Intel chief says no evidence that Hunter Biden laptop is part of Russian disinformation campaign

By Chuck Ross

John Ratcliffe, the director of national intelligence, said Monday that the intelligence community does not have evidence that the release of emails from Hunter Biden’s purported laptop is part of a Russian intelligence operation, as Rep. Adam Schiff and other Democrats have suggested.

“It’s simply not true,” Ratcliffe said in an interview on Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria” when asked about Schiff’s claim.

Office of the Director of Intelligence

John Ratcliffe, Director of national intelligence

In an interview on Friday, Schiff accused President Donald Trump of aiding Russia’s propaganda efforts when he touted a series of New York Post stories based on emails purported to be from Biden’s laptop.

Rudy Giuliani, a personal lawyer for Trump, provided the alleged Biden documents to The Post. He claims he obtained them from the owner of a computer shop in Delaware who says that Biden dropped of his computer for repair in April 2019 but never came back to get it.

Schiff and other Democrats have suggested that Russia may have been involved in either obtaining the emails or helping release them. They have pointed to Giuliani’s interactions late last year and earlier this year with Andrii Derkach, a Ukrainian lawmaker who the U.S. government sanctioned last month because of his ties to Russian intelligence.

Ratcliffe pushed back on Schiff’s conspiracy theory.

“Let me be clear,” he said Monday, “the intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that.”

“We have shared no intelligence with [Schiff] or any other member of Congress that Hunter Biden’s laptop is part of a Russian disinformation campaign,” he continued.

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Ratcliffe said that he would know because of his position as intelligence chief whether or not the laptop was part of a Russian disinformation effort.

“If it was I would know that, and it’s not,” he said.


Ratcliffe then took a swipe at Schiff, saying that he is “using the intelligence community to leverage some political narrative.”

“Don’t drag intelligence community into this,” he warned the California Democrat.

“Hunter Biden’s laptop is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign, and I think it is clear that the American people know that.”

The Biden campaign and Hunter Biden have not disputed the authenticity of any of the emails from his purported laptop that have been published so far. They have also not denied that Biden dropped off the laptop at a computer shop last year.

Fox News reported Friday that a recipient of a Biden email in one of the Post’s stories confirmed its authenticity.

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Image courtesy of Office of the Director of Intelligence
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10 thoughts on “Intel chief says no evidence that Hunter Biden laptop is part of Russian disinformation campaign


    Biden Near the Bottom in Law School: Biden claimed he finished in the top half of his class.
    It was later revealed Biden was near the bottom of his law school graduating class at Syracuse University’s College of Law, specifically 76 out of 85 students.

    Biden Plagiarizing: Biden also admitted that he had plagiarized during his first year in law school.
    “I was mistaken, but I was not in any way malevolent,” Biden explained.
    The plagiarism tag would follow him into politics.
    Eventually it was also revealed Biden had used quotes in speeches as a U.S. senator from Bobby Kennedy, John F. Kennedy and Neil Kinnock, a British Labor Party leader, without any attribution.

    Biden Climate Plan: In early 2020, Biden faced plagiarism again when it was revealed his 2020 climate plan lifted some passages from other documents without attribution. The campaign corrected the error.

    Biden and Civil Rights Marching: In 1987, Biden said he marched during the civil rights movement but some media outlets pointed out that was not the case.
    “I was not an activist,” Biden explained at a news conference at the time. “I was not out marching.”

    These controversies eventually forced Biden from the 1988 presidential race in September 1987.

    Biden Civil Rights Activist: Biden has repeated the claim that he was involved in civil rights activism during the 2020 Democratic presidential primary on a few occasions. And his some of the most awkward apologies he’s been forced to make involve the issue of race.

    During his 2008 run for president, Biden apologized for referring to his then-rival Sen. Barack Obama as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” It didn’t go unnoticed.

    While campaigning in New Hampshire, Biden told a supporter that “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent” in Delaware.

    And in May of this year, Biden told radio host Charlamagne the God, “You ain’t black” if you vote against him, which sparked controversy. He later apologized for that statement too.

    Biden Exaggerations: During a presidential primary debate in 2007, Biden revealed that he had been “shot at” while visiting Iraq.
    When records conflicted with his account, he later changed his story.

    In 2019 during Biden’s Democratic primary run, the Washington Post reported that the former vice president told a fake war story on the campaign trail.
    Politifact rated the story he told as false. Biden has dismissed the criticism.

    In March of this year, Biden claimed he was arrested in South Africa while trying to see the anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela.
    His campaign later said it didn’t happen after the U.S. ambassador who was with him on the trip said the arrest story wasn’t true.

  2. Here’s something else I thought about and now I’m reading why the FBI sat on the information. They were embroiled in their own FBI scandal on the 7th floor where the plan to take Trump down was hatched early in 2016 after Hillary paid for unsubstantiated dirt. If Joe could beat Trump this year they could make it all go away and the FBI could continue as always. No convictions, swept under the already dirty rug.


