As COVID grows, Scott urges vigilance to avoid more state restrictions

By Guy Page

The Scott administration “will be forced to do something about it” if Vermont coronavirus cases continue to rise, Gov. Scott said at his press conference Friday. He urged Vermonters to stay vigilant so that more restrictive measures will not be necessary.

“As Dr. Levine has said, we are seeing pandemic fatigue.” Scott said in his opening remarks. “It seems as though we are getting to the point where after eight months, people are willing to take more risks. I get it. But we must stay vigilant.” Reading from a prepared statement, Scott said, “If we want to keep our schools and economy open, we need to double down on our efforts to control this virus.”

Health Commissioner Mark Levine seconded Scott’s statement. “Now we’re seeing what happens when we let our guard down.” With Covid levels rising nationwide, “this is the worst time to let Covid fatigue set in.” On a recent call with northeastern state health commissioners, “Several of my colleagues were actively discussing implementing dramatic changes,” Levine said.

Guy Page

Given these statements, Vermont Daily asked: “Is limiting in-person access to businesses back on the table, and if so what would that look like?

No. Everything is always on the table,” Scott said. “We will do what we can to protect Vermonters in any way possible. We’ve learned a lot. We don’t want to move backwards. That’s my point. If we follow the guidance we won’t have to move backwards, we can move forward. If we see the uptick….we will be forced to do something about it, and I’m not sure what that will be yet. But it’s nothing we’re talking about now.”

Gov. Scott and Commissioner Levine urged the following:

Limit travel – “Since we’re surrounded by red and yellow counties, it may just not be worth the risk,” Levine said. Visitors to Vermont from outbreak counties, including college students coming home for the holiday, must quarantine.

Limit interactions – “Keep six foot spaces, Keep masks on faces, Avoid crowded places,” Levine repeated the new Covid prevention slogan. Deer hunters needing to quarantine might consider doing so at deer camp during the two-week deer season.

Co-operate with contact tracers – “If you’re contacted by a contact tracer, be forthright.” Scott said.

Vermont hospitalizations are up, including some in the ICU, Levine said. Vermonters should beware the mentality that says, “So few Vermonters have died, so few have been hospitalized. What are we worried about? This is a benign disease,” he said.

Slate Ridge firearms center controversy – Gov. Scott and Public Safety Commissioner Michael Schirling both said that no extreme risk protection order is merited at this time against the Slate Ridge firearms training facility in Pawlet.

According to a VT Digger storytoday, neighbors of Slate Ridge are “terrified” by firearms noise, training and alleged aggressive rhetoric emanating from Slate Ridge. When VT Digger reporter Anne Wallace Allen asked Scott “what would it take?” and reminded him of the ERP order placed against Jack Sawyer, who threatened to shoot students at Fair Haven HIgh School several years ago. Scott said he is unaware of any evidence meriting state intervention, but assured her the State of Vermont is monitoring complaints against Slate Ridge. If she has information, she should report it to authorities, Scott said.

DCF announces replacement for Woodside facility

Yesterday the Scott administration recommended to the Legislature a proposed privately-run six bed juvenile treatment center to replace the closed Woodside facility in Essex Junction. The new facility would be located in Wells River, an Orange County community on the Connecticut River.

AHS/DCF is working with the Becket organization of Orford, NH, which operates a continuum of safe and supportive living and learning environments for youth ages 11-21 struggling with significant behavioral and mental health issues throughout New England.The Becket proposal would cost $1.5 million less than a proposed state facility and $2 million less than the current Woodside facility. The Vermont State Employees’ Union (VSEA) has opposed the closure of Woodside.Becket owns a 280-acre property in Wells River with a large 3-level building and are interested in operating a secure 6-bed residential treatment program for the Vermont Department of Children and Families.“Becket would bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in assessment, treatment modalities, and educational/vocational services for youth with complex behavioral and mental health needs,” DCF Commissioner Sean Brown said in his report.

