State senator to AG Merrick Garland: Don’t touch our ballots or machines unless you want to spend time in prison

Editor’s note: The town of Windham, New Hampshire, has completed an audit of its Nov. 3, 2020 election, in which a hand recount one week after Election Day revealed that four Republican candidates each gained about 300 votes not counted on Election Night. Vermont uses the same AccuVote-OS vote tabulators owned by Dominion and managed by LHS Associates, of Salem, N.H. The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

By Steve MacDonald

Merrick Garland, the current U.S. attorney general, made an announcement that the Justice Department will scrutinize election audits. One state senator replied, “You will not touch Arizona ballots or machines unless you want to spend time in an Arizona prison.”

The Maricopa County audit, run by the Arizona State Senate, is nearing completion. The results are expected to be explosive. Not that I expect that to mean anything. Yes, it might result in some serious attempts and election integrity reform in the state. But the most likely outcome will be bombastic ranting about election interference and limiting access.

The left will then accuse people of color of being incapable of obtaining an ID to vote.

The people they are saying can’t get ID to vote need ID to access the government services the same Leftists lavish on the so-called most vulnerable, from unemployment to welfare, to SNAP, to public transportation, housing, the library, dog licenses, driving, using any financial institution, to buying alcohol.

The bigger problem is media maleficence. They repeat the ID lie without challenge, the same way they will ape whatever narrative the Left approves for the Arizona audit or its outcome.

We know this to be true. It is why GraniteGrok is so damn popular. It has become increasingly difficult to find anyone willing to challenge the establishment message on anything, including the approved messages of state and federal Republican Party leaders.

Kudos to Senator Rogers. Keep up the good work. And please, let us know if you have to put any Feds in prison. Yes, pictures would be great.

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2 thoughts on “State senator to AG Merrick Garland: Don’t touch our ballots or machines unless you want to spend time in prison

  1. Malfeasance of the FBI and DOJ and Legacy US Media Regarding Election Fraud

    Pre-meditated federal felonies were carried out over a period of several months.
    Scores of USPS workers, at three USPS Centers, knew of, or were actively aiding and abetting the felonies.
    All of them could read the addresses on the envelopes.
    Scores of other people were planning and executing the felonies near Bethpage, NY.

    All of this has been public knowledge since before Thanksgiving
    Jesse’s sworn affidavit is dated November 26. He likely contacted people prior to that date.

    It is absolutely incredible nobody has been arrested and charged with any crime.
    Were the FBI and DOJ aiding and abetting these felonies by not investigating in a timely manner?
    Did they investigate and brush it off as a “minor irregularity”?
    Why did almost all of the legacy US Media not cover this “minor irregularity”?
    This “minor irregularity” would switch a Trump win of Pennsylvania (20 Electoral votes) to in-the-basement Biden, i.e., illegally disenfranchise Pennsylvania voters!!

    No wonder Trump was “unhappy” with the FBI, and DOJ, and the legacy US Media
    No wonder his 75 million supporters are parading in the streets and shouting “Stop the Steal”.
    Adding Arizona (11), PA (20) and GA (16) equals 47 electoral votes, plus 232 = 279, which would make Trump the winner.


    The legacy US Media kept on writing, “There was no large-scale voter fraud that could alter the outcome of the election”, and “these are unfounded, unproven allegations”, and “unhinged conspiracy theories”.
    The legacy US Media continued their writings, even after all of the Jesse episode became public knowledge before Thanksgiving.

    The US Media purposely calls it “VOTER FRAUD” to manipulate people off the real issue.
    The Jesse episode had nothing to do with “VOTERS”.
    It had to do with a LARGE-SCALE, PRE-MEDITATED, ELECTION-OUTCOME-MANIPULATION FRAUD perpetrated by leftist Dem/Progs to achieve a Coup d’Etat, a power grab, a la Banana Republic.

    Often, the ballot processing was performed:

    1) By pre-selected Dem/Prog personnel
    2) In Dem/Prog-controlled cities of swing states
    3) Without proper supervision/observation
    4) Without transparent and secure chain of custody.

    Uncle Joe Stalin: “I do not care who votes. I care only about who COUNTS the votes”

    The next section will show how Tracey Adams, et al, set up companies to employ and train THOUSANDS of “reliable” ballot processors, recruited mostly from leftist organization, such as the ACLU, BLM, etc., with help from Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.



    This article describes a multi-month project, started about August 2020, to fabricate up to 288,000 mail-in ballots near Bethpage, Long Island, NY, for use during the 2020 Election in Pennsylvania, a swing state.

    This article is a work in progress, because of on-going developments.

    Folks should know this huge, premeditated, 288,000-vote fraud took place several months BEFORE the election.
    It likely was not the only premeditated fraud.

    Biden “won” Pennsylvania by 80,555 votes

    Preparing the Mail-in Ballots near Bethpage, Long Island, NY

    Sometime in August, Democrat operatives in NY (Schumer, Senate Majority Leader is from NY) likely talked to Democrat operatives in Philadelphia, regarding how to use mail-in ballots to fix the election for Biden, just in case Trump would be ahead by too many votes.

    It was decided, PA would supply to NY:

    1) The ballots for each PA district,
    2) The envelopes and
    3) Copies of the registered voter lists, marked with likely voters.

    The 280,000 ballots would be filled in for many of the remaining unlikely voters.

    As reported by the media

    Some of these “unlikely” voters showed up to vote in person.
    They were told they already voted.
    “How could that be? I never received a ballot!
    Our records show you did.
    Just sign this affidavit, and we will give you a provisional ballot

    Organizing the Ballot Fixing

    It was decided, NY would have people in about spread-out locations (to avoid people having contact), who would fill in the ballots (using the PA voter lists), put them in envelopes, fill in the addresses, sign them, and put them in USPS-supplied trays.

    It was decided to have about 288,000 fake mail-in ballots to secure Biden’s win, so they thought.

    However, they grossly underestimated the number, because Trump was leading by about 700,000 votes at 10 PM, Election night, in PA. Shortly after 10 PM, as if someone had blown a whistle, counting more-or-less stopped in 6 swing states.

    Time to Complete the Mail-in Ballots

    If an average worker could complete one ballot, ready for mailing, in about 2 minutes, there would be 30/h x 8h/d x 5d = 1200 ballots per week, per worker. If there were 100 such workers, it would take about 16 – 17 days to complete 288,000 ballots.

    It was decided the ballots would be stored in a secure location, ready for transport, to the USPS mail center in Bethpage, NY, a few weeks before Election Day

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