    Yes, the DEEP STATE and FBI/Obama holdovers, who are still around, have been HIDING Hunter Biden’s computer in secret FBI vaults to protect Joe Biden (Hunter calls him The Big Guy in his emails), since DECEMBER 9, 2019, more than TEN MONTHS.

    FBI “Slow-Walking”: Not a peep from the FBI for 10 months.
    Wray, FBI Chief, likely knew about the computer, but kept it a secret.
    He should be questioned by the US Senate ASAP. What did he know, and when did he know it, and why did he keep it a secret?
    Barr, Attorney General, likely was kept in the dark, even though the FBI is a part of the US Justice Department!!!
    Barr likely would have immediately told Trump.

    FBI Probe Regarding Russian Connection: An Oct 17, 2020, Bloomberg article, by Chris Strohm, states, the FBI had probed if the hard disc info was part of a “Russian disinformation operation”.
    That article looks like a red herring to divert attention. A Russian Hoax-2?
    Russian Hoax-1 was Hillary’s. See Note and below.

    Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Monday said the information contained on Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed by The Post last week “is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign.”

    NOTE: Bloomberg is spending $100 million in Florida to sway Florida into Biden’s column.

    Senate Investigation: On October 17, a letter from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs requested the FBI provide information regarding the computer to compare its hard drive and the New York Post copy. The FBI refused to provide the information, likely to run out the clock to protect Biden.
    The hard drive and copy comparison likely would prove them to be identical

    The FBI had the computer during the impeachment process, which was about a phone call during which President Trump asked Zelensky, Ukraine President, to provide information regarding Biden’s dealings in Ukraine.
    Trump smelled a rat and was right ALL ALONG.

    According to emails, the hard drive contains info that would have supported Trump’s position, i.e., influence peddling by Hunter Biden, which was fully known by VP Joe Biden.

    Hunter arranged for a top Burisma executive to meet with VP Joe Biden; such a meeting likely would not appear on any OFFICIAL records.
    Sure enough, the Biden campaign is claiming “the meeting is not shown on OFFICIAL records”
    Joe Biden still claims he never discussed business dealings with Hunter, his son, even though the Hunter emails describe otherwise.

    Why did the FBI not speak up during the impeachment process that it possessed EXONERATING EVIDENCE?
    Was the FBI shielding “the Big Guy”, who shows signs of dementia while running for President?

    Are you kidding me? Right here in the USA?


    The water-damaged computer, with Beau Biden Foundation sticker, had been brought to a Delaware Mac repair shop, owned by John Paul Mac Isaac, in April 2019, according to shop records.
    No one had picked up the computer after Hunter Biden was billed $85 and notified several times.
    By law, the computer had been “abandoned”, i.e., the Mac shop became the LEGAL OWNER of the computer after a certain time period.
    If the owner of the Mac shop had not LEGALLY made a copy of the hard drive, NO ONE WOULD HAVE EVER KNOWN. NO ONE WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO CONNECT THE DOTS.

    The hard drive contains:

    1) Over 1000 photos
    2) Dozens of tapes, many of which are sex tapes
    3) Five hours of audio
    4) Over 40,000 emails and texts.

    FBI Confiscated the Computer: The FBI confiscated the computer on December 9, 2019, and nothing happened for almost 9 months.
    The Mac shop owner realized the FBI was just going to hide the computer (loaded with Joe Biden’s multiple deeds of malfeasance while VP of the US (tens of $millions of grafting and grifting collected by the CORRUPT Biden clan over the years!).

    The Mac shop owner finally decided to contact the Senate HSGA Committee on 24 September, 2020, and also give a hard drive copy to Costello, lawyer of Giuliani, former Mayor of New York, in September 2020.

    Costello said the Mac shop owner wanted the hard drive’s contents given to the Post, because he was frustrated by his perceived lack of law enforcement action by the FBI, who had confiscated the computer December 2019.

    Giuliani, after verifying with the Mac shop owner, gave it to the NEW YORK POST, which ran an expose starting October 14, 2020.

    A statue should be erected for the courageous Whistleblower!


    A hunter Biden partner confirmed the authenticity of a March 13, 2019 email discussing “renumeration packages”, in a deal involving CEDF, a Chinese energy firm.

    The CEDF “meet and greet” payment was $5 million, of which Hunter would get $1 million (20%), of which $500,000 (10%) was reserved for “the Big Guy”, i.e., VP Joe Biden, according to the email.

    Excerpt from the URL:

    “One of the recipients on an email chain with Hunter Biden that was published earlier this week has authenticated the document, Fox News reported.

    The email in question, which is dated March 13, 2017, purportedly shows a business partner of Biden’s discussing “remuneration packages” for participants in a deal involving CEFC China Energy, a Chinese energy company that was owned at the time by Ye Jianming.

    The New York Post published portions of the email on Thursday as part of a series of stories based on documents purportedly from Biden’s laptop.

