Bernie Sanders uses coronavirus fears as a fundraising tool

By Peter Hasson

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is using public fears about the coronavirus as a fundraising tool for his 2020 presidential campaign.

Sanders sent out a campaign email to supporters Monday asking them to sign a petition demanding the government guarantee that a potential coronavirus vaccine will be free of charge. The petition asks supporters for “contributions to fight back against drug companies who want to profit off of health care.”

“I am not very confident in the president’s ability to manage this crisis,” he wrote in the email.

“Health experts agree that the spread of the coronavirus will likely get worse before it gets better,” Sanders added.

“Donald Trump must stop spreading lies and fear, and leave the science to scientists and health professionals, not politicians.”

The petition linked in the email includes three questions, counting the donation pitch.

The other two questions ask respondents if they “believe that vaccines, tests, treatment, and quarantines related to the coronavirus should be FREE?” and if they “know that drug companies are spending BIG money in order to defeat our movement?”

Sanders’s campaign didn’t immediately return a request for comment on the email.

Sanders is trailing frontrunner former Vice President Joe Biden in the Democratic presidential primary.

Data analytics site FiveThirtyEight gives Biden a 95% chance of securing a majority of delegates before the Democratic National Convention in July.

Sanders is given less than a 1% chance to do the same.

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4 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders uses coronavirus fears as a fundraising tool

  1. I have always thought Bernie was a fake. He says this and that should be done to treat the out break and guess what Trump.had done it da us be. Do you listen to anyone but yourself.

  2. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is using public fears about the coronavirus as a fundraising tool
    for his 2020 presidential campaign, this just goes to show this Idiot has no morals !!

    Socialist Sanders will promise you anything, what ever you want, the only problem is that he is
    full of SHxx !!

    What I can’t understand is there this many fools in VT, that vote this clown in year after year, we
    need to send this fool back to the Bronx !!

    Sanders is not a Democrat, and will not get the DNC nod to represent them, he’s an IDIOT.

  3. Send this gut to italy and china to find facts. Close the boarders when he is due to return.

  4. Watched Bernie on a Fox Town Hall where he was required to answer specific questions about his utopian program. When he’s on the stump, he harrangs on and on with broad generalities. During this event he was forced to outline the source of funding for all of his freebees. Guess what, 2 and 2 don’t make 500. Yet according to Bernie math 2 and 2 make 50,000. Yea Bernie, FREE SNAKE OIL for all!!!!

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