8 conservative candidates announce campaigns, group denounces lack of media coverage

Michael Bielawski/TNR

MEDIA BLACKOUT?:John Klar on Thursday introduced a mix of new and old candidates associated with his “Agripublican” platform.

MONTPELIER — Eight new candidates for office were announced from the steps of the Vermont State House on Thursday morning. The group was presented by Republican gubernatorial candidate John Klar.

Except for one independent, the new candidates are all Republicans. They are part of a larger contingent of liberty and free-market-minded candidates associated with Klar’s own campaign.

Klar, a farmer and attorney from Brookfield, seized the moment to criticize local media for failing to show up for the event.

“They don’t want us to have free speech and they don’t want our voices out — why is that?” Klar said. “I think we need to bring back the fairness doctrine for all media. If anybody is not familiar with that, research it. You have to be fair to both sides for all media.”

Among the topics addressed by the candidates was social media censorship of conservatives. One of the new candidates, Jon Lynch of Colchester, who is running for House in the Chittenden District 9-2, spoke out against social media giants.

“While Facebook, Google, Amazon and Twitter are making their millions off of essentially a public infrastructure which was developed by DARPA in the 1960s, they should be regulated like a utility and there shouldn’t be any censorship allowed at all,” he said.

Other candidates spoke against universal vote by mail elections, as established for the 2020 general election by Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos.

John Lyddy, a candidate running for Windham District 6, said absentee ballots are already causing problems in his area.

“I received three additional requests for ballots at my house and they were all daughters and sons that no longer live there,” he said. Lyddy’s concerns echo other absentee ballot mishaps reported ahed of Tuesday’s primary election.

Lyddy also expressed his concerns with not having lawmakers physically available at the Statehouse. State lawmakers have not met in public since Gov. Phil Scott announced a state of emergency in March.

“They have to be available to converse with their constituents and find out what their constituents actually want,” Lyddy said.

Another new candidate, Michael Hall, the former police chief of Manchester, is running for a Senate seat in Bennington County. He told TNR he is not surprised by the lack of media coverage.

“I hate to say it, but I don’t think that they cover things that they are not supportive of, unless there’s something there that they can use to their advantage,” he said.

On the issue of the governor’s shutdown response to the coronavirus, Hall said it’s about time to open things back up.

“I think over the past few months what we’ve seen is a number of erroneous positive findings,” he said. “Initially we were getting death counts every day and the media was putting people into a state of hysteria, and I think the infection rate versus the death count doesn’t seem [now] to be what it was.”

Initially, the death rate for COVID-19 was reported as 3.4 percent, as predicted by the World Health Organization. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now estimates the death rate as 0.26 percent.

Klar, commenting on the new “Black Lives Matter” mural painted on State Street visible to all from the steps of the State House, said some have used race for political purposes.

“If they can’t find Confederate flags then they go after people with white skin color because it’s working for them,” Klar said. “And we’re here to say it’s not working for you anymore. We won’t stand that anymore — that stupidity, that toxicity, that lack of civility by those who say they are tolerant and civil. It’s the opposite.”

On Montpelier City Council’s recent decision to disallow having “Liberty and Justice for All” painted next to the “Black Lives Matter” street mural, Klar said the councilors were guilty of viewpoint discrimination.

“It will get to the U.S. Supreme Court,” he said. “Vermont has one of the best cases for the Supreme Court of the United States because they were so outspokenly nasty, they so violated my and all of your rights on the record as a gift to our state.”

Other new candidates are Marc Parish of Bellows Falls, who is running as a write-in for a Windham County Senate; Frank Furget, who is running for Senate in Windham; Mike Kell of Cavendish, who is running for House in Windsor District-2; and Joseph Roche, who is running for House in the Orange-Washington-Addison district. Tyler Ballard of Poultney is running as an independent for House in Rutland District-1.

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North. Send him news tips at bielawski82@yahoo.com and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

Image courtesy of Michael Bielawski/TNR

44 thoughts on “8 conservative candidates announce campaigns, group denounces lack of media coverage

  1. I for 1 will NOT vote for Klar, something about him I do not trust, just like Clunton, Obama, Leahy, Welch and socialist sanders, never voted for any of them.Haven’t voted for flip flop Scott either. I can not stand LIARS.. My vote will go to Kevin Hoyt. I never voted for a lying crooked democrat.
    Yes President Trump and President Regan were democrats but they both said they got tired of all the lying and stealing the democrats did and turned to the Republican party to help make a better country and Regan did and now Trump is. Democrats use to be good that’s why JFK was murdered, by his own party.

