Al Gore lectures DC media on going green before driving away in gas-powered car

By Chris White

Former Vice President Al Gore was caught using a gas-powered vehicle to leave a media event in Washington, D.C., after telling reporters Congress should remove oil companies’ license to operate.

Congress should absolutely pursue investigations against oil companies like ExxonMobil to prevent them from using “our skies as open sewers,” Gore told Axios co-founder Mike Allen. The former VP left the D.C. event in a Lincoln sedan shortly thereafter, perhaps on his way to the airport.

“Exxon has known for a long time” about what its products do to the environment, Gore said, before calling the Texas-based oil company “deeply unethical and immoral” for allegedly hiding information about climate change from investors. He also suggested a slew of attorney general led probes against Exxon might be the most effective way to hold energy producers accountable.

The undue influence of “big money” in politics was the reason for the environmentalist movement’s recent stumbles, Gore argued. Interest groups representing fossil fuel companies are holding back the climate campaign, he told the audience.

The Daily Caller News Foundation attended the Tuesday event, which was part of a new discussion panel Axios is promoting called “News Shapers.” The vehicle Gore used could be a hybrid, which use a combination of gas combustion and electric motors to power the motor.

Hybrids are moderately better than other forms of transportation Gore has depended on the past. He was caught in a similar situation in January 2017, for instance, when a source at website Climate Depot caught him on camera exiting a building in Utah and entering a Chevy Suburban LT.

The SUV could have been a “flew fuel” vehicle, which uses several types of fuel, like ethanol. Still ethanol’s carbon footprint isn’t much better than gasoline’s when the entire production process is taken into account. Gore was leaving a Sundance film festival debuting the sequel to his 2006 environmental catastrophe film “An Inconvenient Truth.”

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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Erik Charlton

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  1. Crazy Al, at it again. But crazier yet are the fools that follow him; stand in awe of his every word. Even after everything he predicted fell through. Guess they haven’t figured out yet that their collective stupidity has made Gore a very rich man. And that is what Al is all about. He’s a phony. He’s a hypocrite.

  2. Al Gore “Mr Hypocrisy” himself flying around the world in his Jet, telling everyone else they are ruining the world.

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