Arizona sends kids as young as 10 to gender and sexuality chatrooms

By Laurel Duggan

The Arizona Department of Education (ADOE) directs students to LGBT-themed chatrooms for children as young as ten to discuss gender and sexuality as part of its student resources.

The chatrooms are part of the ADOE’s effort to support LGBT youths, and they were put together with the help of “members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community,” according to the ADOE website. The website directs students to numerous LGBT resources including local clubs, guides for gender transitions and LBGT chatrooms.

Both of the chats linked to by ADOE have moderators, either volunteer or staff, monitoring conversations, some of whom work at LGBT centers.

The Gender Spectrum chatroom advertises online groups for “trans,” “non-binary” and “gender-expansive youth” and can be joined by video, audio or chat. Discussion groups are divided into age groups and facilitated by trained volunteers.

Students aged 13-16 and 17-18 are encouraged to sign up, but the 10-12 age group was at capacity, the website said.

“Gender Spectrum hosts free online groups for pre-teens, teens, parents, caregivers, and other family members and adults,” the description of the chatroom on the ADOE website said. “These groups provide you with the opportunity to connect with others, share experiences, and feel the comfort of a supportive community.”

The other chatroom is called Q Chat Space and is targeted towards LGBT students ages 13 to 19, according to the ADOE website. Chats are facilitated by staff who work at LGBT centers but are not mental health professionals, according to the Q Chat Space website.

The Q Chat Space project is put on in collaboration with Planned Parenthood and two LGBT groups, CenterLink and PFLAG.

The site also has a “quick escape” button feature on the bottom of the page which takes users immediately to a blank Google page.

“A Community for LGBTQ+ Teens … Find and give support, have fun, connect around shared interests and get good information,” the website says. “Chat with like-minded peers in live chats designed for you & by you, facilitated by folks who care.”

The ADOE, Gender Spectrum and Q Chat Space did not respond to TheDCNF’s requests for comment.

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2 thoughts on “Arizona sends kids as young as 10 to gender and sexuality chatrooms

  1. Who the hell are these people that encourage children to “hide” their interaction with this website from their parents. Did God appoint them to control our children’s lives ? Er… no. They appointed themselves. Yes, I commend those that really care about the effects of this issue on young people, but most of the proponents of this hidden agenda are literally pushing children to make irreversible changes to their bodies. Excuse mE, but these actions are criminal. Simple as that. If I were still a parent of a primary school child and some teacher tried to hide from me that they were encouraging my child to open their minds to the possibility of changing their sex, I would be first into the teacher’s face to explain to me why. Then I would be in court. Come on folks. Stand up for decency !

  2. This will most likely get removed but I am going to say this anyway. These abnormal people….and that is what they are ….are poisoning our children’s minds and souls. What is going on is tantamount to the Tower of Babel account. We are trying to be God…creating different genders…..making homosexuality a normal ‘choice’. They are normalizing, institutionalizing what we KNOW is ABNORMAL! And by the way, why do I need to know anybody’s sexuality? What do they do? Say ‘Hi, I’m a transgender’ Or ” I’m an alphabet soup’? Probably…because they are in your face about it. Quite frankly, it is sickening.
    Sex and Race….and stirring it up is what the Democrats are all about.

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