Bernie Sanders won’t commit to abolish ICE: ‘You need people to’ protect the border

By Matt M. Miller

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said Saturday he does not believe in open borders and that America needs people to protect its border.

Sanders participated in a live interview Saturday with MPR News host Tom Crann at the Minnesota State Fair in front of hundreds of fairgoers, HuffPost reported.

Sanders said he is in favor of abolishing “the current disastrous immigration system.”

He was asked if he would support abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after a crowd member reportedly shouted “abolish ICE” toward the stage.

“ICE is one small part of that system,” Sanders said.

“We have to develop a system. But I will say this: We will abolish the ICE raids, which are terrorizing communities all over this country,” the Vermont senator continued.

Crann followed up and asked if Sanders saw “a valid purpose for an agency in the federal government like ICE.”

“The first question you asked, do I believe in open borders? No, I do not,” Sanders replied.

“So you need to have protection of our borders and you need people to do that,” he continued.

Sanders voted against the establishment of ICE in 2002. “That was the right vote,” he said in a July 2018 tweet.

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One thought on “Bernie Sanders won’t commit to abolish ICE: ‘You need people to’ protect the border

  1. Burnee’s going for the “moderate Socialist” mantle now???
    I think it’s in retaliation for Lying Squaw drawing all the crowds now and he want’s to steal the thunder
    back.. His reasoning, to protect the boarders, seems a bit off as that’s what Border Patrol is … but why would the criminals best friend know anything about the law and govrenment, same for the majority of the left . at least slow joe admits he’s crazy as he looks…

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