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45 thoughts on “As COVID grows, Scott urges vigilance to avoid more state restrictions

  1. Covid-19 is a virus. It is a disease and should not be a political issue. Unfortunately, President President Trump took Covid-19 as almost a personal affront as it threatened the economic gains made under his administration and treated as such.
    Governor Scott has consistently treated Covid-19 as a health issue and therein lies the difference. Should Phil Scott defeat the big government candidate David Zuckerman in what is now a very Democratic state and after years of being constantly demonized by the Progressive/ Democratic leadership in the legislature, it will be due to what people feel is Scott’s competence on handling Covid-19.
    Should Donald Trump lose the election it will also be due primarily to how people feel he has handled the pandemic.

    • There is sudden media silence about the scandanavian countries that never closed and have licked covid, why? What about South Dakota.

      Yes we could be handling covid much better, nor not the soviet style press and absolute surrender to science and accurate data, but many do not want a solution, at least not for a few more days.

      Vermont is completely isolated from the truth. You have to really seek to find anything that resembles science, accurate statistics and good leadership.

      • “Sioux Falls, South Dakota (AP) October 31, 2020 Active cases of coronavirus in South Dakota shot past 14,000 on Saturday as the state marked its fourth day with over 1,000 new cases.
        The new figure of 14,373 active infections means that roughly one out of every 61 people in the state is infected with the coronavirus. South Dakota has posted the nation’s second worst rate of virus spread per capita in the last two weeks, according to John Hopkins researchers.
        The new high point in cases come as the state caps its deadliest month of the virus yet. Ten more people died from Covid-19, bringing the number of deaths reported this month to 202. The state has recorded a total of 425 deaths over the course of the pandemic.
        The number of people hospitalized by the virus also set an all-time high with 415 people needing hospital care. The Department of Health reported that 31% of hospital beds and 36% of ICU beds available statewide.”

        • Mr. Freitag’s statistical bias. True to form, he quotes several statistics (comparing apples, oranges, and cantaloupes) in his continued diversionary and misleading methodology.

          Freitag says: “South Dakota has posted the nation’s second worst rate of virus spread per capita in the last two weeks, according to John Hopkins researchers. The new high point in cases come as the state caps its deadliest month of the virus yet.”

          Freitag is citing the spread of the virus on one hand and a so-called ‘deadliest month’ on the other – whatever that means.

          We should compare one of the most important Covid-19 statistics – the ‘case fatality rate’ – the proportion of people who die from a specified disease among all individuals diagnosed with the disease over a certain period of time.

          With 45,437 confirmed cases and 437 deaths to date, South Dakota’s ‘case fatality rate’ is less than 1%.

          Compare this to the U.S. national statistics.

          With 8,952,086 confirmed cases and 228,185 deaths, The U.S. ‘case fatality rate’ (2.55%) is more than two and a half times more than that of South Dakota.

          Even in Vermont – you know, the State of Democrats, where the people might elect Scott because of his competence on handling Covid-19, the ‘case fatality rate’ (2.64%) is even higher than the national average.

          Sweden case fatality rate – 4.7%
          Norway case fatality rate – 1.37%
          Finland case fatality rate – 2.2%
          Denmark case fatality rate – 1.52%
          United States (national) case fatality rate – 2.55%
          Vermont case fatality rate – 2.64%
          South Dakota case fatality rate – 0.092%

          Please don’t throw me in that briar patch, Mr. Freitag – especially if it’s in South Dakota.

          • Mr. Eshelman,

            The key statistic from this Associated Press report on Saturday is that South Dakota “marked its fourth straight day of over 1000 new cases” and that this rural state which say little spread of the virus in the beginning of the pandemic in the last two weeks has gone to having “the second worst rate of virus spread per capita in the nation”. This is something that should raise concerns.

            Clearly those who approve of President Trump’s handling of the pandemic should vote for him. If he is not re-elected it will likely be because a majority of people feel otherwise.

          • You will notice their is no discussion of how the government changed the criteria for cause of deaths.

