Republicans ‘will win the House easily’ says Vermont’s national GOP rep

With Election Day coming Tuesday, Republican leaders are expressing strong confidence as polling data continues to indicate that the “red wave” is a real thing — and may be about to sweep away Democrats.

Jay Shepard

“The Republicans will win the House easily,” Vermont’s national GOP representative Jay Shepard said Thursday in an appearance on the “Morning Drive Radio Show. “We only needed six seats to flip the House. There were some odd things that happened a couple of years ago in the elections and we shouldn’t of lost the House then.”

He predicted that the GOP may pick up about 30 seats on Tuesday.

Even California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently stated that the red wave feels like it is coming. “There are four races [in California] that are competitive now that were not competitive five weeks ago. That indicates a shift in momentum,” Newsom said, CBS News reported.

‘Deploy Malloy’ in the spotlight

One story that continues to dominate headlines is the rise of political GOP Senate candidate Gerald Malloy. In September, a Trafalgar Group poll had Welch ahead of Malloy by less than seven points. However, a University of New Hampshire poll commissioned by WCAX News in early October put Welch a full 34 points ahead of Gerald Malloy, leading 62% to 28%.

Malloy’s opponents have criticized the Army veteran for his views on the Jan. 6, 2021, rally in Washington, D.C., in which hundreds of protesters — out of nearly a million rallygoers — breached the U.S. Capitol and vandalized congressional offices and other parts of the building.

Gerald Malloy

“Folks that went there and broke the law need to be held accountable,” Malloy said during an Oct. 26 debate with Welch. “Folks that went there to exercise their First Amendment rights, I’m in support of that.”

Malloy has differentiated himself from Welch by embracing conservative principles on everything from climate change to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. In a recent appearance on “The Mel K Show,” he said the new culturally “woke” U.S. military is responsible for a drop in recruitment.

“This top-down influence/guidance to focus on things that aren’t related to readiness and winning in battle are impacting our military,” Malloy said, pointing to statistics that show Army recruits are down 20,000.

“I can tell you that I’ve met young people, I met a young man who just started up as a freshman, and I asked if he was going to consider going into the military. And he said, ‘No, I don’t think so with what the military is doing with different aspects of it right now.'”

The race for U.S. House

Self-proclaimed independent candidate for U.S. House Liam Madden ran into campaign trouble las week after admitting his family members  — including his toddler son — donated to his campaign.

While Madden initially said the donations were legal, he’s since admitted that he may have misunderstood campaign finance rules.

Madden has expressed some conservative views — such as calling for armed protection for school children on school campuses and criticizing COVID-19 mitigation measures.

Madden won the GOP primary election in August, but has since been criticized by Republicans as being liberal on many issues. His campaign website lists his stances on various issues.

Madden is running against Libertarian Party candidate Ericka Redic as well as Democrat state Sen. Becca Balint.

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9 thoughts on “Republicans ‘will win the House easily’ says Vermont’s national GOP rep

  1. The Vermont GOP is useless. If it weren’t for lawn signs ypu wouldn’t know there is an election tomorrow much less who is running and what they represent.

    I won’t vote for people that I have never heard of before or know anything about their background.

  2. Both Richard and James have figured it out, the VTGOP stands for nothing.
    I was the Chittenden County Platform Committee Representative.
    I along with other members of the Platform Committee wrote the Bylaws that Vermont Republicans are supposed to support.
    I resigned from the VTGOP because they don’t represent me or my Family.
    The language in the Platform is clear; We support Life from conception.
    Except that many in the VTGOP, including Mr. Shepard supported Ms. Nolan. Who’s agenda included supporting abortion thru the 2nd Trimester. She also said she would fight to codify Roe V Wade if elected.
    Many in the VTGOP support abortion and voted for Nolan.
    Liam Madden is the result of Chairman Dame and Rules Committee Chair Koch Big Tent agenda.
    You don’t really have to be a Republican, just say you are.
    But it gets worse, Madden bragged about making sure no Republican would be running for Congress this year. Spitting in the face of every Real Vermont Republican.

    At some point you would think Dame, Koch or Shepard would call him out.
    But not a word.
    No surprise because they all defend Scott, Benning, Walker, Martin, Beck, Sheuermann, Leffler, Parent and Toof who have all voted for Prop 5 or say they will vote for Article 22.
    Parent joined sides with Mitzi Johnson to send a mailer supporting Article 22.
    The destruction of the VTGOP, brought to you by those who are supposed to represent you but don’t.
    None of them are Republican, none of them deserve your vote.

    • In regard to Ms. Nolan, she showed her true colors on the right to life when she stated she would vote to put Ketanji Brown Jackson on the Supreme Court. Stevie Wonder could see that.

  3. Laim Madden, Republican candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, has stated he would vote to do away with the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote. He would be representing the small state of Vermont. This would mean that states with large populations, think California and New York, would forever control the outcome of elections. Amazingly none of the other candidates or the Republican Party have called him out on this!

  4. With no help from Vermont or the Vermont Republican party. With the exception of Malloy, they gave us nothing but RINOS to vote for. They deserve exactly what they get, no votes, no power.

    • Here’s the facts about Gerald Malloy James. The VTGOP made it clear to Gearld they would not support or endorse him from the very beginning. Ms. Nolan was their candidate and they spent a lot of time and effort parading her around VT and DC to showcase their candidate.

      But immediately after Gerald defeated her, VTGOP Chair Dame put out a plea to donors to support The VTGOP. Not a Dime went to Geralds campaign. But Dame tried to use him to bleed the donors. I called him out for that.

      I worked with Gerald from the beginning. One of the reasons he defeated Ms. Nolan is because she proved right away who she is, and Real Vermont Republicans would not vote for another Rino.

      Gerald spent a massive amount of time and effort traveling to every corner of the State and he proved he is the Pro Life and Constitutional Republican candidate.
      He answered every question from the fake news outlets every time.
      Welch has 3 talking points, abortion, climate change and race baiting.

      He has done nothing to help or promote Vermont in his entire career. He is a rubber stamp for Biden and Pelosi.

      If the apathetic Vermonters who have given up decide their vote counts this time, we will have a True Patriot in the Senate.

      Welch and Leahy will be gone. Next election we send the third stooge packing.

  5. The country has seen what this feckless Biden administration and the rabid left have done
    to the country, if there are any blue-collar Democrats remaining, do the right thing this fall
    let’s turn the country around from this liberal nonsense…………………….

    This is Vermont’s year to take some seats, we have some outstanding conservatives
    willing and able to save the state, Vermont will probably stay deep blue, pretty pathetic
    but I see the country turning RED, real red, people are fed up with all the nonsense maybe
    there is hope for Vermont to be Vermont, not some Liberal utopia ….. Wake up, people !!

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