Bernie Sanders says Biden lacks ‘energy and excitement’ needed to defeat Trump

By Chuck Ross

Sen. Bernie Sanders said Monday that Democratic front-runner Joe Biden lacks the “energy and excitement” needed to defeat President Donald Trump in November.

“What is imperative is that we defeat Trump, the most dangerous president in modern history,” Sanders said in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

“And that means you’re going to have to have a huge voter turnout. You’ll have to have working people excited. You’ll have to get young people excited.”

Sanders then criticized Biden’s Senate record of supporting the Iraq War, NAFTA, and cuts to Social Security.

“Joe Biden voted and helped lead the effort for the war in Iraq, the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in the modern history of this country,” said Sanders.

“So if we’re going to beat Trump, we need turnout,” he continued. “And to get turnout, you need energy and excitement. And I don’t think that that kind of record is going to bring forth the energy we need to defeat Trump.”

Biden leads a crowded Democratic field in most national polls, while Sanders leads in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

According to a hypothetical poll released last month by Quinnipiac, both Sanders and Biden would beat Trump in a head-to-head match up. The poll had Biden defeating Trump 51-42, and Sanders beating the Republican 51-43 in the hypothetical match-up.

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6 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders says Biden lacks ‘energy and excitement’ needed to defeat Trump

  1. Quid pro slow pedo Joe’s low energy is the least of things that should
    disqualify him.. The mental midget doesn’t even know where he is or what
    he’s rambling on about.. The whole field of clown show donkeys are the most unAmerican slugs that have ever run and burnee Your the worst of the lot…
    The little mush minds will support you and the Alzheimer ridden old folks home as well but Americans want someone who loves America not socialism/communism

  2. Hey Socialist Sanders, you state Beden lacks ‘energy and excitement’ needed
    to defeat Trump ??

    So what is it you have to offer ?? let’s see, Oh yeah, you and your arms flailing
    and you spewing everything that is wrong in the world and that you are the only
    one that has the ability to fix it, you swelled headed moron…………..

    so what have you accomplished in the past thirty years, .please something other
    than your BS on free stuff for a vote……. something, yeah that’s what I thought !!

  3. Bernie’s assertion reminds me of a phrase I learned years ago – the pot is calling the kettle black. Good ole original Bernie.

    • You mentioned what I was going to say. AND Two peas in the same pod, almost horizontal. Glad to see them occupy the same stage allows people to see the “real” very rich socialists every day.

  4. Energy and excitement are among the last words I’d choose to describe Sanders. Empty and Expired fit the bill.

  5. This from the socialist lying POS. A blowhard idiot. Who never worked a real job in his life. A draft dodger who hates the Military. Who thinks more of illegals, crooks, and terrorists than American citizens. He claims to be an Independent but he’s a democrat, hell he was paid off to leave the race in 2016. He hasn’t done anything for Vt. what makes anyone think he will do anything as a President except STEAL and write socialists books.

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