Another California sheriff refuses to send deputies to enforce masks, social gatherings or stay-at-home orders

By Jake Dima

A California sheriff on Saturday joined a growing list of law enforcement leaders in the state who refuse to enforce recent coronavirus orders.

Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes tweeted an announcement vowing not to send his deputies to enforce mask violations, “social gatherings or stay-at-home” violations. Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom had issued a state-wide quarantine order for localities where intensive care unit capacity drops below 15%, according to the New York Times.

“Compliance with health orders is a matter of personal responsibility and not a matter of law enforcement,” Barnes said in the statement. “Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies will not be dispatched to, or respond to, calls for service to enforce compliance with face coverings, social gatherings or stay-at-home orders only.”

“To put the onus on law enforcement to enforce these orders against law-abiding citizens who are already struggling through difficult circumstances, while at the same time criticizing law enforcement and taking away tools to do our jobs, is both contradictory and disingenuous,” he continued.

Barnes joined law enforcement chiefs from Riverside County, Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County in rejecting the governor’s order.

Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco announced Friday that he would not be “blackmailed” into enforcing the mandate on the residents of his county.

“[Newsom] is expecting us to arrest anyone violating these orders, cite them and take their money, close their businesses, make them stay in their homes and take away their civil liberties or he will punish all of us,” Bianco said in video statement. “I believe that all jobs are essential to someone.”

“While the governor’s office and the state has threatened action against violators, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department will not be blackmailed, bullied or used as muscle against Riverside County residents in the enforcement of the governor’s orders,” Bianco continued.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva on Thursday vowed to “stay away from business,” and told Fox LA’s Bill Melugin that he was limiting the enforcement of Newsom’s order to large gatherings only.

“I want to stay away from business [sic] that are trying to comply,” Villanueva told Melugin. “They bent over backwards to modify their operations to conform to these orders and then they have the rug yanked out from under them.”

“That’s a disservice,” Villanueva continued. “I don’t want to make them more miserable.”

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, although it has not released a formal statement, told the local reporter that deputies will not be responding to complaints pertaining to the recent COVID-19 orders.

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Image courtesy of Sheriff Don Barnes Twitter

2 thoughts on “Another California sheriff refuses to send deputies to enforce masks, social gatherings or stay-at-home orders

  1. These people in California, many of these people are Patriots just like we all are.
    These are our own fellow Americans, and even the moderate Democrats too, (the ones that are not actual Marxists) no one votes to have their lives destroyed. They were duped, used, lied too, lead astray, victims of failed education, many there are immigrants..
    So maybe they lack the skills to see through the baloney, but none-the-less, they are Americans and suffer the same as we do..
    It’s time for Americans to all defend fellow Americans.
    We are pushing back against a global one world government being forced upon us against our Will and it’s going to take all of us coming together to fight this now.
    It’s very important to know who our enemy is, and it’s not actually eachother, it’s us vs. the governments- and their Elites- they are essentially in bed with eachother and working against us.

    This massive voter fraud, that dates back decades now at this point (as long as they started using these voting machines anyway) we can see that they have been stealing elections for a darn long time.
    Our country has NOT Been moving Left.
    Our country has been stolen and been being SHOVED Left !!

    If you look at all of our states, we are all in different phases of the same battle.
    California is bad.. but believe me, these scumbag sub-humans running our states up here would love to get us right onto that California plan too.. so pray that our Patriots over there can prevail over the tyranny.

    Hell hath no fury like a scorned American!

  2. I love these guys!!! I am hoping they will encourage Americans to stand up to a government that has created mass hysteria and way over stepped their boundaries. Enough already,….99% survival rate!

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