Bill would let ‘transgender’ students pick other sex’s facilities, activities and programs

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NO BOYS OR GIRLS: A new House bill would let “transgender” students choose opposite-sex programs and facilities in Vermont’s public schools.

A bill lurking quietly in the Vermont House of Representatives would let “transgender” students choose opposite-sex programs, activities and facilities regardless of their own biological sex.

Under H.185, traditional gendered sports teams, bathrooms, locker rooms and showers, and more would have no meaningful distinction for boys or girls.

“This bill proposes to provide students access to gender-segregated school programs, activities, and facilities consistent with the individual’s gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the student’s records,” the bill language states.

The bill appears to ignore biological sex entirely, substituting instead “an individual’s actual or perceived gender identity, or gender-related characteristics intrinsically related to an individual’s gender or gender identity, regardless of the individual’s assigned sex at birth.”

state of Vermont

State Rep. Barbara Rachelson, D-Burlington, is lead sponsor of H.185.

If H.185 becomes law, any student would be allowed to participate in gender-segregated school programs and activities, including athletic teams and competitions. Students would use facilities “consistent with the individual’s gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the student’s records.”

Teachers and administrators have to play along as well. “School teachers and other staff shall address students by the name and pronoun corresponding to their gender identity,” and “schools shall use the name and gender preferred by the student on all official records,” the bill reads.

The only exceptions appear to be health records or other legally required records, which may continue to use the biological sex of the individuals.

The transgender movement is targeting schools and bathrooms nationwide. Last year, the Trump Administration rescinded an Obama-era policy which suggested that all public schools have gender-neutral bathrooms. According to The Federalist writer Nicole Russell, this involved scrappy legal maneuvering with regard to Title IX.

“The Obama administration, armed with specialized attorneys, acted like a pair of amateur surgeons: They took the word ‘sex’ in Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, hacked it open with a sledgehammer, shoved ‘gender identity’ inside, then stapled it back up and handed it to the American public education system, mangled and bleeding.”

Opposition to the transgender movement crosses party lines, with unusual alliances including feminist groups aligning with conservatives. Kara Dansky, board chair of the Women’s Liberation Movement, appeared on the Tucker Carlson Show to criticize the left-wing anti-science attack on  biological sex distinctions.

“I’m proud to call myself a radical feminist,” she said. “This goes far beyond bathrooms, so when people talk about this as a bathroom bill controversy, it’s really not about that. For us, what the interpretation of sex and gender identity means is actually means is any male who self-identifies as a female can access a women’s bathroom, locker room, changing room, dormitory, and schools.

“But it goes even far beyond that, to redefine women and girls to mean anyone who identifies as a woman or girl for purposes of Title IX, which matters to us because we think women and girls are a meaningful category worthy of civil rights protection.”

The Vermont bill is currently assigned to the House Education Committee but is not currently on the agenda. The Statehouse session’s midpoint, when bills left dormant die for the year, is fast approaching.

Rep. Barbara Rachelson, D-Burlington, the bill’s lead sponsor, did not respond to a request for comment.

Rep. John Killacky, D-South Burlington, a co-sponsor of H.185, said, “All children deserve safety and dignity” in an email to True North.

Rep. Brian Cina, P-Burlington, another co-sponsor, said, “Transgender people deserve to have rights. Whether people like it or not, transgender people exist and they deserve to be treated with dignity.”

Asked whether he thought the bill would survive the crossover deadline, Cina added that he didn’t think so.

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North Reports. Send him news tips at and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

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15 thoughts on “Bill would let ‘transgender’ students pick other sex’s facilities, activities and programs

  1. It seems that the female legislators that want this bill have no trouble with men in their rest rooms. What real gender are they? Also no more news items saying that some crazy men installed cameras in women’s restrooms. They can walk in and use a hidden camera at will and get their fantasy kick. What’s next legislation to remove doors at the stalls? And women have such fantasies as reported (but rarely) in the media. The world is a strange place. Going behind a Pine tree isn’t safe anymore.

    I’ve know a woman or two that got a heavy need waiting in lines at women’s restrooms and went into the men’s. Had a relative that worked at a border station with Canada. The French women always went into the men’s restroom, guess it was “normal” for them. He had to clean the restrooms and they didn’t care. He went in when it was clear, then they arrived, he departed. A restroom was a restroom to them. Funny.

    Guess it depends on what country you’re from. Europe in places are similar and you don’t need to be a “transgender”. The beaches are interesting. I’m not giving the VT legislator sickening problem credence, just saying.

  2. What else can you expect of the Chittenden County Libs?
    For ref.
    BARBARA RACHELSON of Burlington (since 1991), Democrat, was born in Glen Ridge, NJ, and grew up in North Caldwell, NJ. is on the board of ACLU-Vermont and a commissioner for the Burlington Parallel Justice Commission.

    Wonder she’ll visit one of these rest rooms in VT when the serious need arises? People are IT’S now.