            You’ll notice nobody is talking about how the President recovered in 5 days.

            You’ll notice there are no statistics or discussion about reduction of deaths for other flues, pneumonia, heart disease, etc.

            They always focus on fear statistics. Never on cures, successes, progress, why is that?

            You can tell a press, leadership by their words and actions. Hope and progress or fear and oppression. Under which does one choose to live.

            Yeah, we’re coming into flu season, Covid 19 is flu, a rather nasty one at that.

          • The media, and Mr. Freitag, want to divert your attention to Covid-19 case increases. They don’t want you consider that, in a country with effective therapeutics, when a sufficient percentage of a population has become immune to an infection, “whether through vaccination or previous infections”, the better. They clearly don’t want you to realize that if there is a State in the U.S. that successfully treats the virus (at least to date), it’s South Dakota.

            Is the spread of the Covid-19 virus cases a ‘key statistic? Why?

            Consider ‘Herd Immunity’ (also called herd effect, community immunity, population immunity, or social immunity), the indirect protection from infectious disease that occurs when a sufficient percentage of a population has become immune to an infection, whether through vaccination or previous infections, thereby reducing the likelihood of infection for individuals who lack immunity.

            Yes, it would have been better if China hadn’t proliferated this virus in the first place. Yes, ‘flattening the curve’, slowing the spread of the disease, ensures we have the real-time resources to treat every patient who contracts Covid-19. And yes, it’s important to protect older adults and people of any age with underlying health conditions.

            But South Dakota’s case fatality rate indicates the State is doing well, despite its recent increase in cases and Mr. Freitag’s protestations.

          • Mr. Freitag also dishonestly maintains that all the narrative and actions related to the Wuhan Flu are not political. The elimination of our Constitutional rights and suspension of due process is nothing less than POLITICS, seizing power that was never bestowed upon any government entity or person.

    • There were just 57,000 people at President Trumps Butler PA Rally, that is not a crowd that a losing man generates. There are Trump car parades going on all over the country down both sides of major highways. There have been boat parades with 20 and 30,000 boats. This stuff has been going on for months now.
      Barack Obama and Joe Biden are talking to empty rooms.

      It’s really sad that you believe all this baloney the media spoon feeds you.
      This is a virus with almost 100% recovery rate at this point. Covid has been turned into an economy now that we are all being forced to participate in. What happens when something is a money maker? they want more of that. This ain’t rocket science.
      It has been weaponized and used against us- and a lot of this has to do with a needed reset for the financial markets because the fiat system of living on debt had run it’s course. The bubble needed to burst.
      They have been saying this on the financial blogs for years now that this was needed and coming.. they saw this virus and grabbed the chance to try and do that with a controlled reset of that system.
      Maybe you should be following finance and not the MSM and things will make a lot more sense. What is going on now was predicted, if you know how to follow all this stuff below the surface.

      • Ms. Stone,

        There is no question that President Trump has ardent supporters. At a time when the pandemic is sweeping our nation boat and car rallies make far more sense than mass gatherings of the faithful that have and will unfortunately continue to lead to the spread of the disease and more deaths.

        For me what is most attractive about conservative thought is not mass rallies, but its emphasis on the individual. The Vermont motto is “Freedom and Unity” and represents in a way the constant tension between the individual and the group. At this point in Vermont history, I think we have swung to far towards a reliance on state government to solve our problems. I find much more in common with older Republican thought which placed a premium on individual responsibility while at the same time providing opportunities, improving infrastructure and conservation and care of the environment.

        P.S. Do you have any pictures or could show a link to a 20 to 30,000 Tump boat rally. That sounds incredible.

    • Consider the process of Psychological Projection: which refers to what some people do when they unconsciously take unwanted emotions or traits they don’t like about themselves and attribute them to others.

      Freitag says: “Covid-19 is a virus. It is a disease and should not be a political issue.”

      Really? I’m sure glad Joe Biden, the media and John Freitag aren’t making Covid-19 a political issue.

