Vermont conservatives express mixed views on contested presidential election results

As controversies and allegations fly over the presidential election between Democrat candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, Republican voices are divided on the contest’s legitimacy — with some believing the election was stolen, and others thinking it was conducted fairly.

Although the mainstream media called the election for Biden on Saturday, the contest won’t be decided until the week of Dec. 8. That’s when states must settle election disputes and certify official tallies before electors meet in every state Dec. 14 to cast their Electoral College votes.

As of Thursday, Fox News has the electoral vote count at 290-217, with Biden in the lead. But recounts have been called for in Georgia and Wisconsin, and Trump is waging legal battles in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan and Georgia.

But the issue of voter fraud is bubbling to the surface.

On Wednesday, Trump alleged on Twitter that a “report” shows Dominion Voting Systems “deleted 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide,” and also found that 221,000 votes were switched from Trump to Biden in Pennsylvania.

As for vote switching, the Michigan General Assembly convened hearings this past week after a “glitch” in Antrim County gave Biden at least 4,000 votes that belonged to Trump. Trump attorney Jay Sekulow said on Fox News last Friday that Trump’s lawyers should demand a manual recount in states that used the same voting machine software.

Larger vote shifts were observed election night in a now-viral video segment featuring CNN newsman Chris Cuomo. In a video posted on Twitter, CNN hosts are bewildered by an unexplained sudden shift of more than 120,000 votes to Biden in Wisconsin.

Other voting problems, such as the blocking of poll watchers in various states, have been reported. Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, said he would file a lawsuit this week to challenge the conduct of elections officials in Pennsylvania. Guliani posted to Twitter that “hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots were counted without any Republican observer.”

Attorney Sidney Powell, appearing on Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria,” said her investigative team identified 450,000 ballots in battleground states that cast a vote only for Biden, with no other candidates voted down the ticket.

In Vermont, top conservative voices are mixed on whether there’s enough fraud to change the apparent outcome of the election.

“They haven’t presented evidence of that yet, but I certainly hope that they do with the ballots, and that’s the kind of problem that we do need to unearth,” Rob Roper, president of the Ethan Allen Institute, told True North.

“A lot of the way these elections are being done is that there’s no accountability. … I mean they say ‘count all votes’; well, sure, count all the votes, but a ballot isn’t a vote unless it’s connected to a legal voter.”

Peter Briggs, the town chair for the Addison GOP, isn’t convinced the 2020 election was clean.

“This is banana-republic-type elections,” he said. “You tell me how they can just quit the counting for one night, and then when they start counting again the next morning … they can count it all in one night like we do right here in our local towns, and all of the sudden they just find more Joe Biden votes? I mean, give me a break — like this isn’t fraud.”

Former GOP gubernatorial candidate John Klar was careful not to jump to conclusions just yet.

“As an attorney, I am careful to analyze facts before reaching conclusions,” he told True North in an email. “But if organized widespread voter fraud is established, those responsible must be punished to the maximum extent under the law, then tarred and feathered, and deported to the middle of the Pacific. It is treason and must be answered.”

Senate Minority Leader Joe Benning, R-Caledonia, says he needs to see more before he jumps to conclusions.

“If evidence is there and credible, I think it should be played out and gotten to the bottom of, and judges will issue an appropriate rule,” he said.

House Minority Leader Patricia McCoy, R-Poultney, said she’s not following the national scene enough to say whether there’s a problem with the national results.

“I haven’t really followed very closely the issues with absentee ballots in every state,” she said. “I do know in our particular state I haven’t heard too much about the mail-in ballots,” she said.

Rep. Scott Beck, R-St. Johnsbury, says he doesn’t buy the questioning of the results so far.

“I think that those comments and those accusations are just a bunch of BS unless somebody wants to put forward a legal case,” he said.

Sen. Randy Brock, R-Franklin, said he’s not convinced as well.

“So far I’ve heard and I’ve read about mass allegations of fraud and other kinds of issues, but none of the complaints that I’ve heard have been even the least bit credible,” he said. “There’s no evidence that’s being presented; there are complaints that are being presented and there are arguments that are being presented, but what’s not being presented is evidence.”

