CO2, the story is quite different.

    12% wind decreases CO2/kWh by 4% for the ENTIRE EIRGRID SYSTEM
    28% wind decreases CO2/kWh by 1%
    30% wind decreases CO2/kWh by 3%
    34% wind decreases CO2/kWh by 6%

    Much depends on which gas plants are doing the filling-in, peaking and balancing; some are more efficient than others.

    BTW, since that time Ireland has increased-capacity connections with the much larger UK grid and French grid, thanks to EU subsidies.
    The wind disturbances get buried in the noise.
    Similar to “dilution is the solution for pollution”.

    NOTE: France just threatened the UK, no more supply from France when wind is low, unless the UK yields fishing rights.

  3. Only very uninformed people think that banning oil extraction and natural gas fracking is a good thing. These fossil fuels are the reason that the US is so prosperous and energy independent, and can afford to stand its ground on international matters of importance instead of groveling at the feet of the energy giants like Russia and the Middle East.

    Banning oil & gas production would catapult us right back into that dark past. The reason: We will always need natural gas because solar and wind are so unreliable that they need to be backed 100% with natural gas. This is the truth, look it up.

    (Solar panels and wind turbines, by the way, can’t be recycled and are absolutely terrible for the environment, but that’s another matter for another day.)

    Germany, for example, which is supposedly a “pioneer” in renewable energy, is so dependent on natural gas for backup that the German government had to make a deal with Russia that basically makes the Germans Russia’s slaves.

    Do we really want to go back to being held hostage by oil & gas-rich nations like the Saudis and other Middle Eastern countries, as we used to be? Anyone remember the 1970s oil embargo when Americans could only get gasoline on certain days of the week, and there were miles-long lines at the gas stations? Anyone remember the more recent times when gasoline was $4 a gallon and more?

    And if you say that renewables will save us from that, you didn’t read what I said above. We will never be able to rely on solar and wind alone, period.

    I don’t know how anyone can vote for a man who wants to impoverish our country and population and make us indentured servants of the Saudis and Iranians again.

  4. try. Those who think Bidens desire to shut down the petroleum industry is a wonderful idea consider all the uses of oil and the people employed and supported because of oil.

    Petroleum is used to make plastic, lubricating products in addition to fuels. Think you can power a chainsaw used by a logger with a battery? How about a skidder used miles from any electric charging station?

    • Lester,

      Here is a list of hundreds of products made with oil and gas

      /Users/wpost/Desktop/Preview attachment Without Oil.jpgWithout Oil.jpg309 KB.webloc

  5. Old, feeble and senile Joe really blew it last night.
    He looked at his watch because he was done and tired.. he knew it was time to go.

    His comment about transitioning out of oil has sounded the alarms..
    The senator in WV and MN have already Tweeted that this would lose us millions of jobs.
    A lot of what he said was wrong and flat out lies.
    He mumbled a lot, his rehearsed answers often had nothing to do with what the President had just said.

    What a stupid move for the Democrats to run this old man and the woman that was first to drop out because no one liked her. You’d have to question the sanity of anyone that would vote for this ticket.

    • Lights are on no one’s home – toys in the attic much? So true Laura, shell of former self – very sad – looks like he doesn’t know where he is frequently. Self-correcting on the fly adds to the Flibbertyjibs persona lol.

      It’s my belief he and Jill – his handler w amblulance on speed dial and epipen in pocket – don’t campaign with Kamala is it’s a bad look to have female veep and wife in close proximity – makes him look weak and reinforces women as helpers essentially two nurses. Plus Kamala is equal to or more off-putting than Killary! Couldn’t have made a sleazier pick but I think it was payoff to please Bernie for corralling the Commie creeps.

      Donald Trump on best behavior and top of game – looked great and his charismatic persona lit up the room. There’s a kind and gentle man inside the tough guy! 😀

      • Kamala did not go over well in NH at all.
        In fact, our media even rendered her speechless twice because they actually asked her real questions.
        When the media doesn’t even like you, you know it’s bad.

        The more this unfolds with the off the charts corruption, combined with his dementia or whatever he has, it’s pretty clear to see why they are so pushing the covid scam, to justify the mail in ballots to just cheat and make a mess of this entire thing.
        Don’t forget, everytime they cause a chaotic mess, it’s a jobs program for their side- on our dime of course.
        The Polling is no good either. They have to make it appear that the guy actually has a chance at winning so that in the event that they can actually steal this, it looks legit.
        These people have gotten way too predictable.

  6. Joe thinks he as President can write laws. Why have the House and senate then? DACA was unconstitutional. The legislature needs to fix this not the President who’s job is to sign the bills or veto them.

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