      Freitag says: “Should Phil Scott defeat the big government candidate David Zuckerman in what is now a very Democratic state and after years of being constantly demonized by the Progressive/ Democratic leadership in the legislature, it will be due to what people feel is Scott’s competence on handling Covid-19.”

      So, how did Phil Scott win the last two elections (in 2016 & 2018) “in what is now a very Democratic state and after years of being constantly demonized by the Progressive/ Democratic leadership in the legislature”? Was it Scott’s competence on handling Covid-19 then too?

      And wait a minute. Seven Days and VT Digger are claiming Vermont’s success with the pandemic can be attributed to their shutting down of reader comment sections.

      • Mr. Eshelman,
        Herd immunity is essentially letting the virus run rampant until immunity is naturally achieved. This how pandemics have been dealt with in the past. The problem is depending on the virulence of the virus and the susceptibility of the population, the cost can be incredibly high. Herd immunity was what eventually curtailed the bubonic plague in the 14th century and the measles and other European introduced diseases among Native American populations. One would hope in the 21st century we could do better than what is essentially letting a virus run its course.

        • You, your kind, the WHO, CDC, politicians, and the media have failed to make the case that we are truly experiencing a pandemic. The statistics are faulty: the fatality count has been padded with people who have died from other causes, the tests have a 90% probability for false negatives and were never meant to be diagnostic tools. There are many of us who aren’t buying the propaganda, so give it up.

  2. I’m not voting for Scott nor Milne.

    Why? There was no attempt to build the party, to heal wounds to help Vermont change it’s course from the “Socialist Utopia” the “NWO Nirvana” we are currently going towards.

    Vermont will never shed it’s Marxist Shackles, it’s complete and utter censorship of the press, censorship of people working in government jobs, of the insider and corruption from our state officials, PAC’s and Lobbyists.

    We have the most corrupt state in the nation. Is anyone talking about it? Does anyone want to change it?

    We don’t have home ownership for the average person. Our drug problems fester and grow unabetted. Our school system is in horrendous shape from curriculum to monetary to administration, all of which was overseen by the state.

    Nothing is affordable in a socialist economy for the average person, it is true in every socialist run country and so for Vermont. Those connected with government in a socialist structure have the gravy train of which nobody can surpass, so is true in Vermont.

    When systems work to always produce lesser of two evils, neither of which follow the most basic principles of following our constitution, of bringing people together, of supporting the average person to run for office my question is this.

    How can anyone in good conscience vote FOR the status quo? Voting for the status quo is throwing your vote and the baby out with the bath water. When you vote for NWO pimp and/or Socialist Utopian, you’re still voting against the founding principles of your country, your state and your very own interests and freedom.

    I’ll not waste my vote on another NWO pimp or Socialist. That’s the beauty of the election we get to voice our desires and disgusts.

    Time to shed our Marxist shackles. Vote any one but those in establishment, Do you self and your state a favor.

    • So the last 4 years……

      who has Scott help build and make stronger?

      Kind hearted Republicans? NWO socialists?

      What party has prospered? What principles have been defended?
      Whom has he let run rough shod with all their bills?

      Past results don’t guarantee future performance, they do seem to be a pattern, however.

      When the leaders of both parties support the NWO doctrine, dogma and propaganda an American that loves their country has not other choice but to select someone else. Nothing will ever, ever change unless we change the way we vote. Lord help us, we’ve strayed from your truths and love.

        • Yes I agree, that’s where they are leading our state.

          Proverbs 20:11
          Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right.

          • Stay strong Neil and Rise Up Vermont!

            “Together they will be like warriors in battle trampling their enemy into the mud of the streets. They will fight because the LORD is with them, and they will put the enemy horsemen to shame.”

            Zechariah 10:5

    • “I’m not voting for Scott nor Milne.”

      You will not be the only one not willing to waste your vote on RINO’s.
      The so called Vermont Republican Party has a real problem, finding a Republican let alone a conservative.