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North. Send him news tips at and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

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43 thoughts on “Vermont conservatives express mixed views on contested presidential election results

  1. Sunday, November 15, 2020
    UPDATED: What To Expect From The Trump Team’s Legal Challenges
    – “The Dems and their Media/Big Tech allies are working feverishly to suppress dissenting voices and present the nation with a fait accompli–the election was “won” by Biden despite Dem failure in House and Senate races and in the face of overwhelmingly improbable statistical anomalies.”


    Mail-in Voting:
    Mail-in voting should be abolished nation-wide.
    Mail-in voting overloads the already-stressed US Postal System with more than 100 million over-sized envelopes that have to be treated as first-class mail. See URLs

    No Voting Machines:
    No voting machines by Dominium, etc., would be allowed, because they can be programmed to give desired results.

    Only Absentee Voting:
    All registered absentee voters must request ballots.
    Absentee votes would be valid/legal, only if the envelope is signed by the absentee voter and properly notarized.

    Audited Hand Count:
    All counting must be by AUDITED hand count, by two people.
    Any disputes go into a third box to be decided by two people, which is exactly the process during the Georgia recount.

    Numbered Ballots:
    Ballots should be numbered, similar to lottery tickets.
    With a proper computer system that records ONLY the numbers of the voted ballots (nothing else), immediately after the polls close, it would be known which ballot numbers were not used, such as 1) someone died, 2) moved away, or 3) did not bother to vote.
    Those numbers would immediately be declared void, to avoid them being used for nefarious purposes, as happened in Michigan, Wisconsin, Philadelphia, etc.

    Registering and Harvesting:
    No same-day registering and voting, because proper documentation cannot be verified by busy poll workers.
    No harvesting of ballots from anywhere, including from nursing homes.

    Gaming the System: With tens of millions of ballot envelopes floating around all over the place, due to mail-in voting, there are many ways to game the system; misplacing, destroying, not counting, altering.

    As part of the present election, ballot envelopes were opened by Democrat-party insiders.
    If Biden, they were resealed and counted.
    If Trump, the ballot was replaced with a for-Biden ballot, resealed and counted.
    This likely was practiced in Democrat-dominated cities, such as Detroit, Mich.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Atlanta, Ga.; Milwaukee, Wis.; and Las Vegas, Nev.
    Any Trump litigating likely would not catch enough fraud to make a difference.

    Changing the rules?

    That likely would never happen, because power and control politicians, etc., like losey, goosy rules “for flexibility” to game the system, if and when needed.

    They want “same-day” registration and voting.
    They want criminals to vote
    They want illegals to vote, or quickly make illegals citizens so they can vote.
    They want “motor-voter”, i.e., a driver’s license would be sufficient to register and vote

    NOTE: There is only one party in America that opposes voter ID; one party in America that opposes verifying signatures, citizenship, residency, eligibility,” said White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. “There is only one party in America trying to keep observers out of the count room and that party, my friend, is the Democrat Party.”

  3. Dominium Voting Machines

    Dominion, founded in Canada, is the second-largest voting machine vendor. Its machines are used in key battleground states.
    However, these systems appear to be unreliable and programmable “as needed”.

    Its machines are used in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, all swing states.
    Its machines are also used in California, Utah, Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey, plus Puerto Rico.

    Dominium hired the lobbying and law firm of Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck LLP, which employs House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s former chief of staff, Nadeam Elshami, according to Bloomberg News.
    It is highly likely insider-career politicians know exactly what Dominium can do for them.

    One America News revealed how Dominion deleted an estimated 2.7 million Trump votes, nationwide, by means of computer programming tricks.

    Programming Dominium Machines

    Assume a close race. The machine is counting legal and illegal ballots. It has been told the vote must be narrowly in favor of Biden.
    The machine counts 100 ballots. Its computer program switches one Trump ballot to Biden. Outcome: Biden 101, Trump 99.
    Biden wins by a hair, somewhat less than predicted by the enthusiastic US Media.

