Bernie Sanders’ speechwriter shares study attacking Bidencare by comparing its estimated ‘death toll’ to 9/11

By Evie Fordham

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’s speechwriter shared a study on Twitter that criticized the newly unveiled “Bidencare” by comparing its uninsured “death toll” to “forty-two 9/11 style attacks” and highlights a growing rift in the Democratic Party.

Speechwriter David Sirota acknowledged he deleted one tweet with the language, which is drawn from a study by the progressive People’s Policy Project, in an email to the Daily Caller News Foundation on Wednesday. But he posted another tweet Monday that highlights the 9/11 death toll comparison in a screenshot because it “more clearly presented” the quote, Sirota said.

Sirota has been using social media to hammer former Vice President Joe Biden’s health care plan and tout Medicare for all, which his boss first introduced in 2017.

“Biden’s plan leaves millions uninsured and, according to new data, potentially tens of thousands of Americans to die for lack of insurance. Shouldn’t this be the very first thing anyone says about his proposal? I mean … 125,000 people is a lot of people!” Sirota wrote Tuesday on Twitter.

The attacks on Biden’s health care plan, which he characterizes as an extension of Obamacare, underscore the Democratic Party’s establishment-progressive schism ⁠— something illustrated by a tiff involving Sirota and Sanders-turned-Biden staffer Symone Sanders. Sirota shared years-old tweets from Symone Sanders’s time with candidate Sanders (no, the two aren’t related) on Monday.

“So glad to see folks embracing Medicare-For-All. Important to note though Kamala Harris was [first] to throw her support behind Bernie’s bill,” Symone Sanders wrote Sept. 12, 2017, on Twitter.

Symone Sanders responded Monday by posting a 2016 article emphasizing that Vermont Sen. Sanders would raise taxes.

Biden dropped his health care plan Monday.

“I understand the appeal of Medicare for all, but folks supporting it should be clear that it means getting rid of Obamacare, and I’m not for that. … Starting over makes no sense to me at all. … I’m surprised that so many Democrats are running on getting rid of it,” Biden said in his plan’s launch video.

Meanwhile, progressives like Sirota are attacking Biden by saying he more closely aligns with Republicans like President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell with his attacks on Medicare for all.

“TAKE THE QUIZ: Joe Biden is attacking Medicare for All with lies straight out of the playbook of Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and the health insurance industry. Can you guess who said it?” Sirota wrote Tuesday on Twitter.

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3 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ speechwriter shares study attacking Bidencare by comparing its estimated ‘death toll’ to 9/11

  1. The Progressives are addicted to Obamacare which was an economic disaster for the Democrats and for the victims. Now they want to kill private insurance and shoot up the nation with the much purer Single Payer. 125,000 people without insurance? Out of the nation’s population? You can put that many people in a football stadium. If Obamacare isn’t sufficient warning, we have the example of the VA medical administration to see what Single Payer government health care is like – or the waiting times in Canada and the U.K. And the IPAB determining what Single Payer won’t pay for while denying private insurance policies, meaning the vastly wealthy (and you can bet politicians) can get the care that we the peons cannot.

  2. So Sanders thinks 125,000 uninsured out of 330 million is a problem? He is promising a utopia that will not happen. maybe they don’t want to pay for insurance.

  3. Just think about it, a Socialist Democrat Speechwriter for Bernie ” Buffoon ” Sanders
    finding fault with Sleepy Joe Bidens plan…….talk about a hypocrite !!

    And to have the audacity to compare it to 9/11 ………….they must be running scared

    Neither one of these plans will ever materialize and they are both just talking points to
    get votes…….Biden wants to put life back into Obozocare and Sanders wants Medicare
    for all…..Idiots eat this rhetoric up………

    Liberals they always have a way for “The Sky is Falling ” gloom & doom now it’s two of
    there own Medical Plans …………. Outstanding !!

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