A lot of Yale students want to straight-up ban Halloween

By Rob Shimshock

Many Yale students want to ban Halloween and signed a petition to do so, according to a video from Campus Reform.

President Donald Trump is “a face to white oppression now that people can turn to and that’s huge,” said one student when Campus Reform noted that Trump would worsen supposed Halloween offensiveness.

When asked by Campus Reform to name some of the most egregious costumes he has seen, one student said he saw costumes reflecting Native American and African cultures, along with geisha, or Japanese entertainers.

“As a school, this is affecting people’s lives,” said one student. “You’re taking narratives away, and I’ve seen that too often. So I definitely support [the petition].”

Administrators and students have issued warnings ahead of Halloween, hosted cultural appropriation-themed workshops, and advised students not to dress as variety of things, such as American Indians and Mexicans.

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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/istolethetv

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  1. Since retiring from the US Navy, I feel I’ve discovered a new mission – right here at home. It’s an absolute delight to offend all these idiots who appear not to know anything about our Constitution.

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