Roper: Biden illustrates the idiocy of Green New Deal policies

By Rob Roper

During the seven hour CNN marathon town hall on climate change with the Democratic candidates, Joe Biden hit on the true scientific reality about the policies being offered up as solutions — they won’t work. In the former vice president’s own words:

We could do everything perfectly well, everything, and we’re still gonna have a catastrophe nationally, internationally and around the world. Because 85 percent of the problem — 85 percent — is the rest of the world.

But, and here’s the idiocy, he along with every other candidate on that stage is still willing to waste trillions and trillions of dollars, sacrifice millions of jobs, lower the standard of living for everybody for a net result that will still be a national, international and global catastrophe. This is stupid.

If the end result is going to be the same whether or not we spend the money, sacrifice the jobs, etc., isn’t the rational (dare I say “sane”) response to instead invest those resources in a way that produces some actual future value? Perhaps, instead of wasting time and money on policies that admittedly will have no effect on future climate trends, we should invest those resources in finding ways to help adapt to future changes in the climate. Instead of pretending we can stop the rivers from rising during storms, for example, we can start moving buildings out of flood plains. No rush — we have the rest of the century to get this done.

The Green New Dealers’ plan is akin to, having struck the iceberg (and granting their premise here that we’re in a catastrophic situation only for the sake of argument), we must now rip apart all of the life boats and use the lumber to patch the hole in the ship. We know the lumber from the life boats will only cover 15 percent of the hole, and the ship is going to sink anyway, but, dammit, we need to do something!

Yes, we do need to do something. And that something is to keep these lunatics away from the lifeboats.

Rob Roper is president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

Image courtesy of U.S. Department of State

5 thoughts on “Roper: Biden illustrates the idiocy of Green New Deal policies

  1. I’m sorry but President Trump needs to do a 180 on climate change or risk defeat next year. Green energy is the way of the future and embracing the technology now, putting our innovative minds to work creating better batteries, more efficient electric motors, more efficient solar panels will create jobs so we can once again can be a leader not only designing these products but manufacturing them here at home so we aren’t totally vulnerable if China decides to cut us off.

    Climate change is real. Air and water pollution is killing us and the world will not be able to sustain our ever increasing population. We need to embrace change or fall behind. The Green Deal is stupid but we do need to address climate change positively, research and take advantage of new technologies to combat it if we are to remain a world leader. This is the way to put our coal miners back to work.

    We need more bio-digesters here in Vermont to control our agriculture contaminants. Our major natural resource, Lake Champlain, is being ruined by the commercial practices forced on our farmers that do not work in our heavy clay soils with heavy rainfall. This is not rocket science. We do not need more studies. We need to start putting our existing knowledge to work and perhaps establishing community digesters to prevent covering our fields with hundreds of thousands of liquid manure that often runs right into our watershed during heavy rainfalls or overflow from manure ponds during the winter.

    Instead of criticizing the far left’s crazy ideas, we need to come up with practical solutions to obvious problems.

    • Dear John,

      Climate change may seem real to you but allowing our free market system to be manipulated by our government in the name of climate change is what some of us object to.

      Many of us believe in our republic and the founding principles we live by, but when these principles are violated in the name of saving the planet and our rights are diminished because of this agenda being designated a crisis we object.

      It is not the job of our government to favor one industry or individual over another and yes we agree with you, this Green New Deal is stupid, but it goes far beyond stupid when it is being imposed on us by force!

      Like you we believe in clean air and clean water and welcome new technology and innovation that will advance humanity, however we also believe we should not have to sacrifice our Liberty in the process.

    • The green deal only works if you are willing to never fly in a jet, live in the dark half of each day, every day all year long, and walk to work. — when you say yes to all those, you will be on a green path.

  2. The only clown bus candidate that gets it is the dumbest of the bunch. Though slow pedo joe swings between alzheimer and dementia he gets it right that there’s bigger polluters out there, mainly his buds China Who corrupto joe got sweethart deals for his equally corrupt son. The biggest contributors of co2 don’t intend to change only spew more plant food…As for the rest of the clown car they all just want to ruin the economy and send all you poor and middle class back to the poor house in chains.

  3. It just wasn’t Biden who illustrates the ” idiocy ” of Green New Deal policies, the gaggle
    of DemocRATs wanting to stop all most everything, we use in our daily lives, any facts
    nope, just rhetoric of things they don’t like.

    These fools want to ban everything from plastics straw to meat , no cars, no plane nothing
    but Veggie burgers & Salads but you can go shopping in your Prius ………. Outstanding

    What we need to do is BAN Liberal DemocRATs……..

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