AG investigation of Kiah Morris complaints finds no criminal offenses

This article by Jim Therrien originally appeared Jan. 14 in the Bennington Banner.

BENNINGTON — A report on racially motivated harassment of former state Rep. Kiah Morris issued Monday by Attorney General T.J. Donovan found incidents of harassment but nothing that met the threshold of a criminal offense under current state law.

state of Vermont

Former state Rep. Kiah Morris

The report was released during a packed news conference that featured strong emotion, calls for renewed efforts to overcome racism, disruptive behavior, jeers, shouting and singing.

About 100 members of the media, public officials and area residents attended.

In general, the investigation conducted by Vermont State Police and computer forensic personnel concluded that “Kiah Morris was a victim of racial harassment,” Donovan said.

But the report did not find that there was sufficient evidence of criminal behavior. That also was the conclusion of local police and Bennington County State’s Attorney Erica Marthage during two sets of harassment complaints from Morris — both roughly corresponding to the election seasons in 2016 and 2018.

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5 thoughts on “AG investigation of Kiah Morris complaints finds no criminal offenses

  1. Didn’t get what she wanted. Screams ‘racism’. Ignore her. They do it all the time. If they can’t function, it’s racism. Always somebody else’s fault. Couldn’t be hers.. Easier to blame whitey.

  2. The ‘T’ in TJ must stand for tyrant, because that’s exactly the type that would create a ‘bias incident response team’ to stifle free speech. Didn’t take long for Donovan to forget the oath he took mere weeks ago.

  3. I was reading other news reports about Kia Morris and looking at some of the responses…

    This is the response I found from a black man who was in Vermont and I thought it was pretty interesting…

    He loves to say he found no racial problems and actually found people to be very accepting of him..


    NYOct. 3, 2018

    Times Pick

    As a person of color who lived in that area of Vermont in the early 70s, I am disappointed to read this. When I lived there I was heartily embraced by the community at large. There were incidents, but they were put to an end quickly by locals who made it clear that mistreating someone based on their race was not acceptable. I remember being stuck in a snowstorm and being forced to hitchhike to get home. Many hundreds of cars from out of state passed me by. A car stopped, and it was a local farmer who did not know me personally. He had his wife, daughter and their new born child sitting in his daughter’s lap in the back. He asked where I was going, and directed me to sit in back with his daughter. He took me to where I was going. I thanked him and let him know that if there was anything I could do to help him in the way of chores, to contact me at the number I had given him. To this very day I simultaneously get chills and a very warm feeling remembering that day. What has happened to this woman is not the Vermont I know or remember.

    Kia Morris open the door to her own demise when she started trying to force the black lives matter movement down the throats of the people in the state of Vermont.

    What is really disappointing is reading these articles is that TJ Donovan is being called a white supremacist for supporting the laws that he should be up holding.

    I think it is time to expose who the real racists are….

    • Kiah Morris & Hubby James Lawton came to Vermont with an agenda. Vermont is not racist as a State. Are there a few? Hell yeah, but guess what … they are also put in their place. Max Misch was put into his place by many of us, because race has never been a factor in Vermont. Not as far back as I can remember. I was born mid 60’s and it still isn’t. Kiah and her race-baiting hubby are the creation of their own mind. The agenda to bring Chicago gun control and sanctuary state for people she wanted to bring here from overseas. They know if they can get VT to give up their rights and freedoms, all 50 will be a piece of cake. Kiah can be linked to Obama & the Clinton duo. Kiah Morris has had a free ride and still is getting one through gofund.

  4. What an ugly and disturbing state of affairs when a clearly vicious man, Misch, is allowed to force his hate onto others. This issue is about hate – when one hates, they always find a target. He is a pathetic character.

    He is his own worse enemy – it will catch up with him someday.

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