Conservative Bob Jarvis wins Selectboard seat with ‘Take Back Pownal’ campaign

POWNAL — Voters elected Bob Jarvis to a three-year Selectboard term Tuesday following the candidate’s campaign for personal liberty, property rights, local control, government transparency and a job-friendly business climate — a platform he said would serve to “take back Pownal.”

Bob Jarvis

MORE FREEDOM: Bob Jarvis, the newest Selectboard member on Pownal’s five-member board, stands for a range of libertarian and constitutional views that focus on local control and personal liberty.

Like many towns in Vermont, Pownal has a battle raging between liberal progressives and pro-freedom libertarians like Jarvis.

In the tight Town Meeting Day race, Jarvis won 310 votes, edging out incumbent Selectboard member Suzanne Caraman, with 298 votes, and Michael George, with 121 votes.

Jarvis, in a post-election statement on his Bob for Pownal Facebook page, said he was “honored and grateful” to have been selected by voters to serve.

“As I promised during my campaign, I will strive to make our town government as transparent as possible, and to solicit input from the good people of Pownal for all major decisions,” Jarvis said. “I will make sure all initiatives are weighed fully against the costs before approval.”

Jarvis has been an outspoken opponent of the Climate Economy Model Communities Program being implemented in towns across the state by the Vermont Council on Rural Development.

In a lengthy interview on WBTN Radio in Bennington ahead of the vote, Jarvis laid out his constitutional conservative views on a range of issues facing Pownal residents.

WBTN Bob Jarvis Interview Part 1


WBTN Bob Jarvis Interview Part 2


WBTN Bob Jarvis Interview Part 3


WBTN Bob Jarvis Interview Part 4


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  1. Congratulations Bob, we out maneuvered them in the eleventh hour and won both of the articles and 3 of the 4 positions we wanted. The elitists defeated themselves over all. Best of all, the people are stirring.

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