15 million votes in 2020 election not accounted for, report finds

By Fred Lucas | The Daily Signal

Almost 15 million mail-in ballots were unaccounted for in the 2020 presidential election, and more than a million more ballots were undeliverable, according to a new study.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation, a conservative watchdog group on election integrity, released a research brief Wednesday assessing the effect of mass mail-in balloting in an election with a close presidential race in key battleground states such as Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

“These figures detail how the 2020 push to mail voting needs to be a one-year experiment,” J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, said in a public statement.

The report found that 1.1 million mail-in ballots were undeliverable for various reasons. Election officials rejected another 560,814 mail-in ballots.


To put these numbers in perspective, President Joe Biden carried Arizona by 10,457 votes, yet the state’s Maricopa County reportedly sent ballots to 110,092 outdated or wrong addresses,” the legal organization’s report says. The same scenario roughly happened in Nevada, where Biden carried with 33,596 votes, yet Clark County bounced 93,279 ballots.

Another 14.7 million mailed ballots met an “unknown” fate, the report says.

Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the presidential race with an Electoral College victory of 306 to 232 after winning Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin by 0.6 percentage points or less.

A Washington Post analysis in February found that flipping fewer than 43,000 votes across those three states could have changed the election outcome. In the nationwide popular vote, Biden received 81,268,924 votes to Trump’s 74,216,154—a margin of 7,052,770 votes.

The Georgia Election Board voted Wednesday to conduct a review of election questions that emerged from Fulton County, the state’s most populous county.

The review panel will investigate Fulton County’s handling of elections—not only in 2020 but complaints predating that—and could result in the state’s choosing an administrator to replace the Fulton County Registration and Elections Board.

The report from the Public Interest Legal Foundation analyzes the undeliverable, rejected, and unaccounted-for ballots in 2020.

“To put these numbers in perspective, President Joe Biden carried Arizona by 10,457 votes, yet [the state’s] Maricopa County reportedly sent ballots to 110,092 outdated or wrong addresses,” the legal organization’s report says.

“The same scenario roughly happened in Nevada, where Biden carried with 33,596 votes, yet Clark County bounced 93,279 ballots.”

The report adds: “The lesson is clear: Increased reliance on mass mail voting must correlate with aggressive voter registration list maintenance.”

The report also explains “unknown” ballots.

“The U.S. Election Assistance Commission asks local officials how many ballots were not returned as voted, were undeliverable, or were otherwise ‘unable to be tracked,’” the report says, adding:

The USPS Inspector General most recently reported that only 13% of mail ballots in the 2018 general election used the official tracking system. This means there is a wide variety of things that can happen to a ballot in the ‘unknown’ column.

A ballot can be put in the wrong mailbox and land in an unfriendly neighbor’s trash. It can be thrown out with your unpaid bills. It can be left outside for the wind to carry the last mile (like seen in Nevada in 2020). Election officials simply do not know what happened. Unknown ballots are the greatest blind spot in the American electoral system.

The report shows that Clark County, Nevada, had the second-highest number of  “unknown” ballots, behind Los Angeles County, California. Of the 10 counties with the most “unknown” ballots, seven are in California, a state that Biden won handily.

Democrats in Congress back expansion of mail-in voting in legislation known as HR 1 and S 1, dubbed the For the People Act, which also would allow the controversial practice of ballot harvesting, ban most voter ID laws, and restrict states in maintaining voter rolls.

“Bills like HR 1/ S 1 risk inflating these numbers even further, pushing our election system toward error, disenfranchisement, and ultimately widespread doubt about election outcomes,” said Adams, who was previously a Justice Department lawyer. “Some of the counties with the least experience in administering mail voting rejected the most ballots nationwide. If continued, 2020-style chaos will become the norm.”

Officials across the nation increased mail-in voting in 2020, citing the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, the number of lost ballots doubled or nearly doubled in most categories from the last presidential election, the legal organization report found.

The number of “unknown” ballots almost tripled, from 5.9 million in 2016, according to the report. In 2016, officials reported 318,716 ballots as rejected and 568,412 as undeliverable.

The report identifies Maricopa County, Arizona, and Clark County, Nevada, as having the nation’s highest number of undeliverable ballots. The District of Columbia had the fourth-highest number of undeliverable ballots; all others in the top 10 were California jurisdictions.

