About $2.6 million in unclaimed insurance benefits available to New Hampshire residents

By John Suayan | The Center Square

More than $2.6 million in unclaimed insurance benefits in New Hampshire has been waiting to be disbursed for nearly half a decade.

The New Hampshire Insurance Department told The Associated Press that for since at least 2016, beneficiaries across state do not claim the benefits because they cannot access their loved ones’ policies or they simply do not know about the coverage in the first place.

The AP reported that the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, which uses a life insurance policy locator service to help locate polices or annuity contracts of late family members or friends, has fielded 758 search requests in the Granite State, with matches found for 283 policies since 2016.

Consumers can request a policy locator search by visiting the state Insurance Department website and completing the online Life Insurance Policy Locator Service request form.

After the request is done, the NAIC will send the policyholder’s information to all licensed life insurance companies to determine whether they have a policy consistent with the beneficiary’s information.

“The New Hampshire Insurance Department and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners have developed a Life Insurance Policy Locator Service to assist Granite State residents, the NHID writes on its website. “This service is intended to assist family members, friends and legal representatives of deceased individuals, who may have purchased life insurance policies and annuity contracts in NH, locate policies with payable death benefits.”

Documentation must be provided to the insurer to receive the benefit.

Residents with questions can call the Insurance Department’s Consumer Services division at 800-852-3416, or email consumerservices@ins.nh.gov.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia/Famartin