McClaughry: Is NYC building emissions standard infiltrating Vermont?

By John McClaughry

While Vermont climateers are pressing forward their broad and costly agenda here, their counterparts in New York City are well down that same road. Just before Christmas the New York City Buildings Department released the first set of final rules for a landmark climate law passed in 2019 that aims to significantly slash carbon dioxide emissions from buildings that are larger than 25,000 square feet — the city’s biggest source of emissions.

The Washington Post reported (12/22/22) that “The finalized guidelines for Local Law 97 come after three years of uncertainty among property owners over how to comply with the law’s ambitious targets, which begin in 2024. … The rules are meant to help determine each individual building’s yearly emissions allowance and energy use. By 2030, the regulations become much more stringent, with an expected 40 percent drop in buildings’ emissions citywide.”

“Already, the Real Estate Board of New York has warned that about 13,500 commercial buildings are on track to miss strict 2030 compliance deadlines if energy consumption remains the same and if owners don’t purchase offsets, which is meant to compensate for on-site pollution via investments in land restoration or carbon storage elsewhere but is largely criticized by climate advocates as being ineffective.”

“If building owners miss the deadlines, they could face a fine of $268 for each ton of emissions above the established limit, according to the city agency.”

Watch for this scheme to appear in Vermont before long.

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

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6 thoughts on “McClaughry: Is NYC building emissions standard infiltrating Vermont?

  1. These clueless political virtue-signalers are attempting to make us into a colony of New York AND California. Thanks for the comment, David. It was quite apt. We are being ruled by absentee landlords in Montpelier who don’t have a clue. The agenda is all.

  2. It’s stunning how complex and expensive it is to control the lives of only about 630,000 people that live largely rural, simple lifestyles and pay little attention to their minders.

  3. Yes because we have a legislature that can’t think for themselves and have no idea what their doing so they, like the leftist lemming they are, just follow their idiot brethren from Commiefonia or NY which also follows Commiefornia. Amazing they can’t see the millions running away from these two states indicating their failure at legislating honest productive policy.. Keep following them over the cliff idiot voters.

  4. This is an absolute MUST READ.
    The earth will literally be destroyed trying to reach these ridiculous climate change goals.
    These people forcing this upon us have no idea what the real people doing the actual work know.

    We have got to wake up and understand that people that do not know at all what they are blathering on about have got way too much power and control now.
    If you are not vaccinated and didn’t trust the science, you are now *alive* because you were smart enough to stop listening to them!
    Now we need to do the same thing with all this Climate Change AGENDA- which has very little to do with the weather and a whole lot to do with MONEY.

    Read this and you’ll know just what I mean!

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