    Some Democrats have questioned the authenticity of emails published by the Post. But according to Fox News, a person copied on the March 13, 2017, email confirmed that the published document is authentic.”

    Others may come forward to corroborate/authenticate other emails within the next few days.
    It is best not to prejudge the developing news.


    Hunter Biden was using “the Big Guy”, meaning VP Joe Biden, for influence peddling.

    According to THOUSANDS of Hunter’s emails on the hard-drive, he had to share 50/50 with “the Big Guy”, i.e., Joe Biden was an active participant and beneficiary of Hunter’s shenanigans.
    Hunter Biden complains in one email he has to share 50/50 with “the Big Guy”, i.e., VP Joe Biden.
    Crime boss Joe Biden keeps repeating: “My son did nothing wrong”

    Hunter had a seat on the board of Burisma, a major gas trading company in Ukraine, at $50,000 PER MONTH, FOR FIVE YEARS (2014 – 2019).
    Hunter had zero experience in the energy sector. His usefulness to corrupt Burisma was being close to “the Big Guy”

    Here is a video of Joe Biden bragging about pressuring Poroshenko, president of Ukraine, to fire the Ukraine prosecutor, who was investigating corrupt Burisma, as otherwise Ukraine would not get $1 billion in aid.
    At one point, Joe Biden says, if you think I am kidding, call Obama.
    Poroshenko fired the prosecutor and got his $1 billion.

    There are many photos with Hunter and Joe Biden grinning and smirking, with Obama, in a knowing fashion. Obama may have been a “beneficiary” as well.

    If Facebook blocks it, here is the youtube version.–dj2-CY

    Hunter gave up the Burisma job in 2019, after “the Big Guy” decided to run for President

    Similar shenanigans went on in Moscow, Russia, and China, which netted the Biden clan, and Associates, tens of $millions EACH YEAR.

    China has “the Big Guy” in its pocket.
    US factory workers will get no relief from being screwed-over by China, with the help of compromised Biden.

  7. The plot thickens.

    Hunter Biden and his partner Devon Archer received millions from Ukraine, Russia, and China while Joe Biden was VP and the Ukrainian point man. Joe Biden had the Ukraine General Prosecutor, Victor Shokin, fired when his corruption investigation got too close to the company upon whose board Hunter and Devon sat, Burisma, whose owner was in exile to escape those very corruption charges.

    During the Ukraine revolution of 2014 the old guard was thrown out and it was Shokin’s job to track down the millions upon millions stolen from the Ukrainians from people like Burisma owner Zlochevsky, who in his capacity as Minister of Natural Resources under the old guard managed to get special “concessions” for his company.

    But there’s nothing to see here because no one paid off anyone to look the other way while millions were subsequently funneled through entities set up by Hunter and Devon, and of course Hunter’s laptop will have no compromising photos of him doing drugs and engaging in other illicit activities, not to mention emails that draw connections between “I knew nothing” Joe and the concerns that Hunter and Archer were involved in. And of course the Chinese and Russians are far too dull to have thought to obtain any of those compromising images and emails.

    So to summarize, as Adam Schiff said, this is a nothing burger. And the Emoluments clause doesn’t apply to family members. And Joe Biden never told a tall tale, and Adam Schiff never used the cover of “intelligence only I know” to throw out baseless accusations.

    There’s nothing to see here.

    • Jim,
      Thank you for the additional details.

      Most of it I already knew, because it has been reported by the US Media in bits and pieces over the years, i.e., in such a way that it would be hard for the average person to connect the dots.

      But the vast majority of Vermonters and other Americans are STILL IGNORANT of these shenanigans, perpetrated by Hunter and his “Big Guy” (now running for President), who was sharing 50/50 with Hunter, according to several Hunter emails on the hard drive.

      None of that would have been possible without the influence of the “Big Guy”.
      That makes the “Big Guy” a crime boss.

      Joe Biden was sitting on a fat lead when the hard drive emerged.
      The VT Media, including VTDigger, and US media, and European Media have put a lid on the story, i.e., decided not to cover it.

      As a result, the US people will have a crime boss criminal in the White House, with CONTROL OF THE HOUSE AND SENATE.

      This reminds me of Rome before the downfall.

      It is unlikely Trump can reverse that.

      We are screwed

  8. Intel chief ” John Ratcliffe,” says ” no ” evidence that Hunter Biden laptop is part
    of a Russian disinformation campaign……but wait, Adam ” Shifty ” Schiff says it’s
    all Russia……..and he never lies !!

    Hunter Biden is a POS, nothing more than a crack head and if you paid him $50K a
    month in salary ?? you were looking for something, and we know it’s not what’s in
    Hunter’s business head………….

    Now, how about getting a connection to Daddy, Oh yeah….. follow the money !!

    And I thought the Clintons were real crooks, sounds like the Bidens really know
    how to play for pay…..

    Really, how deep is the swamp ?????????

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