Banning plastic straws, fossil fuels: Here are seven standout moments from CNN’s climate town hall

By Chris White

The Democratic Party’s top presidential candidates took turns at CNN’s climate town hall Wednesday hashing out their positions on everything from banning plastic straws to eliminating fossil fuel production.

Businessman Andrew Yang, Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont all plan to plow trillions of dollars into climate change mitigation. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts meanwhile has staked much of her campaign on holding oil companies responsible for man-made global warming.

CNN screen shot

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ one word answer to a question about light bulbs: “Duh!”

Wednesday’s town hall allowed 10 of the top performing candidates to voice their positions on climate change and environmentalism. Here are seven of the most significant moments that happened during the event.

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2 thoughts on “Banning plastic straws, fossil fuels: Here are seven standout moments from CNN’s climate town hall

  1. There is one overlooked inconvenient fact to all this. These clowns can promise all the goodies they think will get them elected, But, they won’t be able to deliver on any of them if the Dems don’t gain control of both houses of Congress. Further, when a politician in their own party levels with the folks by labeling many of the goodies as unrealistic or unattainable, the individual is roundly criticized by the folks who promise the moon.

  2. 7 hr’s of little tyrants telling you what their going to control which is pretty much every
    aspect of you life and how you live it…On top of that your going to have to suffer as the pain of moving the economy back to the pits of hell won’t be easy…On top of that they will necessarily have to spend anywhere from 4-17 trillion to put you through the pain of going carbon neutral which is guaranteed to reduce the global temps by
    0.052°C by 2050 and 0.137°C by 2100
    Yep folks for the pain of the country moving back to the caveman days we will virtually accomplish NOTHING…..

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