  3. I’m reminding TNR readers to consider the insidious nature of the media and certain commenters on these stories. As we saw with remarks on an earlier story, Vermont media still mum about Hunter Biden laptop, false dichotomies, (situations in which two alternative points of view are presented as the only options, when others are available), are proliferating. And these carefully worded but nonetheless false narratives are continuing.

    FYI, Seven Days and VT Digger are now claiming Vermont’s success with the pandemic can be attributed to their shutting down of reader comment sections.

    That’s right. Freedom of speech is no longer allowed because its dangerous to our health…..not to mention being a danger to our liberty and freedom.

    This coming Tuesday, November 3rd, we will be called upon to express our preferences. On one hand, for a disingenuous and authoritarian governance. On the other hand, for our individual and inalienable constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Choose wisely, grasshopper.

    • P.S.
      Sometimes a preference is based on a question of balance. You may not care for everything of what Governor Scott or Lt. Governor candidate Milne stand for, or how they present themselves. But to cast a vote solely on pure principle can be tantamount to throwing the baby out with the bath water, especially when the prospects provided by the likely alternatives are so draconian. I understand the sentiment for acting solely on principle. There are times to fall on one’s own sword. On the other hand, sometimes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. As always, it’s a question of balance.

      • P.P.S. I chose not to combine our task of choosing a Governor and Lt. Governor, or any of our other State and Local races, in the same breath as our choice for President. Make no mistake, President Trump has his flaws, to say the least. Often, he is his own worst enemy and I cringe at his choice of words. But I’ve spent a good part of my professional life working with New York City contractors. If you think Trump is rude and arrogant, ‘you ain’t seen nothin’. At least Trump wears his heart on his Twitter shirtsleeve. Does he change his mind? Yes. Who doesn’t? But there is no question about where he stands, like it or not.

        The alternative is truly frightening, unthinkable, and still, because of a biased media and partisan ‘deep state’, largely unknown. I am far more concerned with the effect China and new-world-order-globalists will have on our Constitutional Republic and economy if Trump loses. Sometimes our choices are all about the devil we know.

        • Hi Jay..
          I think it’s worth noting that Biden has had MANY More gaffs than what people know about because the media is keeping these all hidden too.
          If you are not reading your news at conservative websites that are getting this stuff out there in its raw uncut versions, then they have no idea how bad he really is. These voters are woefully uninformed because of the media they consume and the bubbles they live in.
          I personally know he stood right here in NH and said how much he loved Vermont- the man didn’t even know where he was.
          He makes so many gaffs that Howie Carr can build an entire montage of them with each appearance he does.

          Also, how stunning that the Digger and Sevendays are saying that about the comments. These are the people that are so pushing us to believe in their science and yet they read little of it themselves.
          I hang out a lot on health blogs and they are learning a lot about just who exactly is getting this.. and we are not getting this to a huge degree up here largely because of our lifestyles. We tend to be simply healthier, we eat better, drink better water, breath cleaner air. Our lives are very physical up here, our cold weather kills a lot of bad stuff that floats around in the air out there.
          We don’t work and live in congested dirty cities in cubicles .. all of that destroys your health and cause inflammation and nutritional deficiencies that we simply don’t have… it’s not about the elimination of the comments sections.
          That claim is so absurd that it’s embarrassing.

          • Laura, I have no idea what’s behind the intent or actions of Biden, VT Digger, 7 Days, the rest of the biased media, or those who provide the false narratives to which we are now accustomed. I do my own homework. To speculate further is to play their game. Suffice it to say, not knowing is what concerns me. Better the devil I know.

  4. Saw an article from a NH paper that said that they are doing much more testing now than in March April. This would account for the higher #s. My sister’s mother in law is in a nursing home. Everyone there, staff and patients, tested positive. They had 1 death and who knows what really caused it. All the others were asymptomatic. The disease is real, it is the response by the politicians that is a hoax. Our “leaders” are doing what the cabal of the WEF (World Economic Forum) great reset are telling them to do. “You will own nothing and be happy about it”.

