John Klar: Vermont students to protest Wednesday for mandatory masks

By John Klar | The American Spectator

Students in Vermont’s capital are planning to walk out Wednesday to demand that school mask mandates not be lifted. Vermont officials recently recommended that schools with an 80 percent vaccination rate do not need to require masks, but these students are irate and are demanding continued, even heightened mandates.

Titled “Protest Against Lifting Mask Mandates” on an online Vermont community forum for Montpelier High School, handouts and infographics titled “Safety Over Normalcy” proclaim:

Join your fellow students and community members in a walk out and march to city hall out to protest the mask mandate being lifted and general lack of covid safety at MHS.

Vermont has been a pretty safe area to weather COVID, and healthy children are of course at minuscule risk. It appears children at this school can simply decide to walk out of class and walk around the city, so perhaps the kids will simply self-impose mask mandates. Mask-lovers can be pretty autocratic, at any age.

Vermont is already established as a place where the young hate free speech and physically assault professors with whom they disagree. (Though nearby Dartmouth College is vying for leadership in the cancel speech movement.)

Students demanding totalitarian protection are increasingly common in the indoctrinated Generation Duh. Perhaps future protest events will call for evening curfew enforcement, increased homework, banning alcohol at football games, raising the driving and drinking ages, or a crackdown on premarital sex. The irony is that those shifts would all be beneficial for youth, and even save lives — the inverse of masking.

For healthy children, the flu is deadlier than COVID. Whether or not masking effectively prevents transmission, the practice certainly does cause alienation, anxiety, and other psychological harms. For some children, they cause physical problems as well. What of those concerns? One event infographic proclaims:


The mask cult students, doubtless conditioned by the histrionic terrors of their unbalanced “progressive” parents, seek to “protect themselves” from other children with exposed facial features. But as with vaccines, if masks work, these fears are irrational: “Vaccines only work if everyone gets jabbed!” “Masks must be universally worn because vaccines don’t work as advertised!”

The effort is petitioning for more than mere mandatory mask measures. One call to action lists specific demands which include “reinstate regular surveillance testing”; provide “alternate lunch areas,” “alternate schooling,” N95 masks, and hand sanitizers; and “enforce the mask policy and not let students consistently wear masks incorrectly.” Papers, testing, stop-points, mask enforcement … sounds like reform school, or Catholic boarding school, only stricter. The phrase “Jawohl!” comes to mind.

Students and parents now screeching for more rules and restrictions seem to have lost their reason along with an awareness of scientific facts. He who would trade liberty for security deserves neither; he who would irrationally do so deserves a kick in the derriere.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. This commentary originally appeared at the American Spectator.

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31 thoughts on “John Klar: Vermont students to protest Wednesday for mandatory masks

  1. They’re lost and they have no idea what’s going on. I doubt they ever will. VT has been successful in shielding K-12 + from reality. Give the radical socialists credit for keeping any alternative reality on the sidelines. Even as Fauci has gone underground and the CDC’s poiticking for more Draconia has halted and they’re beginning to walk back everything they said to create the panic, VT keeps it up. Once they have the “future of America’s” minds, they’ll never let them go. And the parents don’t have a clue because they don’t know the difference either.

  2. If those students think masks are so great, they are welcome to wear them, have at it.
    But leave the rest of us out of that discussion, please.

  3. So Sad! Vermont kids are nothing more than robots. All the science says that masks don’t work; that young people are low on the totem pole for getting the virus and when they do it’s not catastrophic. Shame on Vermont parents for allowing their children to be so brainwashed. Weak people; weak minds.

    • @ AngieD

      Their self righteous response is that it’s not about them but all of the immunocompromised people around them. But as the flu is also a clear danger to immunocompromised people, have they worn masks every flu season? When the flu returns(as Covid disappears) will they then insist we all have to mask up to protect their grandma? And science has clearly shown that masks don’t in fact protect against the flu just as they don’t protect against Covid with the exception of properly fitted N95 sorts.

  4. I am gong to put this in the lap of parents. Where were you when this stuff was going on being implemented. OUT, is what, having dinner, talking with your friend, post on social media go on vacation and on and on Who is letting their kids protest. Who is not attending the classes these kids are in to see what they are teaching them. You all are getting the kids you deserve for not being diligent parents protecting kids in school, on the street, in the mall in life . When I was a kid in VT schools the parents were only a little better. 2 generations later I speak with friends kids who went to the local schools (grade and high) and guess what, the same things they did in the 70s and 80s are still being put forth. If any of his stuff happened and I had kids in these schools they would be IN CLASS ON TIME THE NEXT SCHEDULED CLASS.PERIOD. Oh and the school would be held accountable. You all seem to want children that are born with your values and morals, without you (yes you) teaching them, well when was the last time you actually did anything to promote that. Based on what the students want to do, as reported, that answer is also NO! I am not going to tell anyone how to raise their kids because as we can see they have done such a bang up job of things.