  2. Many thanks to all of the party newcomers and of course the hard work of John Klar. For taking the time to put selves out there to serve Vermonters by making a difference.

    Good luck to all 😀

    • Stardust, my friend across the river, you need to grow a big counter culture over there to get these people elected… and there is not much time!

      AND it was easy to see the clear need for that when you looked at the amount of down votes that any normal and common sense comments at the Digger (the Dig-Less) got.
      I was shocked that all you had to say was “I disagree” and you’d get 40 downvotes!
      Wow, the amount of Koolaid people are drinking over there is staggering.
      I sure hope to God that my Twin State wakes up and takes the state back from the invaders, low infos and crooks.

      • Many thanks for your comments – great to have another Patriot commenting frequently here on TNR. I had sniffed out VT Grave-Digger – ‘News in pursuit of truth’ lol? Quite a few years ago noted Galloways’ downward trajectory was one which failed miserabley in the journalistic integrity dept. Was opportunistic and obvious goal was to take the lions share of VT leftwingnut media dollars – like we needed another asset in the collective Pravda.

        I would only be interested in a Republican-based constitutionally conservative group – not a fan of hybrid of including Dems bc this is what we already have. VT Republicans were reluctant to get behind Benedict Scott – I now know why *facepalm*

        Personally not a leader Laura and do not have the time to devote to joining groups tho will admit VT is quite depressing in the activism dept. I do not want to stay in VT bc the left has too much of a stronghold but as long as I’m here will support conservatives and Republican Party.

  3. Frist, thanks to all those willing to put themselves up as candidates. This is after all what our democracy is about. There is still a chance if you act before I believe August 14, but check the Secretary of State’s website to be sure to get on the ballot in November as an Independent. Due to Covid-19 precautions there is no need for petitions with signatures this year. This is especially important in races where there is no opposition. Voters deserve a choice.
    Second, while politics can get heated and emotional, all those willing to put themselves forth deserve some respect and appreciation for being willing to participate and endure the slings and arrows of those simply sitting on the sidelines.
    Third, as to what is a “real” Republican, I would urge people to consider a trip to Strafford this summer to visit the Justin Morrill Homestead. It is a Vermont Historic Site that highlights the life and legacy of one of the early leaders of the Republican Party. The grounds with descriptive signage can be visited anytime. Displays that include information on what was the basis for the Grand Old Party are in the carriage barn exhibit area which is open Wednesdays thru Sundays. House tours for which there is a small charge are also available at these times.

    • We are a constitutional republic, where we elect representatives to defend and uphold the law democratically. This is not an insignificant matter.

      Our founding fathers and those who study political history know that democracies are unstable and bring ruin in short order.

      All parties should be defending our constitution as it’s their sworn duty. Some representatives feel their orders coming from the United Nations are more significant than defending American ideals.

      • Mr. Johnson,
        You are so right about our founding fathers and their study of history. It is why they designed a system of checks and balances to help thwart the possibility of a charismatic populist like Alcibiades in Athens or a military chieftain like Julius Caesar in Rome who brought down those earlier republics.
        Unfortunately there are those leaders today in democracies that question the validity of elections and seek to expand their own powers beyond what is provided for in their constitutions

        • I’d like to welcome Mr. Freitag (VT Digger expatriate since the suspension of comments) to the TNR roundtable. But a word of caution to you, sir. TNR doesn’t censor comments simply because they may not meet a specific narrative, especially from those of us who make a point of “simply sitting on the sidelines”. After all, we can’t all run for political office, all of the time, now can we? Your insinuation that our constructive criticisms may be nothing more than “slings and arrows” – to be ‘endured’, exposes a political methodology.

          Don’t be shy. If there are among us the likes of Alcibiades in Athens, or military chieftains like Julius Caesar in Rome who brought down earlier republics – who question the validity of elections and seek to expand their own powers beyond what is provided for in their constitutions – don’t you owe some specificity to voters? Who are these ne’er do wells?

          “Seduction begins with insinuation, what may happen, not what is, what you may become to the person, not today what you are.” MD. Muhtashimur Rahman

          • Apparently, the heat in the TNR kitchen was too much for candidate Freitag. That he dipped his toe in TNR waters is, at least, an honorable distinction between him and the Democrat incumbents he’s running against. Perhaps District Windsor-Orange-2 voters should write-in a Republican candidate rather than go along with the Democrat recommendations of special interest groups like single-payer advocate Vermont Healthcare for All.

        • One leader can not bring down a republic when all the others are defending the law, it’s impossible.