    • This is true Roland, there is a lot of testing being forced upon people against their Will to keep their jobs.
      We’ve got something going on with hockey right now, they are saying that anyone that works there from the coaches to the janitors at the rinks must be tested.. so this will likely stir up more positives.
      Sununu is also really cracking down on restaurants and bars.. the ones that are left!
      What a scam this is. To be positive doesn’t even mean you will get sick and yet, they are politicizing this. Then positive people are treated like they have the black plague of death.
      I read an article that said people are being more effected of the psychological effects of having had it than the physical effects of having it.. they are being stigmatized.
      We’re mad as heck over here to about it all.
      I think that it’s ironic that both Sununu and Scott are both cracking down at the same time.

      We live behind the iron curtain up here now, I think Chinese Draperies is more accurate actually.

  5. I guess neither the governor nor the health commissioner have heard of the Great Barrington Declaration, nor considered the views of some of the world’s top researchers and virologists calling for more sane measures against the pandemic. But of course, these voices–including not least of which a Nobel Prize winner–are actively ignored by the news and censored from social media platforms. Even Dr. Scott Atlas, an advisor to the president, gets very little play.

    I want to see the studies that prove masks and lockdowns have worked–because there are reams of peer-reviewed studies saying they don’t. The mortality curves in Europe, for instance, all began to drop well BEFORE lockdowns were put in place in most cases. By the same token, infections have continued to spike in many places even after mask mandates took effect. Vermont’s mandate didn’t happen until August, long after deaths in the state hit bottom; Levine cannot prove with any confidence that lockdowns or masks have done any good at all.

    Vermont has fared well because we’re a rural state with clean air. Period. If they shut us down again–burning the haystack to get to the needle–that will be the end of our economy.

    (Meanwhile, as cases and deaths rage across Europe, savvy Sweden with their no-lockdown policy is far, far down the attrition list. Just a coincidence, I guess.)

    • For those who haven’t researched the Great Barrington Declaration, in a nutshell, it says that:
      “As immunity builds in the population*, the risk of infection to all – including the vulnerable – falls.”

      * “i.e. the point at which the rate of new infections is stable – and that this can be assisted by (but is not dependent upon) a vaccine.”

      • I urge everyone to sign The Great Barrington Declaration that Jay has so kindly given the Link for.
        It’s been making the rounds here in NH very well.
        Last week it was approaching 500K signatures from just us normies out here, then there are all the doctors and healthcare workers that have signed it as well, many putting their careers at risk to do so.

  6. Hey Governor, how about keeping all the out of staters out, I have never seen so
    many NY, NJ, CT plates within our borders……But then again you keep bragging
    how great we are doing !!!

    Also, we have the college crowd back in town, there again check the plates on the
    cars on the streets five to one, one lonely VT plate…….. pretty pathetic.

    From what I’ve seen most people are wearing a mask ” by choice ” and most are
    social distancing when possible, all businesses adhere to these policies.

    So what’s the cause of the increase in Wuhan Virus cases, I bet it’s all the travelers
    not quarantining or is it from over-testing ???

    • You make a valid point. If masks are the silver bullet that will stop the spread of COVID as some would have us believe, and most are wearing masks “by choice” as you sdated, how is it that there is such an uptick in cases? Could it even be that the masks are useless? There’s a lot of “science” out there that would allude to that. Apparently that “science” doesn’t fit the Scott/Levine narrative. I read a poster promoting mask-wearing that started out by saying, “Masks are not a sign of fear”. My mask is not a sign of my fear, but rather a sign of everyone else’s and I wear it as little as possible.

