Bennington to form energy committee to combat global warming

This article by Jim Therrien originally appeared April 24 in the Bennington Banner.

BENNINGTON — The town is back in the energy business — in a manner of speaking.

The Select Board voted this week to re-establish the defunct town Energy Committee and will seek seven to 10 people to focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy options.

After receiving letters of interest, which are due by May 6, the board plans to issue appointments for one year.

During that period, the committee will first help flesh out its role as a standing town committee and then explore possible energy-savings initiatives or policies to recommend to the Select Board.

The move, which is the first recommendation in the recently adopted town Energy Plan, was urged by members of Climate Action of Bennington and the Bennington County Regional Commission during a Feb. 25 board meeting. They also provided general goals for such a committee — based in part on committees previously formed in Dorset, Manchester and other Vermont towns — along with a list of people interested in volunteering.

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4 thoughts on “Bennington to form energy committee to combat global warming

  1. Will they get a new battle monument for the effort? Fighting the unseen enemy in a unwinnable
    war against a overwhelming adversary. It could be called the Parrot monument as the clueless
    mouth the lies of their climatetarded gods gorbull/nye. Riding their unicorns into battle with a net to catch
    all that evil co2…

    I’d suggest a upside down pyramid which relays the “top heavy” empty minds that promote said war.

  2. A committee to combat global warming, in Bennington Vermont……Wow !!

    If you want to combat GW, then start at the sources Russia, China, India and a few other
    countries that pollute daily beyond what the US does in ten years and what Vermont does
    in a hundred years………….a solution looking for a problem ??

    Bennington Global Committee, Vermont’s answer to Liberal Foolishness to combat GW, but
    wait the committee must all drive a Prius………… charging from a station that supplies
    power from a power station !!

  3. Next they will want to fine people who use oil to heat their home or gas to drive to work.

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