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McClaughry: More funding! More funding!

In July 2019 the Legislature instructed the Public Utility Commission to recommend what the Legislature must do to adopt “a multi-pronged approach to address Vermont’s greenhouse gas reduction and weatherization goals.” The PUC has now delivered its report.

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John Klar: A devotion to elitism

In her Feb. 3 Vermont House “devotional,” Rep. Mari Cordes, D-Lincoln, chastised Vermont and America for historic, unabated systemic racism and genocide. Our constitutions were condemned, and blatant racist statements stereotyping all white people went unchallenged.

Guy Page

McClaughry: Scott and school choice

What do you suppose Vermont education would look like if the state gave two-thirds of the pre-pandemic $19,280 dollars per pupil per year to the parents, let the parents choose the education providers, and reduced the tax burden by $600 million dollars?