ACLU blames ‘inaccurate stereotypes’ for opposition to male athletes in girls sports

By Peter Hasson

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) blames “inaccurate stereotypes” for opposition to biological male athletes competing in female athletics, despite scientific research showing transgender athletes have advantages.

The ACLU is leading a petition campaign in support of two male athletes, Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood, who are dominating high school girls’ track in Connecticut. “While Andraya and Terry’s teammates and coaches support them, some cisgender athletes want to keep them out of girls’ sports,” the petition states.

“Equal participation in athletics for transgender people does not mean an end to women’s sports,” the ACLU wrote in a tweet on Tuesday promoting the campaign. “Trans women are WOMEN.”

One of Miller and Yearwood’s female competitors, Selina Soule, has repeatedly criticized forcing girls to compete against male athletes. “Currently, in Connecticut I am the only girl who is speaking out,” she said last month. “Everyone else is too afraid.”

The Connecticut runners are just two of several examples of biologically male athletes racking up victories in women’s sports.

Democrats in Congress, including New York Rep. Jerry Nadler and Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, have denied transgender athletes have unfair advantages in female athletics.

A recently published paper in the Journal of Medical Ethics found that suppressing testosterone levels in male athletes isn’t enough to eliminate their natural advantages over female athletes.

The paper concluded that male athletes who identify as transgender women have an “intolerable” advantage over their female competitors.

A spokeswoman for the ACLU declined to comment, recommending instead that the Daily Caller News Foundation reach out to liberal academics who support including biological males in female sports.

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4 thoughts on “ACLU blames ‘inaccurate stereotypes’ for opposition to male athletes in girls sports

  1. This is an assault on reality, same as “gaslighting”.
    Like, somebody punches you in the face, and you can’t believe they did it, but you say, “why’d you punch me in the face?” and the response is “I didn’t punch you in the face…”
    It’s so blatant, and obvious, that you can’t believe they are serious. A sick, twisted kind of brainwashing.
    Distorting reality until it breaks. Mass psychosis. A befuddled population, ripe for picking by the communists.
    I remember when I believed the ACLU seemed to be about protecting Civil Liberties, as in the Bill of Rights.
    Now it’s the American Communist Lunatic Usurpers, and anybody who supports them belongs in the looney bin. Or gitmo!

  2. How do you get through college and law school and not know there are two genders; male and female and anyone who thinks otherwise has a mental disorder?

  3. Brave New World. Actually screwed up world. Sex reassignment….. incredible. And now they are cross breeding humans with animals. And people don’t see anything wrong with this? Think maybe God is getting insulted and just a little pissed?

  4. “Equal participation in athletics for transgender people does not mean an end to women’s sports,” the ACLU
    Yes it does, the male body is more adapt to do sports then the female body and those
    ARE the only genders. Transgender is just a different word meaning CONFUSEDgender.
    This is a ASSAULT on Women sports, and women in general. If you want to let them compete they should be competing against men which is more their equal. The stupidity has hit new highs..

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