    All appears fair, until an AUDITED hand count is called for.
    That will be resisted by the Democrat judges in the Democrat-run cities of swing states, where the counting takes place.

    Law firms in Democrat-run cities will be intimidated to not take cases regarding voting irregularities, as is the case in Philadelphia, and likely elsewhere.
    That way the US Media can continue their mantra “Trump’s unsupported claims of voter fraud”.

    Stalin said: It does not matter who votes. It matters who COUNTS the votes. Just google.

  4. Watch LIVE: March For Trump in Washington, D.C. All Day LIVE Coverage [Video]
    Watch LIVE: March For Trump in Washington, D.C. All Day LIVE Coverage [Video]
    Watch LIVE: March For Trump in Washington, D.C. All Day LIVE Coverage
    Saturday, November 14, 2020: Join the RSBN crew for all day live coverage as President Trump supporters descend on Washington, DC in a show of support and solidarity for the President and in protest of the election results.

  5. Elections
    How Republican State Legislatures Can Re-Elect Trump
    Republican state legislatures have the power under the Constitution. Now they need to find the will to use it.
    By Josiah Lippincott November 13, 2020

    “It is time for the Republican state legislatures to go nuclear.

    Where there is a will, there is a way. If the Republican Party is willing to fight, Donald Trump can win a second term without needing to win a single recount or court case.

    Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution states that “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress . . . ” (Emphasis added.)”

  6. The outcome of this election may very well come down to how many generals in the pentagon are loyal to our Republic and the Constitution of the United States of America vs how many are vested in the industrial military complex, for greed, power and personal gain!

    Have we been sold out by the likes of Hunter and Joe Biden?

    • This goes back much earlier than the Biden’s Lynn.
      It was Bush Senior that sold us into the NWO and they were setting the table for this long before him.
      This goes back 100 years or so.
      The CPUSA was formed here in 1919. And I’m guess a lot went on prior to even accomplish that!

      I have read some people say we never even won our Freedom back when we fought the Brits!


    1) The Trump poll-monitoring team canvassed all early voters and absentee mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania.
    They found over 100 people who likely were dead; 15 of them voted, even though verified as dead!
    Senator Graham stated: “Here is the one that really gets me: Six people REGISTERED after they died, and then voted. In Pennsylvania, I guess you’re never out of it.”

    That means, voter lists were checked by Democrat voting operatives, to determine who likely had not voted.
    Ballots were prepared, and sent in under their names, to polling stations, for counting, until Biden was safely ahead.

    Eager operatives, in a hurry, even registered dead people.
    That was just an honest mistake? Horse manure!

    2) A total of about 450,000 ballots were counted in several swing states with ONE “FOR-BIDEN” mark; no other marks; Pennsylvania, 98,000 single; Georgia, 80,000-90,000; Arizona, 42,000; Michigan, 69,000-115,000 and Wisconsin, 62,000, according to Powell, a member of Trump’s legal team.

    They were marked only “for Biden”. They had no marks for other candidates.
    Such ballots are unique examples of “undervoting”. Undervoted ballots usually have more than one mark.

    These EXTRA ballots likely were printed BEFORE the election, and kept in reserve, in case they were needed.
    Many of these ballots were altered during the multi-day counting period, likely with different pens.
    Forensic analysis would quickly reveal, if they were altered with different pens. SEE URLS

    3) There is evidence of a “massive and coordinated effort to steal this election,” by efforts to “delegitimize and destroy votes for Donald Trump, and manufacture votes for Joe Biden”

    Powell maintains malicious actors “used algorithms to calculate the votes they would need to flip, and they used computers to flip those votes from Trump to Biden, and from other Republican candidates to Democrat candidates as well.” “It wasn’t just president Trump, there were many people affected by this,” said Powell.

    These likely were Dominium computers. Two companies dominate the voting machine market. Pelosi’s ex-chief of staff represents Dominium, as a lobbyist!
    It is highly likely insider politicians know what Dominium can do for them.