  3. What are the safe-guards to insure that ONLY those that who really consider themselves transgender will go into the opposite sex changing rooms, etc. I can’t imagine there won’t be a guy or two saying they are feeling feminine today to get in where females are changing, and I presume it will be against the law for any teacher or administrator to stop them, even if they know the student is going in there under false pretenses.

    • “What are the safe-guards”

      Safe guards are non existent. You would be homophobic for even suggesting that, just as the new cockroach radical muzzy congress critter (omar). Among her other anti America rants is the right of any claiming trans psycotic being to have the right to compete with women on equal par. For pussy hatted women to not call out this as unfair is total hypocrisy from the male demeaning herd.

      Also isn’t the science ACTUALLY Settled on this topic? If you got a outty your male, inny your female any other variation your psychotic….

      We are seeing both, boys claiming trans just to get a peek, who would have ever thunk that and pervs caught as well… and many cases of athletic cheating by gender claims. It’s totally disgusting and they say walls are imoral, yea right.

  4. Maybe, just maybe they’ve finally crossed the line. If this doesn’t wake the folks, nothing will. To allow “girls”with a penis to compete against real girls in sports is absolutely rediculous not to say absolutely unfair. Why bother to compete, just give “her” the prize and move on.

  5. Some friends of mine are transgender and very much involved with the LGBTQIA groups. What I find interesting is they think this is all new and cutting edge, like they are the pioneers in this type of sexuality and expression. If you read any history books, if you read the bible it’s pretty clear that this was common in ancient civilizations and lead people to have complicated lives and in some cases really messed with the societal structure leading to collapse in extreme cases.

    In the bible’s case, their suggestion was life is better when you don’t go down this road.

    The other interesting thing we’ve discovered is the soviet union purposely used sexuality and intentionally created sexual confusion to help them in subverting a country. Yuri Bezmanov explains this in his lectures, he’s a former KGB agent. You can find it on our site under the new section.

    Anthropologists hypothesized that one of the reasons why sexuality is so pleasurable was such that mates would stay together for 18 years to raise their children. Those couples that had more pleasurable success were more successful in natural selection. Natural selection also possesses some difficult questions for people. One of the things animals can do, probably us too is to imprint, or to make neural pathways created from the pleasure of sex. Clearly in primitive man this was a trait that didn’t go too far.

    The bible goes along with this saying when two people join (sex) they become one, clearly a glue to keep a marriage together.

    If you’re young and you experience certain pleasures that may be the course you take in life.

    It’s interesting that the article states it’s being addressed across the country. So much is being directed from top down, where every state thinks there creating new legislation, etc. but they are programmed from the DNC or the RNC (different from Democrats//Republicans), neither are looking to make anyone’s life any better or represent the people

    Interesting times…..

  6. Under H.185, traditional gendered sports teams, bathrooms, locker rooms and showers, and more would have ” no meaningful distinction” for boys or girls, where do you get these people !!

    I think every male, should sign up for every female sport and just plain dominate the females so
    they are completely overpowered and leave the sport, this makes about as much sense as H.185.

    So where do we get this foolishness Legislators, we have two genders, you may not like it being
    a liberal but that’s nature !!

    With all the nonsense listed in H185, no wonder why ” Teen Suicide ” is up, they don’t stand a
    chance when being taught this nonsense.

    If you’re not sure just look at your genitalia if that’s still a problem, find a leather couch as the
    sponsors of these types of bills, have caused your problems.

    • Well said. If I was a teenage boy, I’d be rooting for this bill. I would have a lot of fun in school and take a bunch of pictures..

  7. Unrestricted abortion, social “justice” education, stealth tax increases, free college, now gender experimentation by minors being condoned.

    The Borg have arrived: “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile”

    • The Borg, courtesy of George Bush and the New World Order…..

      1992 in Rio….world government is us….Agenda 21….join the Borg……or the world will come to an end…in 12 years this time. We really mean it this time. Don’t pay any attention to the fact we have plans going out longer than 12 years…

      no, no Don’t look behind the Curtain!

      • Neil, Most people don’t know what the BORG is. The Borg was a fiction enemy of the Star Fleet Command in STAR TREK that explored space in a cube shaped spaceship. Each Borg had a number, an eye monocle and received orders from the main ship. They were incapable of having individual thoughts and acted on orders from the command ship. They were also the enemy of humanity and destroyed it when in contact with humans. Sure sounds like the democrat/liberal/progressive central command that has infected our state and is trying to spread across the country destroying freedom, individual thought and our constitution. Hence, The Liberal Borg!

  8. Any mediocre male athlete should be quite competitive for a full-ride athletic scholarship by being a stand-out on a female team.

    Politicians are fantastic at manufacturing problems where none existed – then they run for re-election promising to fix the issues they created in the first place.

    “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” Plato

    We’re getting a good taste of that now, with the self-righteous idiots and their ‘super majority’ status in the State House.

  9. I guess we do not have enough issues in the world when folks need to make up these…………totally insane and out of control culture!

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