Jurisdictions in heavy blue states that decisively went to Biden—among them New York, California, New Jersey, Illinois, and Washington—reported the higher number of rejected ballots.

Only nominally competitive states Pennsylvania and New Mexico had counties in the top 10 for rejected ballots.

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5 thoughts on “15 million votes in 2020 election not accounted for, report finds

  1. The Afghanistan fiasco happened, because Biden and his posse of Socialist/Communist-loving Dem/Progs seized power, after perpetrating widespread, massive fraud, with help of the Media. Facebook and Twitter, etc., perpetrated selective, biased blocking of user accounts, a la China, Russia, etc.

    NOTE: “Freedom of the press is limited to those who own and control the presses.”
    H.L. Mencken

    Standard Fraud: To be sure, there is plenty of fraud during every election to “swing” close elections, such as the well-known STANDARD fraud practices of:

    1) Ballot box stuffing, before polls open and after polls close; while no one is looking
    2) Voting dead people
    3) Voting moved-out-of-state people, etc.
    4) Voting temporary, out-of-state students
    5) Folding mail-in ballots so machines cannot read them; these ballots are “adjudicated” in back rooms, staffed with Dem/Prog operatives.
    6) The “Postman’s Hack”, i.e., having a small hole in the front of the envelope that shows the vote; if no vote is shown, toss the ballot!
    7) Harvesting mail-in and other ballots.

    – JFK was elected by 100,000 votes with major help from Chicago’s Mayor Daley, in 1960.
    – Wisconsin removed 205,000 dead, moved-away, etc., voters from lists AFTER the 2020 Election; Trump lost by 20,682 “votes”!!
    – None of the Wisconsin, Dem/Prog-run election officials knew those folks were on the lists?

    Voting Machines: Additional fraud is committed by “manipulating/processing” vote totals with Dominion, etc., voting machines, that can be hacked with “custom software”, connected to remote computers, and local WI-FI systems, i.e., accessible to other computers and iPhones, etc., as proven by forensic examinations in Arizona, and whistleblower phone videos.

    Obama, Biden, Mail-in: Obama, Harvard Law School graduate at the top of his class, said he would never want to see Biden become US President, because he lacked intelligence, and other “attributes”. Just google

    Biden got his law degree from Syracuse University, one of the lowest-ranked law schools in the US, plus he graduated near the bottom of his class, and he was accused of plagiarism, multiple times, including while a US Senator
    This led to his all-around incompetence, grafting, grifting and sleaze, and him becoming a multi-millionaire. Just Google

    Biden-in-the-basement ran three times for President, lost all three times.
    He knows, he became President, only because of massive, widespread fraud, most of it in swing states.

    All that is largely due to universal mail-in, which provides vastly more opportunities for fraud.

    NOTE: Recently, Vermont’s Dem/Progs, 1) expanded universal mail-in, and 2) illegals are allowed to vote, and 3) ballot harvesting is encouraged. Town Clerks were not consulted and ignored.

    Statistical Analysis: About 15 million mail-in and other ballots could not be attributed to Biden, after extrapolation of historic US voting/registration patterns, using standard statistical analyses. See URL

    Such analyses have been applied to past elections. For example, the “unknown/unattributable” ballots were almost 5.9 million in 2016, according to the report, i.e., there was Dem/Prog fraud to deny Trump the Presidency, but there was not enough of it.

    Not so with the 2020 Election, which had about 15 million ballots “unknown/unattributable” ballots.
    They could not be assigned to “build-back-better” Biden

    2016 Election: During the 2016 Election, Dem/Progs did not have the advantage of COVID, and the additional fraud possibilities afforded by universal MAIL-IN voting.
    Plus, Hillary, a very poor campaigner, was predicted, by the blind-sided Media, to win by about 10%
    Plus, Trump, as a newcomer, proved to be an excellent campaigner
    Plus, Dem/Progs likely did not perpetrate sufficient STANDARD and/or “Dominion-type” fraud to “win”
    The result was a stinging loss, much to the dismay of Hillary, etc.

    2020 Election: Dem/Progs vowed not to let this happen again in 2020.
    When COVID came, poor countries effectively used existing, much-less-costly, “off-patent” drugs, to treat the disease.
    But that was not allowed by the vested interests in the US, which immediately pooh-poohed these drugs.