  8. Never will biden be the legitimate president in our families eyes, as if not for the fake Hoaxes all four years, the PLANdemic, plus 40 million unsolicited ballots sent to every voter in many states, there’s
    very little, if any doubt, that Trump would of won by a landslide!
    Most votes EVER for a republican presidential candidate!
    Put an asterisk next to bidens name if fraudulently anointed.

  9. I’m waiting for any real evidence proving that we have any real republicans in office in Vermont. All I see is pants wetters and fence riders waiting for some liberal wind to blow then to the left. Vermont is a liberal island far away from any real world happenings. Most of these people obviously rely on the MSM to get their censored news. I’m really glad that I don’t have to live my life waiting to get someone’s approval of how I think and what I can research for myself. No wonder there isn’t a republican party here. No one can find any!

  10. Two of the hardest lessons both for me to learn and to teach children are how to accept responsibility when something you did goes wrong and how to accept defeat in a sportsmen like manner. Neither of these is easy and they are something that I have found remains an ongoing challenge for myself and many others I know.

    I have always enjoyed the intensity of competitive sports and love putting everything I have into a game. At the same time, I was fortunate to have good coaches who taught me how to be a good sport both when winning or loosing ( though no question it is easier to be a good sport if you have won). It also has been my experience that the fiercest of competitors can become good friends after the game. Hopefully, no matter what the outcome of this election, as we move into the holiday season we can remain friends with family members, fellow workers, and neighbors who may think politically differently than ourselves.

    • Reminder, no one has won or lost. The media doesn’t get to choose who will be president. Just put a hold on your sportsmanship attitude until it’s over. Then you can come back based on the decision by those constitutionally allowed to certify who the president will be and then you can teach us all of your wonderful attributes at that time. As we move into the holidays under the threat of government lock down, your words have not inspired me at this point.

    • So now, Mr. Freitag wants conservatives to bury the hatchet?

      His comment is consistent with everything Mr. Freitag, and for that matter, the progressive-democrats have been espousing for years. Yes, we cheated. But everyone cheats. So, live with it, move on, and show the respect of the subservient loser you are.

      Where was this ‘graciousness’ when Trump was elected?

      These folks have proven over and again their hypocrisy and propensity to misrepresent and censor facts, with the persistent implication that conservatives are as disingenuous as they are. Afterall, there is nothing in the Constitution requiring me to be Mr. Freitag’s friend, and I unapologetically decline to do so.

      • “When one with honeyed words but evil mind Persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.” Euripides

        • I agree Euripides and you on this one.
          The Greek plays which all citizens were required to attend were lessons on how to protect and preserve their unique form of government. They were particularly concerned with leaders who exhibited hubris. Hubris being exaggerated pride and self confidence which leads to unneeded suffering for the leader, his followers and his country.

          • And there he goes again. Exaggerated pride and self-confidence are one thing. Diversion and dishonesty are another, entirely. The leopard can’t change his spots.

          • Once again I agree with the sayings provided by Mr. Eshelman although each of us might apply them differently.

            One of the best ways of determining whether we are simply following our own prejudices or really looking for the the truth in a situation is to substitute the names of opposing sides. For instance as the election nears it’s conclusion what would be our feelings if the vote count in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia were exactly the same but Trump was the one ahead?

            At this point we should not let the process play itself out. Any cases of illegality found punished to the full extent of the law and if adjustments need to be made in the count, it must be done.
            We should for the good of our country be willing , once the final results are in, to accept whatever is the outcome and if needed work for a smooth transition of power. This does not mean we should necessarily be happy about, no matter who loses it will be a bitter pill to swallow. Finally, we should, no matter what the final outcome, continue to speak the truth as each of us are given light to see the truth and act in a way that brings honor and respect to our beliefs knowing the next election is not that far away.

          • “We should for the good of our country be willing , once the final results are in, to accept whatever is the outcome and if needed work for a smooth transition of power.”

            Just as the Democrats did in 2016…. not so much.

          • “Finally, we should, no matter what the final outcome, continue to speak the truth as each of us are given light to see the truth and act in a way that brings honor and respect to our beliefs …..”

