Activists in Burlington shut down discussion on clash between feminism and transgender identity

BURLINGTON — Lesbian feminist Peggy Luhrs and her group Gender Critical Vermont have been forced to cancel a discussion at the Fletcher Free Library about the clash between transgenderism and feminism, according to reports by WCAX and Seven Days.

Luhrs and her group maintain that the transgender movement’s denial of biological sexes is a threat to feminism and Title IX protections. But transgender activists in the city are calling Luhrs “a transphobe and a trans-exclusionary radical feminist,” WCAX reported.

Luhrs defended herself and her views in an interview with WCAX, saying it’s not transphobic to assert that the human race is comprised of two sexes: male and female.

“They say biology is transphobic. Well, I’m sorry but you’re not going to win that argument,” she told WCAX.

Luhrs says the group expects to reschedule the event, but that the protests planned for the Tuesday night meeting had created an unsafe environment.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Michael F. Mehnert (cropped)

16 thoughts on “Activists in Burlington shut down discussion on clash between feminism and transgender identity

  1. Wonder what ever happened to free speach? Oh, I guess free speach is acceptable as long as the speaker presents ideas acceptable to the vocal minority.

  2. Freedom is slavery. Love is hate. Up is down.
    It’s starting to get confusing. Is that the plan?
    I seem to remember reading about this long ago, but it was fiction then.
    What is it now? Truth is a lie? Reality is not real?
    Did these people come to these ideas themselves, or are there master manipulators writing the script of their madness, with nefarious purposes in mind? Like destroying civility, freedom of thought, reality itself?
    Is it the anti-Christ, the devil, George $or0s?
    Fluoride? Communism?

  3. I’m ashamed of what Vermont has become under progressive rule. So many groups, so many victims, so many justice warriors, so many genders (2 actually), so many strange people, so many reasons to get to hell out of here. The Twilight Zone is now. The Outer Limits have arrived. 1984 is here, common sense is no longer common and diversity has ruined Vermont. Just being an American/Vermonter is now longer allowed. This article as well as many others proves it!

    • Well argued and stated. Too many people have divided along nonsensical lines and it is detrimental to rational discussion. In fact, rational discussion is impossible with some of these radical ideologists.

    • Hi there – I run the FB-page for Canadian Women’s Declaration (campaign to reform or repeal C-16, which has empowered TI misogynists like Yaniv & Ogre) and earlier we shared the WCAX article with a tag to Gender Critical VT. Within minutes a follower alerted us that the GCVT linked page was actually a TRA page who’d hijacked so your name – oops! (removed immediately) – so just want you to be aware (you might also consider creating another page to counter theirs, so that no one else accidentally tags the imposters thinking it’s you). Anyway, congrats on the meeting. It’s good to see more women forming groups and hopefully we see them all across North America soon.

      • Wow, Thank you for mentioning that. Bloody hell. We’ll get to work on that asap. Thanks again from Gender Critical Vermont.

  4. Hey Ms (?) Lahurs, The last time I looked, boys were boys and girls were girls and never the twain should meet. Just trying to help you out.

    • I know Ms. Luhrs personally, and we’ve been good friends since the mid-80’s. I can say with complete confidence that your statement is exactly what she said, in different words. Thanks.

  5. A person’s sex is determined at conception, and is included in every cell in the body. You cannot change that. When I dared to defend my religious belief that marriage is a union between a woman and a man I was called homophobic. When I said I was all for legal immigration but not illegal immigration I was called a racist. I have been called a bigot because I reported that while visiting the University of Diversity at UVM I saw posters that said ‘ Christianity is the Greatest Oppressor It must be Destroyed’ And when I speak up for the baby in the womb I’m called anti-woman, anti-choice. anti-women’s health care and anti-reproductive rights I’ve even been called a deplorable. I will probably be called transphobic too because I think it is child abuse to allow children to transgender without parental consent or knowledge.

    • This is the face of the New McCarthyism. Free speech sacrificed for the feelings of a tiny minority. And completely enabled by the wokey-woke “Left.” One’s sex cannot be magically changed by the phrase, “I identify as…” nor by any amount of extreme medical intervention. Gender Critical Vermont is not going to go away.

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