          The only way a republic can fall is if it becomes a democracy, there by a majority can rule, dominate and control. A democracy is forever a transitional government into an oligharchy of some sort.

          Vermont is experiencing the forces of these transitional powers today. They are being brought about by people, a majority consisting of Rinos and NWO pimps for the United nations. They are enriching themselves by systemic oppression and making scads of money off keeping people poor and giving them poor education.

          Vermont has to keep jacking up our minimum wage because we make living here so darn expensive and difficult, you can never get ahead in a socialist country, unless you of course are part of the ruling class and government, such is the case in Vermont.

          Our little republic has been over run with imported brown shirts.

          • Re: ‘The only way a republic can fall is if it becomes a democracy,…’.

            “In these Sentiments, Sir, I agree to this Constitution, with all its Faults, if they are such; because I think a General Government necessary for us, and there is no Form of Government but what may be a Blessing to the People if well administered; and I believe farther that this is likely to be well administered for a Course of Years, and can only end in Despotism as other Forms have done before it, when the People shall become so corrupted as to need Despotic Government, being incapable of any other.”

            Benj. Franklin address to the 1787 Constitutional Convention

            Neil, there are several ways ‘our’ Republic can fail. And, sometimes, fail it must – if, for no other reason than to show the uneducated the true value of what it is we’ve lost – and what real tyranny is.

            “We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.” William Faulkner

        • Where have these Checks and Balances gone to anyway?
          When 7 out of 10 people believe we are heading to civil war, when Vermont is reduced to damn near a one party state, it’s really clear that there has been a big problem with the Checks and Balances.

          If it all was going so well, we wouldn’t be here where we are right now;
          literally locked down with masks forced upon our faces against our Will.
          With the sky high suicides and off the charts despair from our lives being utterly destroyed as a result.. with a sickening lack of media coverage so that people remain in the dark about what they’ve done to us.
          Tell me again about these Checks and Balances..
          Has anyone “Checked or Balanced” the Governor’s power?
          Did any of you vote to be controlled by the Department of Health?

          • VT has been a one-party state since mid to late aughts as Dems have held a vetoproof which caused Douglas to jump ship and Shummy to grab the top job. Facepalmworthy epic fail as is Scott. Both parties are deeply corrupt and only a strong visionary leader willing to go to zero-based budgeting can break the vicegrip.

          • Neil,
            Don’t have much of a formal platform. Traditionally people use to simply “stand” for office and whether you got elected or not was based on your character and service to your community. If I was to describe myself, I would say that I am a “passionate moderate” with an emphasis on practicality not ideology.
            I tend to view government as to driving a car on a slippery road where if your not careful you can veer first to one side or another. In Vermont at this time I think we have veered too far into trying to implement impractical ideological solutions to problems that can not be addressed effectively on a State level. This is why I am running against the two Democratic incumbents in my District. The Climate Change legislation one of the best example of both this and irresponsibility. Rather than actually debating legislation that weighs the costs and benefits, it sets unrealistic mandates and then allows people to sue if those mandates are not met. Unbelievable !
            I am also a believer in fiscal responsibility and that the pension problem must be addressed and those receiving pensions, like myself, will need to make some sacrifices.
            I am a strong believer in the people and the communities of Vermont. We do more by empowering local communities with a focus on infrastructure including roads and bridges and internet than
            mandates and laws that can make if difficult for people to live their lives and run their businesses.
            I also believe that government has a role to provide opportunities. I a have benefited myself, first from my father being able to go to college on the G.I. bill and myself while working on a dairy farm being able to get buy a home through the Farmers Home Administration.
            I could go on and on , but hope you get the idea. Always happy to answer questions, but do not want to abuse the privilege of posting on this site.

          • John, you’ll find this site most welcome to good debate and discussion, with very,very little “moderation”. Glad you were able to state your thoughts. Thank you for running.

    • The Justin Morrill Homestead is indeed a very special place in Vermont. Most people are unaware of our Senator and the legacy he left not just for Vermont but the entire Country. I miss bringing our Tour Groups to visit this year and truly hope things will turn around!

  4. Not a Republican I am Independent but vote Republican

    Phil Scott is a Republican – In Name Only and should be kicked out of the party

    He calls himself a Republican…he is a third-party candidate riding on the coattails of the Republican party.

