Parent blindsided when middle school teacher pushes gender pronouns on students

At least one parent in the Orleans Central Supervisory Union in the Northeast Kingdom is expressing outrage after a middle school teacher asked his students to introduce themselves using gender pronouns in the classroom.

“I emailed my son’s teacher in regards to them trying to normalize the public expression or sharing of pronouns at a very young age, and I’ve learned and read some different articles that are against doing that because it can be traumatizing for kids who are feeling pressured,” Ben Morley, a parent of a child at Irasburg Village School told True North Reports. ” … I don’t think it’s ethical, and it’s actually abusive.”

Morley said the school hasn’t responded yet.

“I actually emailed the teacher twice; I sent them a great email just trying to talk about it on Thursday, and just sort of asked them what the reasoning for doing it in that format was,” he said. “I just told him about what my child expressed as far as it making the environment uncomfortable — I got no response back. I also sent him an article on how it can be traumatizing to pressure students to do this publicly.”

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GENDERLESS?: The Orleans Central Supervisory Union has at least one middle school teacher asking students to share which gender pronoun they prefer.

OCSU Superintendent Penny Chamberlin shared her frustrations with the media regarding the situation.

Morley says Chamberlin put out a false claim in the story — namely, that he made no attempts to reach out to the school directly.

“She never reached out to talk about it with me, and she made some accusations in that article — for instance, that I never reached out to the teacher to try and do this civilly. It’s a completely false accusation, and she has my email as we’ve been in contact about similar things,” he said.

Morley took to a private Facebook group to share some of his concerns. A screenshot of a post ended up making rounds online, and was shared by Sen. Russell Ingalls, R-Essex/Orleans. Ingalls was subsequently accused of doxxing, in a tweet by the teacher, because he shared the teacher’s work email address.

Morley is no stranger to being in the spotlight on school teachings regarding social issues. He is a founder of FAIR, which is an acronym for Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism.

“So we are starting a chapter in Orleans County to try to introduce different ethical practices of trying to create an inclusive environment in schools, and this is like the prime example of why we need it,” he said.

FAIR is a nonpartisan organization “dedicated to advancing civil rights and liberties for all Americans, and promoting a common culture based on fairness, understanding, and humanity,” according to the group’s mission statement.

Morely said FAIR offers online venues for parents and teachers to maintain continuous dialogue so that there’s a better understanding of what’s happening in the classrooms.

“They offer more ethical resources rather than just having teachers sort of introduce this the way they want,” he said. “They’ve got more guidelines around it, which is better for everybody.”

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North. Send him news tips at and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

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6 thoughts on “Parent blindsided when middle school teacher pushes gender pronouns on students

  1. That type of stuff should ONLY be dealt with at home. The school should not be doing this in any way shape or form.
    Reading, writing, arithmetic, history and science. Nothing more!

  2. The greater issue is the way pronouns were requested. The incident socially pressured children to share their pronoun publicly, which may be traumatizing for any child struggling with identity at this age level. This should be discussed privately with parents and if a child does have preferred pronouns the teacher can help offer an inclusive and accepting learning environment for the child. The superintendent at OCSU stated she would not write an apology letter upon request after failing to communicate with the parent prior to completing an interview with VT Digger about this incident. The school still has not called the parent regarding the incident. (I am the parent).

  3. How about taxpayer funded teachers being required to teach Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic ONLY… any pronouns, gender perversions leftist protesting be off the table until after school hrs on a if they want to go basis… otherwise just drop public ed and go to privatized schools that will just teach not propagandize…

  4. blind sided, how can this be? Where have you been? Join the parent teachers organization, and participate, learn to be an involved parent!

  5. Liberals in charge of teaching your children, or are they just indoctrinating them ??

    Yes, they are on an agenda, and your children are the guinea pigs, stand up parents
    get the teacher removed, along with the school board members for letting this happen !!

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