Bernie Sanders calls to fight corruption despite wife’s corruption case

By Molly Prince

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont called for the end of corruption Tuesday, saying it gives rise to terrorism, however, he failed to mention the corruption investigation involving Burlington College, where his wife was president.

“We must not only work to end terrorist violence. We must fight the conditions that give rise to it,” Sanders tweeted. “Corruption, authoritarianism, inequality and ethnic and religious hatred.”

While the former Democratic presidential candidate is seemingly fighting to end corruption, his wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, had reportedly been involved in an FBI investigation of a land deal at a Vermont college.

Jane had reportedly been under federal investigation regarding allegations of bank fraud stemming back to her term as president of Burlington College, a now-defunct private school in Vermont. Jane acquired a $10 million loan to purchase land in 2010, however, she allegedly misrepresented her financial backing in order to obtain the debt.

Burlington College permanently shut its doors in 2016 due to persistent financial difficulties, specifically citing the “crushing weight of the debt” brought about by Jane’s possibly fraudulent loan, reported The Atlantic.

Bernie rarely discusses his wife’s legal troubles, but he often preaches about the corrupt nature of campaign finance,

The college’s former dean of operations, a key witness in the case, was interviewed as recently as May and told Fox News that the investigation has “no specific deadline.” The FBI is reportedly still investigating the allegations.

Bernie Sanders was not available for immediate comment.

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  1. Let’s not forget the well paid family member jobs through the Sanders controlled college and the golden parachute check Sanders received for ruining a Vermont college. Great work if you can get it…

  2. Who was it said that all things start at home? Bernie get your wife’s act together before you start ranting at us.

  3. Bernie ” Soapbox ” Sanders fighting corruption … LOL! What’s the latest on “Jane” and her shenanigans with the law and order?

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