Policy group poll shows Vermonters are against clean heat standard

By Brent Addleman | The Center Square

Senate Bill 5, an act that relates to affordability in meeting mandates greenhouse gas reductions for the thermal sector, would work to improve weatherization measures for state residents, including electrification and decarbonization as the state works to meet its climate plan that aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 in all energy sectors.

Ethan Allen Institute polled 300 registered voters from May 1-4, and interviews were conducted online and by telephone, according to a release. The results were released Wednesday, illustrating how 40% of polled oppose the legislation, with only 27% favoring the measure.

According to a release from the public policy group, the poll illustrates that if the act were to raise heating costs,61% of those polled are against the bill’s implementation, while 26% gave a nod of approval.

The poll also showed that 53% of those polled would vote against a senator or representative supporting the bill. In comparison, only 18% would vote for their representative in the Legislature, a 30-to-1 margin.

Meanwhile, poll results show that 64% of those polled feel Scott’s veto should be upheld, while just 18% favor sustaining the veto.

The public policy group said that while 31% of those polled strongly opposed the bill, only 13% strongly supported the legislation.

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One thought on “Policy group poll shows Vermonters are against clean heat standard

  1. The uniformed or stupid voters who voted for the 107 and 20 in the senate who against all sensible advice went ahead and instilled this stupid bill had better not be complaining now. They should be apologizing to the rest of the citizens who know you don’t vote for leftist commies and expect to have good legislation. When you vote brain dead agenda wonks you get stupid policy that’s against your freedom and wallet. You dem/prog voters are the problem causing a unaffordable VT. You’ve ruined what was a nice enjoyable, freedom loving, inexpensive state to live in.

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