            Now its personal. Tiresome as this exercise may be, I’m obliged to continue for the sake of my own honor. The question is, of course, why Mr. Freitag continues to ignore his own advice? Not only does he not speak the truth, he persists with the implicit claim that I don’t see the truth or act honorably either. My challenge, as always, is for Mr. Freitag to substantiate his point of view with examples of my short comings or stop with the false innuendo.

          • Anyone who has proven self to display behavior of bald-faced liar has no business lecturing anyone or deciding what important decisions should take place in anything.

            Have disqualified self as an honest broker or any ability to have a meaningful discussion on conservative terms.

            With the bottom-feeding skill-set of an accomplished troll, soft-sociopathic slam all writers who you disagree with. Continual attempt to get under the skin of reliable conservative voices is in fact a form of visceral hatred and as such clearly nothing but a wolf-in-wolves clothing. Your bridge is unatteded sir.

      • Yes, and expecting us to let bygones be bygones after he & his colleagues demolished Ruth Dwyer, which they are now trying to work against President Trump. Let it be known, Freitag, that we do NOT forget, nor will we forgive until you change your ways.

    • – What a tangled web one weaves when first we practice to deceive.

      Newsflash: John Freitag and Democrat Chinese Communist Party do not decide elections – electors do. Kindly put on your big-boy pants and support the process as long as it takes – in 2000 37 days – so suck it up sir. If ya care about our nation you’d want the election to be thoroughly vetted including SCOTUS.

      Diabolically dishonest much…Still learned nothing. I do not believe you have done what all adults do, bc unlike you, value doing right, and no it’s not “hard”-it’s in the blood. Continually present self as of honor and integrity – neither – as evidenced by string of unending dishonest dealings aka fraud – it’s a Democrat disease.

      Slammed Ken Lizotte bc ya didn’t agree with comment – told him to run for office *oof* however you yourself weren’t running until hastily conjured ‘campaign’ lol. When asked if you were *on the ballot* said yes knowing full well it was patently false and completely untrue.
      Panties in a knot when challenged so repeatedly referred to me as “Mr” – nonapolgizing going full-on misogynist claiming ya didn’t know I was a “lady”.

      Then comes the sad press release – complete with litany of sheep’s clothing – oh my, dog ate homework! Soo, to save face concocted long winded blithering falsehood and published everywhere but TNR – knew ya’d be sniffed out like a dead rat as had already claimed to be on ballot.

    • ^^^^THIS from the member of the Resistance Movement.

      You really make me laugh out loud.
      Donald Trump is a human being with a wife, a young child and a family.. and the Democrats have put this man through a living hell for 4 straight years now. Their behavior towards this man and his family, including even his minor child, has been lower than repugnant.
      On a human level, I can’t express strong enough the level of disgust that I feel for people that would conduct themselves in this manner towards the President of our country simply because you didn’t vote for him.

      I did not vote for Barack Obama, I didn’t like the man at all. I don’t believe he was even qualified to be the President. He wrote in his own paperwork to promote his first book that he was born in Kenya (which the Hillary Clinton campaign got a hold of) BUT, I got over it, watched his speeches, prayed that no one would murder our first Black President, and hoped for the best.
      Your side has not behaved this way at all.. they cannot even show the President an ounce of respect… and now you want us to just roll over and pretend we have not been treated the worst we’ve ever been treated by our own fellow Americans in our lifetimes? what a crock of sh*t.
      Your words ring hollow and really are an insult- to be honest.

  11. I’m tired of these so-called Republicans that are jumping to the conclusion that there wasn’t any ballot fraud without letting it play out. Shut up and let the president follow the challenges to their conclusions.
    Every time these people open their mouths it convinces me more we need a party of conservatives, no fence walkers allowed.

  12. Did Joe Biden receive more votes, yes !! but the question is are they all legal, I’m not
    sure they are !!

    I watched the election, and what I saw was voting was stopped and nothing more should
    have been counted until the AM, the President was in the lead in most states by thousands,
    but in the dark of night, why ?? All sorts of ballots appeared, and the majority were for Joe
    Biden something like ” 99%”, mathematically that percentage doesn’t add up with all ballot
    listed ……pretty strange !!.

