Superintendent of NEK school with mask requirement shuts down opponent

By Guy Page

Longtime Vermont mandatory mask opponent Amy Hornblas has been rebuked by a Northeast Kingdom school superintendent for seeking to overturn the required masking policy in the elementary school in the tiny town of Newark.

Vermont school districts have authority to implement, or not implement, mask mandates. Most dropped them earlier this year.

“Last March, the Vermont Agency of Education urged schools to drop their mask mandates,” Hornblas – a Washington County resident – wrote in a letter to the Kingdom East Supervisory District, which includes Newark. “Governor Scott told reporters that mental health concerns contributed to the decision to stop recommending face masks. “The ongoing strain on our kids’ mental health is far outweighing the risk from Covid amongst this age group.” In September I learned that Newark School was once again imposing mask mandates on staff and students.”

When the Vermont Daily Chronicle called the school to confirm details of the mandatory masking policy, a spokesperson said “I’m not going to talk about any of that” and instructed me to contact the superintendent’s office. A voicemail was left, so as of 12:30 PM no answer has been received. The school’s Facebook page shows some students masked, some not.

A letter to the editor from Hornblas and an email to her from Supt. Jennifer Botzojorns appear below.

Dear Editor,

A year and a half after the lifting of mask mandates in most public places, many people believe the masks are “finally going away.”  However, for an unknown number of students and staff across the U.S., this is not the case.  The U.S. Department of Education is encouraging schools to use civil rights disability laws to require masks for specific students and staff.  At least one school in Vermont has been using this law to mask several classrooms and settings since September.

Please find attached a letter I sent this week to the KESD school board concerning their decision to continue masking students at Newark School, and their response to the FOIA I gave them in September.  It outlines how the laws are being used to force masks on the very people most likely to be harmed by them.

Below is the response I received from the superintendent.

Please feel free to forward my letter to anyone who can use it.  As you can see, we need to break the silence around this issue and help those families and staff who are suffering alone across the country.

Amy Hornblas

———- Forwarded message ———

From: Jennifer Botzojorns
Date: Mon, Dec 19, 2022 at 2:45 PM
Subject: recent letter

Dear Ms. Hornblas,

Thank you for copying me on the correspondence to the Kingdom East School Board.

I make the Kingdom East operational decisions regarding the topics you discuss. You do not live in our District, nor do your children attend our schools. We have a process whereby if individuals directly impacted want to provide feedback they speak to the teacher or adult involved, then the principal, superintendent and Board (in that order).

I have asked our Board to not hear any more public comment (written or spoken) from you; you are not included in their governance oversight. Additionally, if individuals in this District are directly impacted by a topic, our Board refers them to the procedural and operational chain of command described above.

I wish you a happy holiday,



Dr. Jennifer Botzojorns, Superintendent of SchoolsKingdom East- Burke~Concord~Lunenburg/Gilman~Lyndon~Miller’sRun~ Newark~Sutton

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

8 thoughts on “Superintendent of NEK school with mask requirement shuts down opponent

  1. All evidence points to masks impairing a students ability to properly communicate and learn. For a unqualified school hack to demand kids stay masked like the sheep he follows is ludicrous. Citizens should fire him immediately before he causes more harm to their children’s learning capabilities. He should be brought up on charges of endangering their health by making them wear a virus infected petri dish of germs.

    • Whoops should have been her and looking up her credentials show she has a master of arts.. so the unqualified still stands for the dr. who’s not a Doctor just like bidens care giver…

  2. Dear Friends,

    Thank you for your interest in protecting students. This is a critical issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

    In September I learned that Newark School was once again imposing mask mandates on staff and
    students. Due to my concern about the dangers posed by masks and respirators, I submitted a Freedom of Information Request to superintendent Jennifer Botzojorns requesting “any evidence the school district has used to determine that the use of face masks are safe for any age student, including students with special health needs, for both short and prolonged periods of time.”

    The packet I received in reply contained a number of documents, including a letter sent from the U.S.Department of Education (DOE) in March, 2021, reminding schools they must comply with disability protection laws, and informing them that, by utilizing these laws, a team of “knowledgeable
    individuals” may decide that the school needs to impose prevention strategies, including face masks
    and respirators, on a student with specific needs, and other individuals.

    Due to the fact that this is being done under the cloak of individualized special education plans, the entire issue will be confidential. So, we have no idea how many students and staff in Vermont, or across the U.S., are affected, or will be affected in the future if this is allowed to continue.

    The original letter I sent to the KESD Board explains this issue in detail, and provides links to the supporting documents. People know the truth about masks, they just don’t know what to do. This letter explains it simply. Please read it, and forward it to others:

    Thanks again for your interest and support.
    ~ Amy

  3. Why would any parent send their child to presumably learn in a place run by people who have no interest in learning? Teaching lies has consequences because eventually people try to live by those lies. There are plenty of examples all around the world and now right here in the USA. Love your children enough to have them learn truth. Any parent is better equipped to teach than someone with the willfully ignorant mindset that Jennifer Botzojorns presents.

  4. seems like a matter of money overriding principle, that is, the federal money is more important
    than any detrimental effects mask-wearing brings on the physical and social development of

  5. Here is the letter I am sending: To Jennifer Botzojorns

    Insofar as the district is not Amy Hornblass’s, the children do not belong to you, Jennifer. They are not yours to abuse. You owe, as each one of us does, elected or not, a duty to uphold our Constitution, and additionally the tenets of the Nuremberg Code.
    The mandatory masking is a violation of the right to life and a violation of common science.
    The injections now forced on the children are now officially counted as bioweapons, with the data on their harms unmistakable.
    If you think erroneously that you will get away with accepting coup money and following orders, doing what you are told when what you are told is criminal, then perhaps you might take a listen to one of the growing number of attorneys coming after you.
    As the wins pile up for these attorneys, you too will come into the cross hairs as Vermont parents wake up to crimes you have participated in, accepting money to experiment upon and harm their children.
    Go to and get an idea of the passion of those who will expose your behavior of subverting Vermont children’s health and wellbeing for coup covid money. What with twitter exposing the bad actors in government’s role in this coup against life on earth, the evidence is in regarding all the negative motivations behind Covid. Its time to stand up for the Truth Jennifer. Don’t get caught on the manipulator side as the people rise up for truth.

  6. I will write to Jennifer to hold her accountable to the science. She is getting (covid) money for the school districts, we hear, only if the school districts comply. Covid money should instead be termed Coup money. Covid was a coup against the US.

    Insofar as the the district is not Amy’s. the children do not belong to Jennifer. They are not hers to abuse. She owes, as each one of us does, elected or not, a duty to uphold our constitution, and additionally the tenets of the Nuremberg Code. The mandatory masking is a violation of the right to life and a violation of common science, the injections now forced on the children are now officially counted as bioweapons, with teh data on their harms unmistakable.

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