33% of independents, 16% of Democrats say election was ‘rigged’

By Jake Dima

A majority of Republicans said the 2020 election was rigged and President Donald Trump was the rightful victor, according to a Wednesday poll.

A total of 73% of respondents said Democratic nominee Joe Biden won the election, but when the question was rephrased to “rightfully won,” 52% of Republicans said Trump was the winner, according to Reuters/Ipsos poll. Approximately 68% of Republicans said the election was rigged, while 16% of Democrats and 33% of independents said the same, the data revealed.

Fifty-Five percent of U.S. adults characterized the Nov. 3 election as “legitimate and accurate,” which is down from 62% in a similar poll conducted after 2016’s voting tallies, according to the data. A total of 28% of respondents said the presidential victor was declared through “illegal voting or election rigging,” which is nearly a two-fold increase from the 16% of Americans who said the same in 2016, Reuters reported.

The poll was administered in an online format to 1,346 people — 598 were Democrats and 496 were Republicans, according to the news wire. The data has a measure of accuracy of plus or minus five percentage points, Reuters reported.

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2 thoughts on “33% of independents, 16% of Democrats say election was ‘rigged’

  1. Was the election rigged, well let me see, Sleepy Joe Biden had turnouts at his rallies
    with about 10 – 20 people ” reporters ” in attendance, Hmmm.

    But he received more ballots in this election than either Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton
    ever received, I don’t remember trucks showing up in the middle of the night loaded with
    ballots for them, but these midnight trucks had ballots for Joe, just happen to be at 99.%
    for Biden ……..sounds a little fishy.

    We probably wouldn’t have a problem, if all the ballots were reviewed by both parties but
    when only one party verifies them, well now we have a problem, well there’s that fishy smell
    again………..As Joe would say, Come-on Man !!

  2. This crap makes my skin crawl because what the hell percentage that 33% of independents actually represent? And 16% of Dems – what the does it matter? This is nothing more than a person trying to keep the pot stirred.

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