  5. If a pair of whity tighties and a pair of Levis can’t keep a fart in, how do you expect a flimsy mask to keep a virus out?

  6. These students don’t Give a Sh-t about masks. Most of them don’t even wear masks. They just want a day off from school and pretend to be big shots. plain and simple,. Burlington did the same thing but on a different subject couple of yrs ago. half of them didn’t even do the protests. They just took off.
    If they want to protest for a good cause then do it in school
    Why in the hell do we pay school taxes not for them to leave school to protest, they are there to LEARN !!!
    Let me tell you if we did that in school we would get detention and our father would kick our ass when he found out.

  7. The last state testing showed that 70% of vermont 11th graders were below proficiency in science. So here is a little lesson for them; Surgical masks cannot filter anything smaller then 3 microns. The C-19 particles are smaller then 1 micron. Kiddies, that means your mask is not doing anything useful for you. And cloth masks are even less useful.

  8. I feel sorry for these brainwashed and indoctrinated kids. No doubt, the products of liberal parents.

  9. The little Nazi’s have learned their lessons well. 2+2=5

    “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing”. – George Orwell

  10. Dear class:

    Our lesson today will be “intolerance for others.” If other students don’t want to wear masks then we can’t have that, even if our masks (supposedly) work. This is our lesson for today: we must make other people act the way we believe they should act. Please repeat all together: Intolerance is Good.

    Class, all together: “Intolerance is Good!”

    Tomorrow’s lesson will be: you’re young and healthy but you should fear everything: Cowering is Good. Please study this lesson in the reading material. Class dismissed.

    Students, in unison: “Thank you, Dear Teacher!”

  11. I just can’t believe this! Wear a mask if you want but DO NOT expect everyone else to wear one. These kids are well indoctrinated by a bunch of fascists.

    • Fascists (or Progressives, if you prefer the alternate title) can be SO annoying. And the Biden administration is demonstrating how much their dictatorial empire benefits us. Negatively benefits us, that is. Other people’s freedom is anathema to the Progressive cultists.

    • I remember the movie, Children of the damned and the sequel Village of the damned. The indoctrination worked better than intended. Now the little monsters think they have power. But, after school the little mask Nazis will return to mommy and daddy’s home and they will receive praise from their indoctrinated parents who provide everything they need to sustain themselves. This is the results of 40 years of dem and then dem/prog infestation of Vermont education and it’s institutions. The voters did this!

  12. It’s all about the COVID money. Play by our rules or else. Meanwhile let’s celebrate these brave kids who ARE taking a stand! They are our only hope. Forget the brain dead. You can’t fix stupid. Let’s just take a good look at the new freedom fighters. So proud.

  13. Flummoxed for words.
    All that indoctrination, so little time, so many Vermont kids, one useful idiot at a time, and be sure – flying monkeys welcome.
    Welcome to Karl Marx’s haven in the Green Mountains: Vermont.

  14. I was mischievous this morning…

    Went to Burlington’s Edmunds school to (masklessly) vote. Not one but two lines of Mask Nazi defenses to penetrate.

    Outside the door I encountered and evaded the first line of defense. Inside I encountered the 2nd line of defense.

    That’s when I responded to her request for me to put on a mask with “Why, isn’t your’s working?”

    Poor woman was befuddled.

    I managed past the second line of defense and masklessly voted!!!

    • After two years of having the oxygen cut off from the brains of masked cultists in Vermont, don’t expect them to get any brighter.

    • Oh, that was a great response!

      Obviously, these kids have been brainwashed by some Left Wing Nuts. They are using this as an excuse to get out of class. I wish I had thought of that when I was in school. My parents would have beat my butt in if I walked out of class. Times have changed.

    • Same here, there was one other guy without a mask. We were the only two. No none said anything. Zombies

  15. Come on, folks. You know these kids aren’t thinking for themselves. They protest for teacher rights all the time. Why? Because, if they don’t, they’re gaslighted. Lower grades, social shunning, characterized as racist, white supremacists, you name it. It’s insidious.

    Get your kids out of the public-school monopoly as soon as you can, or accept the consequences.

  16. This curious demand to maintain these ineffective restrictions is a testimonial to the effectiveness of the leftist brainwashing that has been inflicted on these yoots in Vermont’s #2 marxist city school system. For those children who want to keep wearing their facial version of the nazi armband for their own camaraderie, they are free to do so. Freedom of Association is guaranteed by the Constitution…you know that document penned by all those old white men that they have been told is obsolete and dated. If they really wanted to save lives, they would advocate for a more secure southern border, to try to restrict the flow of that cheap chinese fentanyl.

    • They probably have not been taught much about the constitution or Vermont’s. It would make it more difficult to brainwash them. Better to leave them as useful idiots for the collective.

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