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Vermont House overrides two vetoes

The Democratic majority House on Tuesday voted to override Republican Gov. Phil Scott’s vetoes on House Bill 494, the state budget, and House Bill 217, a piece of legislation that would impose a payroll tax to draw funding that would be used to provide childcare.

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Gervais: Uphold the assault veto

As much as our representatives tell us that this childcare legislation is to help the struggling, working families, clearly a motivator is to divide families by indoctrinating and grooming our most impressionable children – the preschoolers.

Phil Scott for Vermont

Scott plans to veto child care bill

The Republican governor said Tuesday during his weekly press conference that he intends to veto House Bill 217. The bill would create a system in which the state’s child care and early learning system would be propped up with funding culled through employee payroll contributions and budget allocations.

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John Klar: Vermont child care bill hurts child care

Perhaps Vermont should pay parents to stay home and care for their own children. Many of them would earn a higher wage than they earn in their out-of-home jobs, there would be no need for state regulations and oversight, and fossil fuels would be saved — the parent will stay home from work; the child not be driven to hard-to-find daycare.