Dozens of Trump supporters served with warrants, subpoenas

By Harold Hutchison

A top Republican lawyer said the FBI served multiple supporters of former President Donald Trump with warrants or subpoenas during a Friday-evening Fox News appearance.

“The truth is that a few days ago, a political reporter called several people and said, ‘Hey, have you heard or been served yet? The FBI will be serving 50 approximately search warrants or subpoenas on Trump supporters,’ and then, you know, within 24 hours of that, two of our clients, three of our clients actually did either get search warrants or subpoenas, and the subpoenas are extremely broad,” Harmeet Dhillon of the Dhillon Law Group told Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman posted a link to her article about the searches on Twitter. Two of Trump’s top political advisors, Brian Jack and Stephen Miller, were among those served, according to The New York Times.


“They’re from the Capitol siege section of the Department of Justice D.C. office, and ask for broad categories of documents. They ask for all communications dating from a month before the election until a month – two months after the election,” Dhillon continued. “They ask for all communications regarding dozens of people, and the categories are alternate electors, fundraising around irregularities around the election, and also a rally that happened before the Jan. 6 situation at the Capitol.”

Dhillon slammed the Justice Department, claiming it was seeing to “instill fear” into supporters of the former president.

“Most of this activity, if not all of it, is protected by the First Amendment and the United States Department of Justice is telling reporters about the search warrants and subpoenas before they’re executed. There’s no other explanation for this, and I think the reason for this is to instill fear into Donald Trump supporters and into those who would challenge election irregularities right before an upcoming election, Tucker. This is really outrageous abuse by the DOJ and it is illegal for the DOJ to leak this information to the media, Tucker,” Dhillon said.

Republicans criticized the Justice Department and FBI after the Aug. 8 raid on Mar-a-Lago, the Florida estate owned by Trump, calling it an “abuse of power” by the Biden administration.

The Justice Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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Image courtesy of Federal Bureau of Investigation

3 thoughts on “Dozens of Trump supporters served with warrants, subpoenas

  1. The sad news is this this is exactly what Phillip Scott and Senator Joe Benning applaud.

    These two people hate the Republican party and those that have guts enough to stand up and be counted.

    Let’s not forget Senator Joe Benning who is running for Lieutenant Governor calls us insurrectionists.

    Joe Benning calls us white supremacists.

    Joe Benning calls us racists.

    And now we have Brian Dubie being a willing participant in trying to convince people that there is anything of value in Joe Benning and his attempts to destroy the Republican party.

    They even mentioned that he would be suitable to step into The shoes of Governor Phil Scott.

    There is absolutely no way anyone with any knowledge of this man willing to destroy our state for financial gain and personal gain should vote for him.

    Joe Benning is like a termite trying to destroy the Republican party in the state of Vermont from within and he’s receiving plenty of help from others in the party.

    I am encouraging everyone to write in a name in place of Joe Benning.

    The last thing we need to do is elect a turncoat like Senator Joe Benning to continue the destructive method of Phillip Scott who is a Biden supporter and who is happy with the gun grab from the Biden administration and he has all the support from Senator Joe Benning.

    We don’t need to vote for the lesser of two evils because we always end up with evil.

    Please write in a candidate next to Joe benning’s name and keep this guy away from more destruction of our beautiful state.

    Come on Vermonters wake up and participate in stopping this traitor to the people in the state of Vermont and to our Republican party from being elected lieutenant Governor.

    Just say no to Joe.

  2. Just more intimidation from the left, feckless Joe’s administration, yes they are running
    scared and their power is coming to an end.

    Parents are waking up, and people of all colors are waking up as they see they are being
    held down by feckless Joe, he may think he’s “King ” but he’s just a puppet, and people
    see right through it ……………………

  3. when are the conservatives, independents, and anybody else that is against the left going to finally cross the Rubicon? Because… the window of opportunity is closing, and it will be too late to stop the annihilation of our republic. God Bless us All!

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