Bernie Sanders to be the first 2020 candidate to call for ban on charter schools

By Neetu Chandak

Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is set to call for a ban on for-profit charter schools Saturday, which will make him the first 2020 presidential candidate to suggest such a policy.

Sanders is slated to argue in an education policy speech in South Carolina Saturday that the increase in charter schools has taken money away from public schools and has disadvantaged the black community.

“Charter schools are led by unaccountable, private bodies, and their growth has drained funding from the public school system,” Sanders tweeted Friday. “When we are in the White House we will ban for-profit charter schools.”

Sanders’s charter school solutions include requiring charters to comply with the same oversight regulations for public schools, supporting unionization for charter school teachers and placing caps on CEO salaries, CNN reported.

“As president I will stand with groups like the @NAACP and put a moratorium on federal funding of new charter schools until rules are in place to make sure they are operating with transparency and accountability,” Sanders said in another tweet Friday.

Sanders’s stance on charter schools goes against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s stance. She said those against school choice have “chilled creativity,” CNN reported.

Sanders’s team did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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12 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders to be the first 2020 candidate to call for ban on charter schools

  1. Millions of black children are trapped in inner city schools controlled by unionized teachers, many of whom care nothing for the students and only about their salaries and benefits. This has been confirmed by the resolutions passed at the national conventions of the AFT and NEA. Their unholy alliance with the Democrat Party, to which all their forcible dues extractions are earmarked, is at the heart of the problem. The Janus decision has now freed teachers from forced union membership and dues extractions, which are antedeluvian relics of the New Deal. Is it any wonder that a quarter of all delegates to the Democrat National Convention are members of these teachers’ unions.

    It should also be observed that unions spoke for and financed the entire Democrat agenda, including issues like abortion, gun control, health care, global warming, energy, immigration, and so forth, regardless of the views of their members who were treated with contempt. They want to exercise the same control over the entire citizenry. Not surprisingly, Kamala “the Fascist” Harris” wants to abolish all “right to work” laws, as a response to Janus.

  2. Just come out and say it burnee, your socialist jackboots have to stamp the failure approval same as you do on NEA run Public ed. Charter school have been proven to raise Poverty children out of the
    leftist hold em down public ed. Just show’s ol fossil white guy hates blacks…Way to go burnee.
    more likely he was looking to unionize them and make a little more for his retirement fund…

    • I guess I was right on burnees hating on the Blacks, he just fired another staffer (Tezlyn Figaro) who was wait for it…..Black….. and is filing discrimination suite against his campaign State Duma..Burnee’s done lost the black vote if he actually ever had any..

  3. I live in the Carolinas , charter schools are widely popular down here for all folks, Black, white, yellow purple… you name it. There is a reason the Bernie visit hardly made the news down here. No one gives s dam about him. He’s doa down here. Nothing but a bad joke

  4. The Lib/Prog/Dem problem with Charter Schools is they educate and as a result, the graduates vote for conservative candidates.

    • The Burn is a socialist AH, profited off the taxpayer who are so dumbed down they support him. Government schools produce liberals taught by liberals. That’s his base and his future aspirations so his ilk’s will stay in power. The Pied Piper. Charter schools are a menace to him and not the Russian way.

  5. What else would you expect from Babbling Bernie. He’s a socialist and socialist want government to control all aspects of your life. They don’t want private education, they want to control what you are taught. When is this State going to vote in senators and legislatures that will actually do something to represent the people. He’s by far the worse of the bunch for he has never accomplished anything.

  6. Of Course, because most For Profit Charter Schools are Not Unionized. He is a Union Junkie because he gets tons of $$$ from them!

  7. Socialist Sanders, he’ll say and promise anything to get a vote !! Just working the crowd.

    What has he accomplished while being in DC ?? Name anything brought to fruition ??

    This Buffoon loves to hear himself speak ” Bark ” his rhetoric…… and people believe this fool.

    Vermonters should hang their heads.

  8. Typical self serving Bernie. What he’s really saying is he likes the promised votes and campaign cash from the big public education monopoly. I guess Bernie is willing to harm the kids who suffer when they are forced to attend the big public school factories. I guess money and votes are more important than kids to Bernie.

    • That sums it up nicely. Bernie wants to determine who gets to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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