Bernie shoots baskets, talks budget reconciliation bill

By U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders

The best part of my job as your Senator is sitting down with Vermonters from across our state. And on especially good days, like ones recently in Burlington and Fairfield, that also includes shooting some hoops with young Vermonters. As Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, I am working on the next budget reconciliation bill, which will determine the investments the federal government makes over the next decade to make life better for individuals and families throughout our nation. As I do that work, it is critically important to hear directly from Vermonters about what is working well, what needs improvement, and what needs to change.

Crisscrossing four counties over the last two weeks, I sat down with Vermonters using and working at health centers and hospitals, summer camps and child care centers, meal programs, affordable housing sites, energy efficiency organizations, and farms. As I talked with these Vermonters, including farmers, municipal leaders, and law enforcement officers, I heard many of the same struggles and challenges: in order to thrive, Vermonters need more support from the federal government to afford health care, safe housing, and quality child care. Not only are these resources necessary for individuals, they are key to getting people back to work and our economy on its feet.

In addition to meeting with adults, I also had the chance to play some ball with dozens of young Vermonters who are attending summer programs funded by the American Rescue Plan Act. These young Vermonters are the future leaders of our country. Without a doubt, their ideas and boundless energy give me hope for the future of our state and nation.

To my fellow Vermonters: it’s my job to represent you and to fight for you. Quite simply, I could not do my job in Congress without hearing about your work and experiences. So thank you to every single Vermonter I met with over the last two weeks. Your insights will help me as I return to Washington and continue budget negotiations.

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7 thoughts on “Bernie shoots baskets, talks budget reconciliation bill

  1. Sell-out Sanders travelled to four Vermont counties? What about the other counties? So this very old, never worked a regular job in his life, man, took time out of his busy schedule laundering money through Act Blue, media advertising scam, and Jane’s lucrative real estate savvy – to visit the poor down trodden welfare recipients his leadership skills created through his too many years in Congress. Sorry Bernie, the schtick doesn’t stick anymore. Next time go hang out at one of your multiple homes or “camps”. Spare us the word salad drivel and BS you and the DNC keep selling every election cycle.

  2. “it’s my job to represent you”

    Bernie, you have NEVER represented me. I work for a living.

    Heck Off Commie.

  3. I am absolutely certain all those kids had a blast pretending to enjoy playing ball with a prehistoric relic who can barely shuffle.

    Let’s hope the next game is Dodgeball.

  4. Bernie is the kind of sleazebag politician that our parents, from the greatest generation, used to warn us about…

  5. Bernie you are one ofthe biggest phonies to grace Vermont politics and after fleecing vermont the liberal loonies who invaded our state voted to send you to washington DC to continue the corruption.

    I contact your office all of the time with questions that I never get answers to.

    I leave my contact information so you don’t have to travel around the state of vermont to try to find me that all you have to do is make a call.

    I haven’t even offered to meet with you on TV to have a discussion and yet you continue to hide in the shadows.

    You don’t represent vermonters or vermonters ideas

    You represent socialists and communists and you are part of the movement to destroy not only vermont but the entire country

    Of course you’d rather play ball with the children they are right for the picking and the indoctrination of CRT and the socialist agenda

    Bernie you are a disgrace and all you do is drag your destructive propaganda wherever you go

    This is a PR attempt to try to expose yourself as a wonderful man who cares about children and nothing could be further from the truth

    People like you and the rest of the commies in government need to be removed from office.

    May God bless America and may we survive this attempt at the destruction of our republic at the hands of people like Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy and Peter Welch and our turncoat governor philip scott.

    People you better wake up and fight hard against this communist takeover of vermont and the United states.

    If you love your children exposing them to the corrupt doctrine of people like Bernie sanders is not the way to preserve them from the indoctrination planned for them.

  6. An absolute phony. I went to one of his events in Springfield when I ran for office and he played the room shaking hands with everyone. When he got to me I introduced myself and he had such a sour look on his face. When he finished his speaking he was finished he went around again. He avoided me.

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