99.5% of Dartmouth College employee political donations made to Democrats

By McKenna Dallmeyer | Campus Reform

At Dartmouth College, 99.5% of the faculty, administration, and staff who contributed money throughout the 2020 election cycle donated to Democrat candidates or Democratic-aligned organizations,a Campus Reform investigation using numbers from the Federal Election Commission revealed.

Campus Reform analyzed the donation records of Dartmouth employees from 2019-2020, using publicly available records from the FEC in order to determine the political leanings of faculty and administrators at the Ivy League school in the swing state of New Hampshire.

According to the analysis, 99.5 percent of all university employees who made political donations gave to Democratic candidates or Democratic-aligned organizations, such as Act Blue and Joe Biden for President. Specifically, 99.6 percent of faculty who donated to political candidates or causes gave to Democrats while 99.3% of administrators who donated gave to Democrats.

Among staff, 99.3 percent of Dartmouth staff who donated gave to Democrats.

Only two of the political donations made by Dartmouth employees were to Republicans.

A similar analysis by Campus Reform found that Democratic employees at Yale University outnumber Republican employees by more than 9:1.

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2 thoughts on “99.5% of Dartmouth College employee political donations made to Democrats

  1. About the same percentages as Facebook and Twitter

    It looks like Dartmouth is on the far left of the spectrum

    If Trump were so bad, why would Trump get so many votes, despite the US media uniformly dissing him?

  2. Why are we giving tax dollars to colleges?
    Half of the tax dollars come from Republicans and it’s very clear that these colleges are almost entirely Democrat controlled- and this is aside to the brainwashing of the students.

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