President Donald Trump calls for peace, says Capitol building riot a result of stolen election

By Andrew Kerr

President Donald Trump said in a now-deleted tweet calling for peace that mob violence and rioting at the Capitol building Wednesday were the “things and events that happen” after an election is stolen.

“These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long,” Trump wrote in the now-deleted tweet. “Go home with love & in peace.”

“Remember this day forever!” he added.

Now-deleted Trump tweet justifying mob violence at the Capitol Wednesday. (Screenshot/Twitter)

Twitter removed Trump’s tweet shortly after it was posted, saying it violated Twitter rules.

All but one of the 62 lawsuits filed by Trump and his allies alleging voter fraud and irregularities in the 2020 election have failed in court, according to USA Today.

One person died after a mob of pro-Trump rioters stormed and occupied the Capitol building Wednesday as lawmakers were meeting to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory.

Trump told supporters during a speech earlier in the day that he would lead a march to the Capitol building to “cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women” challenging his loss to Biden.

The Army activated the entire D.C. National Guard Wednesday afternoon to be deployed at the Capitol and other locations in the city, according to The New York Times. The FBI also sent a SWAT team into the Capitol building later in the afternoon to help quell the rioting.

Other high ranking members of his administration, including Vice President Mike Pence, issued statements strongly condemning what was taking place at the Capitol building.

“The violence and destruction taking place at the US Capitol Must Stop and it Must Stop Now,” Pence tweeted. “Anyone involved must respect Law Enforcement officers and immediately leave the building.”

Acting Homeland Security secretary Chad Wolf said Wednesday that violence “in any form is unacceptable” and that all “violent opportunists at the US Capitol grounds must be held accountable.”

And Robert O’Brien, Trump’s assistant for national security affairs, said “what the mob did to our Senate Chamber today was an utter disgrace.”

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6 thoughts on “President Donald Trump calls for peace, says Capitol building riot a result of stolen election

  1. It is understandable but a bit sad when we are unable to look at things outside of our own prejudices, especially when it is something we care about deeply.

    This riot in the capitol was made by a Trump inspired mob of supporter who marched directly from a rally where he urged them to take strong action to the capitol. To try to find some evidence that those tearing down the American flag and replacing it with a Trump banner were somehow left wing agitators is a pretty desperate attempt to avoid taking responsibility for the reprehensible actions that took place yesterday.

    That is not to say that those on the left are often guilty of making excuses and hypocrisy as well.
    We, no matter what political persuasion, need for the good of our country to move beyond where we now are when dealing with our differences. Part of that is honestly acknowledging when those who we agree with in principle have crossed the line in their action. The January 6th storming of the U.S. capitol is a vivid example of where we are headed if we all do not make changes.

    • How can you move on from an election whose outcome is in serious question? We have many states using machines that had “irregularities,” many states who violated their own constitution during this election, and we have a serious issue of govt agency’s being actively hacked by foreign powers.
      If we are not going to investigate these machines, have inquires into what states violated their own rules, and look into if these whether these voting machines were secure or not, than what is the point in having any future elections?
      Without an answer to these questions we are left with another “trust us” situation with the govt and the media. And many of us still have the lies of Iraq’s WMD’s from the govt and the media fresh in our minds.
      We spent the last four years and tens of millions in treasure seeking for evidence into democratic claims of “russian collusion” during the 2016 election, that turned out to be a Clinton campaign funded “dossier” that was fictional.
      Whats the issue with having investigations and committees looking into the evidence we have seen in places like Antrim County Mi where the voting machines by all accounts malfunctioned- badly.
      What is the left so afraid of finding out about these elections? Why the fear?
      This is the real issue. I don’t care who won the presidency or local races. I just want to know if whoever did was put in power by the legal will of the people. Not the will of a machine and coded software controlled by… somebody.

      • Chris,

        The Elites of both parties and the DEEP STATE have decided to tell the 74 million US voters to “move on, get over it” after Biden-in-the-Basement was donated the Presidency, without even campaigning.

        He likely knew the fix was in.

        Why should I campaign and answer questions from the Press, or a voter, or whomever?
        Gee, I sure would be fumbling/mumbling, with no teleprompters around to keep me focussed.

        I wonder how hard the FBI will be looking for any ANTIFA folks, who may have infiltrated the pro-Trump demonstrators and may have led the charge, knowing they would not be punished?

  2. It looks like there were some false flag operations carried out by Antifa and others.
    They were not reported/mentioned by the US Media

    Facial recognition firm claims Antifa infiltrated Trump protesters who stormed Capitol…

    BREAKING REPORT: Former FBI Agent on the Ground at US Capitol Says at Least One Bus Load of Antifa Thugs Infiltrated Trump Demonstration…

    EXCLUSIVE: Evidence Reveals Individuals in the Capital Today Who Weren’t Trump Supporters…

    Video: Trump Supporters Stop ‘Antifa’ From Breaking Windows at Capitol…

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