    The only ones that have called this election so far are ” Major News Agencies ” and I don’t
    see that mentioned in the Constitution anywhere……..smoke & mirrors or wishful thinking.

    So the President should use all legal option available to him, prove that this election was
    rigged, in December the electoral college should cast its votes, so for now this election isn’t
    over in a long shot…..even though the news agencies, it’s a done deal ……..pretty pathetic.

    It all appears to be a little fishy to me, late-night deliveries of ballots, poll watchers forced
    out, voting machine glitches ” algorithms “, no ballot verifications………Fishy or Corrupt !!

    Time will tell, but I’m losing my faith in Vermont’s GOP leadership, most have no backbone,
    stand with your President or find a new party The President is crass, but look at what he has
    done ” accomplishments ” he has fought for us his entire time in office, with three-plus years
    of liberal nonsense trying to get him out of office since day one and you don’t think they can
    or would rig an election ?????

  13. People seem to forget that their was no evidence to suggest Russian collusion during the 2016 election. In fact after a years long, and very expensive investigation looking for evidence they came to the conclusion that the “collusion” was the imagination of the author of the report the Clinton campaign paid to produce.
    During this election-we have sever instances of evidence showing voter fruad- in MI, GA, PA, and now CT. And in MI, GA, and CT where “glitches” caused software to change votes the software and machines that had “glitches” are used in 28 other states. If the company’s that make the machines and software openly admit that their data was flawed by something as benign as a “ballot entered incorrectly” then how on earth can we assume the other 28 states and the other counties in those states did not also have flawed results?
    I am not sure how any adult who can think on their own could tow the MSM propaganda of “no evidence”

    I also wonder how many of the people making such claim’s realize we spent four years investigation Trump with no evidence and a clinton campaign funded dossier…

    Ignorance is bliss for many I guess.. Its not just this election at stake- but the integrity of every election after this. If we dont do a hand recount to figure out who won- be it Biden or Trump- then the US people will never have a fair election again.

  14. The allegations seem credible to me in that there is an emerging pattern in several states with all of the same problems, hundreds of affidavits. Before our conservative VT leaders flip this off, especially the lawyers above who don’t believe there’s anything to “see” here…..give the President a little time to present the evidence in court. Just because “you” haven’t seen the tangible evidence at this point doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I trust we will learn a lot more soon as the Presidents team gets into the courtrooms.


    I am astounded by all the information regarding election irregularities that are ENTIRELY due to mail-in, and due to computer software “gymnastics” in at least 30 states.
    Read all the URLs and you will be similarly amazed.


    For the US media and VT Media to continue to aver there was no massive fraud is far beyond credence.
    It amazes me the VT Media has been SOOOOO quiet about this issue.
    Do they not know how to google?

    One America News that revealed how ‘Dominion’ deleted 2.7 million votes for him nationwide.

    Dominion Voting Systems’ is the second-largest voting equipment vendor in the U.S. and provided its computer equipment in key battleground states. However, these systems appear to be unreliable.

    Dominion Voting Systems, a voting machine manufacturer founded in Canada, made equipment that is used in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

    According to Dominion’s website its machines also are used in the states of California, Utah, Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey, plus Puerto Rico.

    Edison Research Report: According to an un-audited analysis of data obtained from ‘Edison Research,’ states using ‘Dominion Voting Systems’ may have switched as many as 435,000 votes from President Trump to Joe Biden.
    The author also found another 2.7 million Trump votes appear to have been deleted by Dominion, including almost one million Trump votes in Pennsylvania alone.

    Analysts said the theft and destruction of votes are attributed to so-called glitches in the ‘Dominion’ software and the extent to which this affected results can be verified by AUDITED hand recounts of votes in each state. READ URL

    Problems in Michigan and Georgia: Antrim County, a predominantly Republican county in Northern Michigan that went to Trump with 62% of the vote in 2016, flipped to Biden on Election Day, when the Dominium count initially gave Biden 6,000 votes that actually belonged to Trump.
    After red flags went up, county election officials did an AUDITED hand recount of ballots and determined Trump actually won with 56%, the Detroit Free Press reported.
    SEE URLs

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