Todd Smith: A tale of two states

By Todd Smith | The Caledonian Record

The American Legislative Exchange Council released its twelfth annual “Rich State, Poor State” review recently and Vermont continues to suffer one of the worst economic outlooks in the nation. It ranked 49 out of 50 for overall economic outlook. The Green Mountain state has finished last or second-to-last every year since 2008.

New Hampshire finished 16th, and continues to climb the chart.

Todd Smith

Todd M. Smith is the publisher of the Caledonian Record.

“The Economic Outlook Ranking is a forecast based on a state’s current standing in 15 state policy variables. Each of these factors is influenced directly by state lawmakers through the legislative process. Generally speaking, states that spend less – especially on income transfer programs, and states that tax less – particularly on productive activities such as working or investing – experience higher growth rates than states that tax and spend more,” the report introduction explains.

Out of the 50 states, Vermont ranks as follows: Top marginal personal income rate of 8.75 percent is 43rd; Top marginal corporate income tax rate of 8.5 percent is 39th; Personal income tax progressivity (change in tax liability per $1,000 income) of $28.78 is 49th; Property tax burden (per $1,000) of $51.68 is 49th; Sales tax burden (per $1,000 personal income) of $12.29 is 7th; Remaining tax burden (per $1,000) of $27.21 is 48th; Estate/Inheritance tax is 50th; Recent legislative tax change (2017 & 2018 per $1,000 of personal income) of $0.22 is 25th; Public employees per 10,000 of 656.9 is 47th; State minimum wage of $10.78/hour is 43rd; Average workers’ compensation cost (per $100 of payroll) of $2.09 is 42nd; and Right to work (lack of) flexibility is 50th.

For collectivists, this is all good news. But a lot of talented, innovative job creators harbor a crazy notion that they should actually be allowed to keep some of their hard-earned wealth.

Unfortunately for Vermont, those job creators will continue taking their businesses to states that aren’t so hostile toward them. New Hampshire (which has long credited Montpelier for driving economic success in the White Mountains), continues to look great.

Todd M. Smith is the publisher of the Caledonian Record, where this editorial first appeared. He lives in St. Johnsbury.

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16 thoughts on “Todd Smith: A tale of two states

  1. we left the state of Vermont after living in it for 19 years back on January 1, 2013 and never looked back. When you have to travel from the Rutland area to Glen Falls or Lebanon to do shopping because of the lack of stores or the now vacant Diamond Run Mall in Rutland, no major highways other than two lanes of route 4 and route 7 that the state doesn’t plow the passing lane for some stupid reason , the high energy and taxes ..The Rutland area has had no representation by the leaders , everything pertains to Burlington or Montpelier and no other cities or towns . Three college in teh Rutland County area have closed within 2 years what does that tell you . There isn’t any future in Vermont for the young or old . Nothing changes except the leaves .

    • This is very true! Traveling from Burlington to Rutland, the only way to do that is traveling via route 7, a 2 – lane road.

  2. How about the outsiders coming here to get away from their way of life and then wants to change us to their way of life thinking it’s better

  3. They want us (VT citizens) to leave, because the tourists spend more here when they visit, than we do living here, because the salaries don’t support the cost of living. We don’t have extra money, the tourists come here and spend theirs. It’s a beautiful place to live if you can afford it. That’s what they want. I believe we have the second most “second homes” in the nation, and VT won’t stop until it is #1.
    Liberals are ruining this state. Luckily my kids were raised in another state, before I moved here, but even if they were raised here they’d have to leave when they are done with college, they couldn’t afford to stay. It’s sad. It’s driving the middle class out.

    • The people now running Vermont want you to move out if you even question their authority, Your property can be purchased by their friends or relatives most of witch will domicile elsewhere to avoid Vermont income taxes while enjoying all the perks and beauty. In order to be re elected, they must maintain just enough socially dependent persons and like minded followers..The truth hurts !

  4. Elections have consequences. Either they continue the status quo OR they make changes.
    Only the voters can decide. I agree with Justin, bring on a barrage of the facts.

  5. I have good news and bad news. The good news is Vermont comes in second, the bad news it’s second from last on economic issues. Nothing will change as long as we keep the Lib/ Prog/ Dems in Montpelier.

  6. Every state has it’s “Progressives”, those leftist tax and spend elitists that know what is best for the people but in order for them to gain power they have to be elected.

  7. Thank you True North Reports for printing the truth here. Figures don’t lie.
    The progressive/Democrat majority in Montpelier isn’t ready to stop until Vermont is the number one tourist destination for the rich and famous.
    Important Issues like; high taxes, the loss of our personal, property and 2nd amendment rights, how we structure our schools and pay for education, the opioid crisis are all issues that we have lost on since 2008. Conservatives are leaving the state in droves, and our abortion clinics are killing the ones who can not walk or speak for themselves.
    Once the P/D super-majority passes the carbon tax and the new Act 250, nobody will be able to afford to reside here.
    We the people need to elect conservative, Republican legislators into the statehouse in 2020, before it’s too late.

  8. Keep it coming. People need a constant barrage of the painful truth.

    If we can’t vote the losers out of office then maybe we can shame their constituents into demanding democratic legislators loosen the death grip they have on EVERY aspect of our lives.

    Doubtful though. We just need an awakening of the old conservative yankee Vermonters.

  9. Let’s see, NH has a low tax base and is business-friendly and a ” Live Free or Die “slogan
    that say’s it all !!

    VT high taxes and more every legislative session, non-business friendly, except when you
    ask our Golden Dome leader……… but numbers don’t lie !!!

    Vermont’s slogan, ” We’re a Sanctuary State ” …….. Outstanding.

    Wake up people, Liberals are ruining out State.

    • You are exactly right , we left the state after 19 years as residents , thought we would retire here but forget it , young and old can’t afford to live in this state anymore .

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