    He does not believe in Republicans or our great President Donald Trump

    I supported Bill Clinton in second term

    I voted for Obama (twice)

    I was a Sanders supporter

    I voted for Benedict Scott once

    Phil Scott has voted for the murder of The unborn, gun laws in Vermont and in America and the destruction of the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Phil Scott by no means belongs on the Republican ticket…

    • We are known by the company we keep. As the trolls on TNR continue to bash John Klar – by claiming he’s a secret Democrat attempting to infiltrate Republican Party – hate to break it to to you but it’s been done already. Funny thing – he’s bringing more Republican candidates into this election than all Republican county chairs put together – unless I missed something. And for someone who has brought in more Republican Candidates than entire GOP party can safely bet a*s that you’re all dumber than a bag of hammers and not very smart. Phil Scott has more Democrat support than Republican. And this was 2 years ago:
      VT Insights: Gov. Scott has more support among Democrats than from his own party
      Aki Soga, Burlington Free PressPublished 1:15 p.m. ET July 30, 2018 | Updated 6:50 p.m. ET July 30, 2018

      Meet The Two RINO Republicans Who Support Trump’s Impeachment: Baker and Scott
      by noah 11 months ago

      Comrade Phil was beholden from the jump – dogwhistled the Dems from 2016 :
      Current and Former Legislators, Mayors, Community Leaders and Activists Urging Other Democrats, Progressives and Independents to Support Phil Scott for Governor
      Middlesex, Vt.— Phil Scott, candidate for Governor, today highlighted the regional leadership teams of Progressive, Democrat and Independent leaders who are urging voters to join the commonsense, bipartisan coalition supporting Scott for Governor.

      As another TNR commenter recently posted “We’re surrounded. That simplifies the problem.” – Quote Attributed to Chesty Puller, USMC

      • Yes, I certainly feel surrounded over here in NH.
        I was shocked to see one of your John Klar signs over in Warren NH !!
        Warren is about an hour from the Vermont border, could be longer if you get behind a slow poke climbing up over that mountain on 25.. certainly not considered a border town, it’s in the middle afterall. But then they fill Winchester NH all the way into Hinsdale with the candidates running in Massachusetts too- so what the heck I guess.
        You can’t say we are not Tolerant here anyway- tolerant of being surrounded.

    • I tweeted Chairman Scott a couple of weeks ago and urged him to publicly announce he was changing to the Democrat Party and that he could say he was doing it to honor the memory of Jim Jeffords. So far, he’s not biting.

  5. Mr. Ley, if what you suggest about John Klar is true, and I have no reason to doubt you, I’ve been under the wrong impression. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  6. John klar is not a Republican.

    He calls himself an Agripublican..he has a third-party candidate riding on the coattails of the Republican party.

    He does not believe in Republicans or our great President Donald Trump.

    John klar voted for Clinton..

    John klar voted for Obama

    John klar is a Bernie Sanders supporter

    John klar voted for Phil Scott (twice)

    John klar has voted for the murder of The unborn, gun laws in Vermont and in America and the destruction of the Constitution of the United States of America.

    John klar by no means belongs on the Republican ticket…

    • First when you have accusations you should be able to back them up show a voting record that proves everything you’ve said. We will be waiting

      • My feelings exactly Vermonter – it is the author of posting that needs to make their case. So if someone makes baseless accusations they should be called to account and post evidence as basis for claim. However under free speech lies apparently qualify but still need to be questioned for the record.

    • And you supported a Democrat for Governor, big deal. You have never offered a solution only to try and tear down a man. You do realize it was the Republicans who put Bernie into power?

      If you have to choose between Phil Scott and the other side who are you going to vote for?

      Will you publically renounce Phil Scott as a democrat or are you doing his dirty work in this election and dividing the party again?

      Here’s a great video from a marvelously intelligent woman.


      I can’t wait to vote in person for John Klar and Meg Hansen…..best people on the republican ticket, regardless of what some people say.

      Judging from all the signs I see across our state in support of Meg Hansen and John Klar I’m amoung many others who feel and think the same way.

    • Before anyone gives a granule of credence to Mr. Ley’s smear campaign, please visit John Klar’s website https://klar2020.com or listen to him speak. Klar comes clean on his past voting and reasoning. Klar is running for Vermont office, not Washington’s, so his focus is entirely on the citizens and economy of Vermont.. And most importantly, he is electable. ‘Our best hope for a more prosperous Vermont.

      PS. President Trump and President Regan were both democrats before Republican.

    • grandma said that hate rots you from the inside out, at 72 I would think your grandma probably said the same thing to you…

      If you have any facts for your screed, then you should present them, otherwise???

  7. John Klar, what would you expect from Liberal News within the state,
    just look at our elected officials from the top down…… pretty pathetic !!

    Hopefully real Vermonters are sick of the nonsense coming out from
    under the ” Golden Doom ” in Montpelier ……………. yes Doom !!

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