235 senior former military officers warn Biden will usher in Marxist ideologies

By Mary Margaret Olohan

More than 200 senior military officers backed President Donald Trump’s reelection in a letter warning that 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden will lead to socialist and Marxist influences on American government.

“It can be argued that this is the most important election since our country was founded,” the 235 retired senior military officers wrote in the letter open letter, which was released Monday by the Trump campaign, according to Military.com.

“With the Democratic Party welcoming to socialists and Marxists, our historic way of life is at stake,” the former officers wrote.

The letter continued: “We believe that President Donald Trump is committed to a strong America. As president, he will continue to secure our borders, defeat our adversaries, and restore law and order domestically.”

The letter is signed by at least one Medal of Honor recipient, retired Marine Maj. Gen. Jim Livingston, eight four-star generals or admirals and 42 three star generals or admirals, according to the military outlet.

The letter’s release follows a widely circulated Sept. 3 story from the Atlantic, “Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers,’” which reported that Trump called fallen soldiers “losers” and “sucker.” The story cited four anonymous sources with “firsthand knowledge” of the comments.

Multiple former and current members of the Trump administration who were on the trip where Trump allegedly made these remarks have denied Goldberg’s story, according to NBC News.

Trump also denied the report himself, according to The New York Times, saying: “If people really exist that would have said that, they’re lowlifes and they’re liars. And I would be willing to swear on anything that I never said that about our fallen heroes. There is nobody that respects them more.”

He added, “What animal would say such a thing?”

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3 thoughts on “235 senior former military officers warn Biden will usher in Marxist ideologies

  1. I have met many IDIOTs that are believing the main stream media’s anti-Trump propaganda and I never thought that so many Vermonter’s could be so naive and gullible. “If they don’t stand for something, they will believe anything” T.J.

  2. It appears that these military ” Hero’s ” are not part of the swamp and see
    the agenda that’s trying to destroy our constitution.

    These men took the oath of enlistment, swore to and defend the Constitution
    of the United States against ” all ” enemies, foreign and domestic.

    I guess they didn’t want to be part of Biden / Harris ” socialist ” agenda !!!

    • Biden made the comment recently that he promises to defend us from all enemies “seen and unseen”…once again seems to forget the wording of the oath lol

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