    1) Dem/Progs wanted to exploit COVID, for election purposes; wear masks, restrict people contacts and movement, vaccination cards, plus $TRILLION-dollar aid “packages” for suffering folks, etc.
    2) Drug companies wanted to make $BILLIONS of highly profitable COVID drug sales.
    3) New drugs had to be invented, costing months of time and many $BILLIONS, while people were dying.

    All that, plus “phony impeachments”, “investigations”, and the fast-growing economy in free-fall due to COVID, were bad optics for Trump.

    But it still took a lot of STANDARD and “Dominion-type” fraud, and stopping the counting on Election night at about 10 PM, in most swing states, to “swing” the election towards hiding-in-the-basement Biden.

    Very Unusual Happenings:

    1) Ballots were received after Election Day and counted in Dem/Prog-controlled counting centers, with no outside observers and windows boarded up.

    2) Never had various states stopped ballot counting at the same time on Election night. It was done to “assess the situation”, because Trump was too far ahead. A water main break was invented in Georgia, to count about 30,000 votes, while no one was observing, except the surveillance cameras, which Dem/Prog operatives had forgotten to turn off.

    3) Never did the US people go to bed with one candidate having huge leads in almost all swing states, only to wake up to find those leads were magically gone in these states.

    4) Ballots, that had been kept in reserve, were coming out of the woodworks. There was major ballot stuffing, and running ballots multiple times through machines, as recorded on videos.

    5) Dem/Progs, using COVID as an excuse, scuttled voter ID rules, flooded unsupervised drop boxes with ballots, and limited poll watching and vote-count observations.

    RNC report by the Committee on Election Integrity:

    “The COVID brought chaos and comprehensive changes to voting processes beginning in the spring primaries and lasting through the post-election process,”

    “Dem/Progs, including some public officials, used COVID as a pretense to achieve long-sought policy goals, such as 1) expanded mail-in voting, 2) elimination of key safeguards, specifically for absentee voting, such as witness and ID requirements,”

    Dem/Progs, RINOs, and career bureaucrats did not like Trump (the grass-root US people liked him much more), and big-tech scammed JUST enough votes, in each swing state (days after the election), to give Biden folks the win.

    All this had never happened before.
    It needs to be corrected so it can never happen again, because, if the other party figures out how to cheat, what good is an election?

    NOTE: Biden did not even campaign and got the most votes in the history of any POTUS

    Biden’s Handlers Creating Chaos under the banner of Build Back Better: The frail, addled Biden, 76, became President-In-Name Only, PINO. His incompetent, extremist, leftist Dem/Prog handlers are running the show. The results were:

    – The US is no longer energy-independent
    – Wide open borders with millions of unskilled, semi-literate, diseased, impoverished illegals from about 160 Third-World countries. They will vote Dem/Prog. Biden folks need them to implement their “BUILD BACK BETTER” fantasy.
    – Rampant federal deficit spending by the $TRILLIONS, and inflation, at up to 6%/y, due to $TRILLION deficit spending.
    – Disastrous ending of the 20-y, $80+ BILLION, black-hole-fiasco of Afghanistan. Withdrawing US forces, BEFORE evacuating civilians, is insanity on steroids, plus Biden’s folks were informed by the CIA and US diplomats in Afghanistan on about July 15, a month before the government collapse. This qualifies as major malfeasance in office, an impeachable offense.
    – No wonder China, Russia, etc., are laughing. They are gaining power without firing a shot.
    – The mercantilist EU has RECOGNIZED the Taliban, headed by terrorists, some of them on the CIA most-wanted list

  2. The main stream Media will not write about this, because it would upset their story lines of NO WIDESPREAD VOTER FRAUD, i.e., the Media knows it has been lying big time, and wants to keep the lying going, forever.

  3. So would it be appropriate to question the results of the 2020 election now? Or would the powers that be spin the numbers the same way they have with the COVID-19 scam? Maybe those 1.1 million ballots were undeliverable because the people filling them out were wearing rubber gloves and masks and suffering from hypoxia so they couldn’t see well enough to address them properly. (Pure sarcasm)

  4. Trump won the election – BIGLY!!! There was fraud in each State. The machines were hacked and votes were flipped, as well as this mail-in fraud. He needs to be put back in the WH so that we have a leader who hopefully can stem the huge catastrophes that now befall us!

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