  7. It’s not “pandemic fatigue”, it’s the “Phil Scott and Mark Levine Show” fatigue. Of course we’re seeing more cases… because more testing is being done That’s a no-brainer. There’s also the question of the accuracy of those tests as well as actual recovery rates. There hasn’t been a COVID death in this state since when? If Scott and Levine think they can control COVID completely by constantly cultivating fear and controlling what Vermonters can and cannot do under the guise of “safety”, then they are thinking a lot more highly of themselves than they ought. The “science and data” on which they attribute their actions is severely flawed. We are not “subjects” needing government officials to tell us what to do and not do. We are free citizens capable of making our own decisions through common sense and rational thought. Blind compliance to unreasonable and unconstitutional restrictions is a slippery slope to a place where none of us want to go. It’s time we wake up to the reality of what is going on. Oppose tyranny and embrace freedom.

    • There are now 100,000 tests per month – but we’re not ever told how many were false positives.

      Apparently Scott and his Three Stooges don’t want us to have too much information, lest we ask too many questions.

          • Again Neil, to claim that its ‘theft’ is to assign an evil intent over what may be mere ignorance or complacency. That’s what people like Mr. Freitag do. Don’t play that game.

            If I may, I’d like to interject a lesson on economics into this circumstance.

            The problem with a centralized one-size-fits-all governance (in healthcare and education), is that those who perpetrate harm on the masses resulting from their ignorance and complacency (as opposed to allowing individual choice in the matter), never accept personal responsibility for their harmful actions, even when they’ve received personal financial compensation for doing so.

            Citizens: in the final analysis, it’s up to you as individuals. Speak with a trusted doctor who knows you. Ask questions. Consider your options. Then act on your own behalf. This is what free markets are all about. This is how and why the United States became the most diverse and economically successful country in the history of humankind. Stick with it.

          • When our government is paying over $535 for affordable housing and our most expensive slope side condominiums cost $444 per square foot, call it what you will.

            When zoning takes the rights of land owners without compensation, call it what you will.

            When PAC’s and Lobbyists buy an entire political party and publicly remind them how to vote on state wide news papers, call it what you will.

            When government forgives loans, provides loans for 0% interest to their cronies, of tax payer money, call it what you will.

            When government does not defend the right to free speech, does not question censorship, runs rough shod with the constitutional rights of the people they were sworn to defend, call it what you will.

            The largest EB-5 scandal in the nation, which our state had oversite of is conveniently washed under the rug, no wrong doing on the part of anyone in the state, call it what you will.

            I could go on and on. I didn’t grade Vermont one of the lowest ethical grades in our entire nation, a non partisan group did.

            First part of change is admitting we have a problem.

  8. He said as the Left believes,if you children don’t behave I will put you in time out do it again and you will go to bed without dinner.

    As with the Left he’s going with the tyrannical route as he knows what’s best for us uneducated deplorable bitter clingers.

  9. Gov. Scott, you and your threats are a joke!!! As long as hundreds of thousands of flatlanders are flooding the state every week, anything that the poor locals can do is a joke. Does anyone honestly think that even a small percentage of these weekend visitors are actually quaranteening? Does anyone with an IQ higher than a rock think that those stupid electronic signs you see when entering Vermont are doing anything other than wasting taxpayer dollars. Get real!!!!

    • Hi Dave, True and does anyone with half a brain believe that Vermont progressives can actually change the earths climate by taxing and punishing poor and moderate income Vermonters. These people are frauds and control freaks. The Vermont political intelligentsia bank is empty but we have lemmings following their every word. As long as we mere mortals allow progressive politicians to proclaim their self implied intelligence and their imagined elite status we are doomed. The reason they get to rule us (not represent us) is because they have dumbed down the people with empty promises, media censorship and political fear. It is easier to manipulate the masses after they have broken the peoples individual spirit and self determination which has been the goal. God help our little state!

      • Hi Dano.. allow me my 2 cents worth as an observer from across the riva that has deep worry for my Twin State.
        You guys need to organize like your lives depend upon it- because they do.
        You are fighting over there against literal Communists..we all are. Bernie has done a tremendous amount of damage to the state and the pendulum must now swing back the other way.
        You have got to first grow a counter culture into a massive machine to then get your good people elected. This just doesn’t happen, getting these people elected, even a lot of money and good candidates doesn’t make this happen. What makes this happen is one hell of a ground crew working the streets and growing a grassroots movement.. and once you get this, NEVER allowing it to die.
        I really think this is why NH has been able to hold down the fort pretty well, despite quite an invasion. We have managed to keep and grow our people on our side and lemme tell ya Dave, we are ACTIVE.
        There is no sitting around at all.
        Our conservative site over here is and they watch our state like a hawk to keep us informed and when we need to all drop everything and show up in Concord to do battle, they sound the alarm and we run. That place serves as our gathering place.
        THIS is what it takes, you’ve got to have this. You need this core group of organizers to keep the flock all where they need to be.
        Your people have got to accept that this is a lifelong commitment, to keep us all where we need to be and you teach your kids to do this, as my parents taught me and I teach my own.
        A spinoff of granitegrok is the 603Alliance, which teaches us to do better, be more effective and teaches our candidates how to win.. contact them, go to them, learn from them to start your own.
        You are not going to take back your state unless you first build an army that works with boots on the ground.
        The time has come, and God will help your little state if you ask him for help.

        • Hi Laura and thanks.
          I have been in this battle since Madelyn Kunin started bringing her socialism here. The progressives earmarked Vermont for their take over years ago. They are installed in our educational system, our governments, state and local and in the media. Most who call themselves republicans are RINOs and continue to appease the other side. They don’t attempt to build the party for fear of rejection. I do what I can to get the word out to those who live in the dem/prog bubble of broken promises, leadership failure, financial ruin, thft of freedom, the rewrite of our constitution to be politically correct and censorship of the real issues.

          I have noticed a large uptick in the voices here commenting, a good sign. At my age I will continue to fight within the system as long as I can. We need young republicans to come forward, real republicans. Like others here I am not voting for Scott or Milne this time. I have voted for both of them in the past. I’m not voting for a governor and Lt. governor who can not support our president. When these two men start acting like republicans I will support them again. Phil Scott is responsible for two firsts as governor. He gave us unconstitutional gun control and he lost the veto power by not working to build the republican party. He has pandered to the left for re-election support. He allowed an abortion statement to be placed in our constitution and has turned his back on those people who first put him in office. In the future I look forward to change and do what I can within my means to try to make it happen. If it doesn’t there will be another conservative voter living in New Hampshire.

        • From your lips to God, to Deb and Jay’s heart. You recognize the ground we are playing in is extreme. We do need to come together, everyone is running their own campaign, there is no clear message, we are totally controlled, like you suggest, exactly like the former soviet union.

          Except most don’t recognize how far we have strayed, instead many believe we are “leading the nation”. Vermont is so important in the transformation of liberty and our Republic, because we are a small state we have been strategically taken over, they are all transplants that wish to conform our state to the NWO, in their infinite prideful thought of we know everything.

          A great victory would be to win the Champlain islands, replace Mitzi Johnson, I think they are on it. I’ve fallen so short in my support for Meg Hansen, she would be another great get for the senate.

          I suggested to several within the party months ago that we need to show support for America, which for Vermont is a radical idea, by doing car trains from one part of the state to another, nobody wanted to do it, now look across our country.

          People are terrified in Vermont, look at the principle they fired because she even hinted that perhaps burning, looting and causing bodily harm was perhaps not good for the BLM cause. Step out of line the rule book calls for a public hanging.

          Yeah we need to let our people know, it’s ok to love and support America. We have a beach head to defend, that is why we need to stay in Vermont.

          That is why we need to counter the public discourse that socialism is better than capitalism. Socialism gets the leaders rich off the backs or the poor, just like we are doing in Vermont. Leaders don’t want our people to be successful, because they are making way too much money off keeping people poor. That’s socialism and communism.

          Interesting note, Bernie and company are not talking about the Scandinavian countries now….that have seemingly beat covid and never closed……..of course they we never socialist either.

          As always your posts are awesome. Keep shining the light, it gives us hope.

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